April 30, 2005
Mini Camp Report III: Quarterback

On 2005 roster at present (Bold indicates projected starter)

04: Jonathan Bowenkamp; R
06: Jason Fife; 1 season
11: Daunte Culpepper; 7th season
13: Shaun Hill; 4th season
14: Brad Johnson; 14th season

Let me make this perfectly clear. This team belongs to Daunte Culpepper. From the moment he stepped onto the practice field he had control of the team. Both sides of the ball.

Culpepper lead the team in stretching. He lead them in drills. And he was still able to find his way to Matt Birk's rear-end.

Daunte was quite animated early on. Or maybe he was just trying to show he could be as loud as Mr. Fred Smoot. If so, he lost that battle. But then Daunte moved into teaching mode.

Culpepper spent the early part of practice working with rookie quarterback Jonathan Bowenkamp. Why, I don't know. We North Dakota State alum know that nothing good ever came out of the University of North Dakota. Oh, and please don't tell Mr. Kleinsasser I said that. OK?

Culpepper then went through a series of drills with backup QB, Shaun Hill who is in his 4th pro season. Will Hill be the 3rd string quarterback this season for the Vikes?

Culpepper then went solo, working on his own skill set. He first started with some running drills and handoffs with the bevy of running backs on the Vikings roster such as Mewelde Moore. We'll save the RB analysis for when I get to that report but it was Michael Bennett as the 1st team RB that Culpepper was handing off to.

At first I thought I was in some sort of time warp as there was Brad Johnson wearing the ol' #14 jersey. But then, Brad did look just a tad older than the last time I saw him in purple. Still plenty of pop in the passes though. In fact, he was much crisper than Culpepper in that department for this first practice of the mini-camp. Can't you just hear the Culpepper bashers screaming for Johnson already!?!?

But it was still Culpepper leading the first team offense in all the drills. So all you anti-Culpepper freaks can crawl back into your little holes.

The one thing Culpepper was doing well was reading the defense, often going to the second and third reads throughout the morning practice. A nice carry over from last season.

And it was Culpepper that the sun eventually shined on when it made a brief appearance during practice. A sign that it is he who is the chosen one to lead this team to the next level...that being a stop in Detroit very, very late into next season.

Other Photos

Daunte takes a little break.

Kenechi Udeze puts pressure on Culpepper.

Brad Johnson drops back to pass.

Culpepper speaks to the media.

Culpepper surrounded by the media.

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