November 13, 2005
Who's Your Daddy?


da Vinci.


I now join the ranks of the greatest seers of all time. Yes, while 62% of you considered me to be insane, I stuck with my prediction of the Minnesota Viking Football Club defeating Big Blue Sunday. I stayed with it all week. I let you know how the team would Shock the Shockey.

Still you did not believe. Shame on you. Don't doubt me again. I'll consider it a lesson learned.

You may now all bow before me!!!! For I am a Legend in My Own Mind. Just this once I will allow my loyal readers to leave comments of adoration at the end of this blog entry. But please, make no eye contact with this deity.

Tice Approval Poll

Tice ended up earning the respect of a 49% of you following the win over the Lions. How will New York's own, Mike Tice, end up this week? Vote to the left.

You May Love Me Now.....

Yes, you may very well love COD now. I call a huge win for you and I'm everyone's hero. And you will no doubt increase the legend of COD.

But I return to the magical, hallucinogenic burrito that assisted me in making the call against the Giants. And it tells me the Vikes will follow a huge win by having a major let-down at Green Bay and lose to the Packers on Monday night.

Of course, the magical, hallucinogenic burrito may have been a "use one time and then discard" type of magic spell.

I for one, sure hope that Tice and Company can keep focused and roll into Green Bay and sweep the season series. I just know that NFL history has often shown a team following a huge, emotional win with a head-scratching loss.

I hope the Vikes don't follow suit. Vote your opinion to the left.

Coming Tuesday

I take a look at Daunte Culpepper's coming week which could be a life changing event for him....and us.

Upcoming Podcast

Expect another Score Seven podcast with myself and Vikes Geek to be up by Tuesday. And if you have a question for us, just leave a comment or e-mail me (link top right). And we'll work your question into our Mail Bag section of the show. Only serious questions will be given consideration.

Posted by maasx003 at November 13, 2005 3:56 PM