November 8, 2005
Vikes Will Win Sunday

Eariler this week, I predicted the Vikings would win the NFC North division despite starting so poorly.

They do not need to start this weekend but I still think they will win. Many people feel that the Vikes offense will be smoother with Brad Johnson at the helm. And I think that will translate into a smoother road excursion for The Purple this coming weekend. Hey, I'm not one for predictions and this is just a feeling that I've had since the game ended Sunday with the win over the Lions. (And I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the aforementioned burrito your read about earlier this week either.)

One thing that is predictable is the Vikings will test the Giants secondary deep several times Sunday. We saw Johnson go deep against the Lions a bit on Sunday. We'll see more of it against the Giants, who rank 15th in the NFC for pass defense, ahead of only the Niners.

Oh yeah, there is that fact that this year's Vikings team has lost every road game this season by an average of 25 points. They have to break out of that slump at some point. And this will be the week.

Fans of the Big Blue, especially those co-workers out in New Jersey, Fuhgeddaboutit. Vikes win! Vikes win! Vikes win!

Badda Boom, Badda Bing.

Game Day Martini

Click here to see a Quicktime video on how to make a great game day coffee or chocolate martini. Bottoms up!

VU Pick 'Em

It has been a few weeks since I've reported on the VU Pick 'Em League. And little has changed. Coworker Jim continues to lead. And he is also leading the Beer Brotherhood Fantasy League, continuing his mastery. He's having a hell of a year. Sold his soul or something.

And my genuine congratulations to Smooth Jimmy Apollo who had a perfect week last week. He selected all 14 winners precisely.....every single game. I hope Smooth Jimmy was in Vegas!

The Top 20

1 cuyahoga riverdawgs
2 The Wizzinator
3 Bubbling Farts
4 C.J.'s pix
5 Ron Burgundy
6 Straight Cash Homies
7 hawgdawg
8 Purple Haze
9 Pogo
10 Ragnar
11 Wisconsin Vikes?
11 Smooth Jimmy Apollo
13 paviking
14 Mr. Cheer Or Die
16 Big Dogs
17 Oracle of Cheese
18 Krayzie's Kings
19 VikingGuyKY
20 Phillyvike

Can Coworker Jim hold it together the second half? We'll see. Ohio boys usually choke!

Quite the Ending

Sent to me by The Commish. The agony of defeat caught on film.

Public Service Announcement

Want another reason to use your local library? Most carry music CDs. Take a trip your library, use your library card to take out CDs of your choice. Bring them home and upload into iTunes. Listen. Enjoy.

Shameless Plug

I post some more thoughts over at that other blog and talk a little about America's Waistline and Reggie Comes a Courtin'.

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