August 26, 2005
Tice Approval Rating for Week 3?

Note: Mr. Cheer or Die is on vacation through September 7.

Last week after the loss to the Jets, Tice's approval rating sank from 81% to 60%. A new poll is now posted to the left. So vote and let's see how Tice's approval stands after Chargers game.

You'll also see a new poll for the current Matt Birk issue.

Vikes Fan Injured in Iraq

Nothing like the following story to pull me out of vacation for a quick post. Thanks to Tim of Allen, TX for alerting me to this story. So many of our service men and women have been fighting bravely in Iraq. And they all deserve our prays and love.

Vikings fan LTC Erik Kurilla was injured in Iraq recently. And it's serious. You can follow the incredible and courageous exploits of Kurilla at this site....quite a story it is with some amazing photos.

Kurilla kept photos of his wife and children, and his Minnesota Vikings flag, with him in Iraq. After getting injured, his men were boxing up everything to ship stateside when they decided to keep the flag so everyone could autograph it. It wasn't long before there was no room left to sign.

The Commander of Deuce Four, Kurilla, was shot three times in combat. Despite being seriously wounded, LTC Kurilla immediately rejoined the intense and close-quarter fight that ended in hand-to-hand combat. LTC Kurilla continued to direct his men until a medic gave him morphine and the men took him away. The good news is that LTC Kurilla is now stateside and in stable condition.

Please take a few moments and send a card of encouragement to this very brave man and Vikes fan!!! PLEASE!

LTC Erik Kurilla
1st BN, 24th Infantry Regiment
Fort Lewis
Tacoma, WA 98433

Father, heal and save this warrior Lord. Be present even as we pray with those in charge of his care. Be present with his loved ones. Do this Lord as we pray in Christ's name, amen.

Posted by maasx003 at August 26, 2005 9:30 PM