December 21, 2005
Hiking Viking Update: A Special Report by Guest Author Daren Bloomquist

On the fourth consecutive Saturday, another hike was planned to show our enthusiasm our Vikings’ recent efforts. We overcame many obstacles on our hike this past Saturday and raised the Viking flag at 6390’ on Baylor Pass.

Unfortunately, our Vikings couldn’t overcome their own personally manufactured obstacles, as they lost to Pittsburg. This time I set out with my kids on an ambitious hike. Fortunately, my kids ignored the sign at the beginning of the trail. Even if they saw it, they wouldn’t have said anything. They know how dangerous it can be if you go off-trail. The plan was to hike over 3 miles to Baylor Pass and back again. It’s a 6.2 mile hike with an elevation gain of just over 1,500 feet. Along the way the kids raised the flag on a rock outcropping.

Baylor Pass Hike 011.jpg

I knew my two girls aged 12 and 7 could make it but I had doubts about my three-year-old boy. Robbie was a real trooper. I’m so proud of him and the girls. He hiked about 2 miles up a gradual incline. I carried him in the backpack carrier when he got tired and all the way down the trail back to the SUV. The wind was blowing about 40 mph at the pass.

In the background here you can see White Sands Military Base and the White Sands Missile Range. It is a key site in the development of Star Wars technology.

Another hike is planned for next Friday. We’re not out of the playoff race yet. Let’s go Vikes. Put this game behind you and come out firing on Christmas night. Until next time….your friendly New Mexico correspondent, “The Hiking Viking.?

VIkings Xmas Greeetings

I got my personalized (cough-cough) Xmas card from Zygi Wilf and the team today. I use to get them from Red McCombs as well. Red's would have he and the wife with the current coach and three or four "select" players. Zygi has gone with the team concept showing the team on the front of the card and the staff inside the card. I like that Zygi has done that as I think the entire organization should be shown as it is truly a family. Here is the front of the card:


And the inside:


Upcoming Podcast

The next podcast should be up Friday. If you have a question or comment you'd like addressed during the podcast, just drop me a line.

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