July 27, 2005
Winter Park Revisited

On Tuesday I paid another visit to Winter Park to check on the progress of the ship renovation. When I visited back on July 3rd, it was in very bad shape and new owner Zygi Wilf made it a priority to upgrade.

Vikings Ship 007 small.jpg

There was a crew working on the ship and the renovation was well under way. All the crumbling, rotted planks had been removed and new ones nailed into place. I'd say another week for construction and then a day to paint and the ship should be a much better representation of this world class organization.

Little Help

Chris e-mailed me Tuesday to ask the following:

"The Thursday before the draft (4/21) I was listening to the 'Bumper to Bumper' show on KFAN and he had a guest on who was a draft guru of some sort. I believe his name was Marty Wexler III. I have searched that name with no luck, perhaps I'm wrong on his name or spelling. He writes very detailed book every year on the draft, some 900 pages. Ten or so teams actually pay him for his services. As the interview progressed he took some calls, made a few vague comments on some top prospects. One caller asked about Braylon Edwards and if Marty thought he was the best WR in the draft. He flat out said no. He then went onto say that there is one player in this draft that has superstar even Hall of Fame type of talent and intangibles - he said flat out - Troy Williamson, South Carolina. He said he shares many of the same type of characteristics as Johnny Unitas, Brett Favre, Joe Montana, and some others I can't remember. Honestly I was half listening so some of the details escape me. I didn't think much of it until after we picked Troy. I wished I had paid more attention to what it was about Troy that he though made him so special. I even tried to call the station a few weeks later to see if they had any info - they never called me back."

Since I don't listen to KFAN, I was not able to help Chris out. Can any of my thousands and thousands of valued readers help Chris out?

Training Camp Update

The date of my visit to Mankato is set. The city will be rolling out the red carpet for me on Monday, August 8. I'll be attending the morning practice session. Then it will be back home to start posting photos and hopefully some podcast interview and comments. Mark your calendars!

OL Marcus Johnson, the Vikings' second-round pick from Mississippi, has now signed.

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