June 20, 2005
Zygi Lesson of the Day: Keep the Fans Happy

Dear Mr. Wilf:

Yesterday, we talked about how coaches and players using the media to bash one another (as the Twins are currently doing) is not the way to have a team excel.

Today, we'll talk about how to keep the Vikings fans happy.

It's been 45-years since the inception of the team. And we've yet to win a Super Bowl. So, the fans tend to magnify everything that happens with the team in an attempt to find the promised land.



When a team has been to the Super Bowl four times and come up empty, the fans start reaching for excuses and help. Progress always seems slow. In fact, fans don't want progress..we want a ring! And we want it yesterday.



Whenever I'm sick, I'm always reminded of how the Vikings fans magnify every little move the Vikings make. You must know that feeling when all you have to do is lie in bed and concentrate on your condition. It's impossible not to focus on yourself. All your little aches and pains seem magnified. You watch yourself for the slightest signs of improvement. If there isn't any, you wonder why. You wonder what's happening. You start worrying about what you might have done differently to avoid being laid up.

The same with the Vikings, Mr. Wilf. We'll analyze the hell out of every move, every trade, the coach, and even the food served at the MetroDome. So, exactly how do you plan to keep a smile on our collective faces?

First off, you are going to be given a honeymoon period. Even Red McCombs enjoyed immense popularity his inaugural season. So enjoy the clapping and cheers every time your name is mentioned during a game. The adoration could be fleeting. Especially if you decide to raise ticket prices next year. For a complete rundown on the history of ticket rate increase (and hijacking) please read more here. Study that report and take note that we’ve reached our limit.

Also, give us your undivided attention. Or at least feign it. We don't like to be shared. I see that you are now exploring the purchase of a Major League Soccer team to bring to the Twin Cities. Perhaps that fits into your new stadium plans or you have another goal in mind. But, you haven't even witnessed your first game with the Purple yet. As The Wife® will tell me, "Keep your eyes over here, Mister!"

Next, Mr. Wilf is to open up that pocket book and bring the Vikes closer to the salary cap maximum. I'm not saying you have to spend just to spend. But when the opportunity to vastly improve the team at a weak position presents itself your reply should be, "Cash or check?" and not, "I'll pass."

Additionally, I truly understand the need to bring in additional income for advertising by renting space for signage throughout the MetroDome. But, could we at least make the appearance more in line with a professional football team rather than Texas league high school football? Take a look-see for yourself. You'll understand being an ECG (East Coast guy) and all.

There is a lot more to keeping a Vikings fan happy, Mr. Wilf. But I do have to get to work in order to pay for those season tickets. So, you can read additional requests to keep us happy below, where fellow fans of the Purple have left a Comment for you (that's your clue readers!).

Wednesday we'll look at other vital elements of building a successful franchise, namely the front office and the stadium.

Posted by maasx003 at June 20, 2005 8:13 PM