June 1, 2005

Len Pasquarelli of ESPN is reporting that Matt Birk...he graduated from Harvard you know...underwent hip surgery Tuesday that could sideline him all of summer training camp and perhaps jeopardize his availability for the start of the regular season.

In the past year, Birk has had four surgical procedures. Pasquarelli states that normal recovery time for the labrum surgery is 3-4 months. So even under the best-case scenario, Birk likely would not be fully rehabilitated until early September, leaving him little time to prepare for the Vikings' regular-season opener on Sept. 11.

When I attended mini camp last month, Birk was there. He even assisted in some drills and helped coached. Let's hope that come opening game, Birk is fully suited up and not on the sidelines wearing sweats and a ball cap.

I don't blame Birk for this most recent injury. I place the blame squarely on the shoulders of Mike "Need any Tickets?" Tice and the medical staff for having Birk play through the hernia's last season. It was Tice who should have overruled Birk's deire to play just as Tice should have done with Randy Moss when Moss gimped through several games last season.

So, who is to blame? Tice or Birk. Leave a comment.

Posted by maasx003 at June 1, 2005 8:25 AM