February 27, 2006
The Bet

Had an on-line discussion with The Commish last weekend. It went like this (The Commish just loves when I do this to him):

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From: The Commish
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 12:53 PM
To: Brian Maas; Milwaukee Mark
Subject: Well....

What do you think about Mr. Culpepper now?

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To which I responded:

From: Maas, Brian
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 1:04 PM
To: The Commish; Milwaukee Mark
Subject: RE: Well....

About what? That he is obviously manic and bipolar? That he sees his ass is grass so now he is back-peddling? Did you see this story from Miami in which the Dolphins are saying the Vikes will just outright cut him?

Of course, the Vikes are saying his knee looks great. No one will trade for him if they say that he's overweight and smoking a pack a day.

He's gone. It's just a matter of whether by trade or by the axe.

The Commish, not to be outdone, wrote:

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From: The Commish
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 1:17 PM
To: Maas, Brian; Milwaukee Mark
Subject: RE: Well....

All I know all other stories about Pep were media dribble without any quotes from the Vikings or Culpepper himself. Now we have a story where Culpepper is quoted. With Childress, as you know, the Vikes are sealed tight; so any speculation of what the Vikes might do is just that, speculation. Might as well pick up the Inquirer they’d be as accurate as anyone right now! The chances of Pep getting axed are about as good as Green Bay finally adding the B to their logo.

Which led to my challenge:

From: Maas, Brian
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 1:10 PM
To: The Commish; Milwaukee Mark
Subject: RE: Well....

I smell a Famous Dave’s lunch bet. If Pepper is gone by 3/14 you pay. If not, I pay

The Commish accepted. Mmmmmmm, Famous Dave's BBQ. I can hardly wait. Or so I thought. Then I woke up Sunday to these headlines in the Enemy Paper (what we Republicans call the Star Tribune):

Wilf plans $6 million commitment to Culpepper

Let me get my brush and paint you a picture on what transpired this last weekend. On Friday we had head coach Brad Childress say about the possibility of trading the Poutin' Quarterback the First:

"You know, the phone rings both ways," Childress said at the Indy combine. "You don't not talk to people when they call. So we've had inquiries. I mean, that's what happens this time of year. So you listen to everything that's going on and find out what's subterfuge and kind of go from there."

Paraphrase: I always thought that a double negative (“You don't not talk to people when they call.?) cancelled the denial? Any way as reports have stated, and been confirmed through various avenues, the Vikings called Baltimore and Miami to gauge interest in PQ the First.

Now we have owner Zygi Wilf speaking that there were no talks of any kinds:

Asked if he could definitively say Culpepper was going to be on the Vikings roster in 2006, Wilf said: "That is our plan, yes. Always was." He reiterated that point in two follow-up questions.

Paraphrase: When PQ the First came calling for a pay raise....and was subsequently refuted ...Wilf also alluded that he would not be paying the huge roster bonus PQ the First has coming due on March 14. The rookie owner discovered that by doing that, he killed the quarterback's trade value. As the Miami report above revealed, teams interested in PQ the First were just going to wait for the Vikes to axe him. Why trade when the player would be obtainable in the near future?

So the Vikes then went Secret Squirrel on us and changed their tune culminating in Wilf now saying that the Vikes had no plan to trade...or release....PQ the First.

I read Wilf's statement, if we can trust this owner more than the previous car salesman, as an unequivocal statement that the team is not trading Culpepper, period. True? False? Who the hell knows anymore. And I love it.

Last week we saw several Enemy Paper columnists bitch about their bumpy conversion from the open door policy of Ol’ Pencil Ear to the tight-lipped Triangle of Authority under Wilf, Childress, and Fran Foley. In short, these media pundits displayed a public hissy fit. And it was embarrassing for them to show us their bloomers.

And here is why I might yet have a chance for a free meal, courtesy of The Commish, at Famous Dave’s. As the media demands information so that they can bring home a scoop, it becomes even easier to put out misinformation. In this day of age of journalism, few media types will even slow to confirm a story before running with it. And I think the Vikes are playing the local boys and girls like a fiddle. This is the season for half truths and toeing the party line. I’m sure the Vikes have their goals in mind for free agency and the upcoming NFL draft.

That's why the best line of attack is to utter as little as possible. It's the best way to safeguard the team’s improvement.

Stay tuned.

Hartman a Day Late and a Dollar Short

My close, personal friend Sid Hartman recently wrote:

Memo to Daunte: The smartest thing you can do if you want to remain with the Vikings is to get up here, start working with the new coaches and do your rehabilitation here instead of Florida. That will give you a chance to get things straightened out.

Memo to Sid: You are about 6-months behind the Viking Underground. Stop stealing my stuff.

Childress Calls Me

Head Coach Brad Childress recently left me a personal (cough, cough) voice-mail. Hear it now.

Trivia Time

Think you know this one? Test your knowledge. I'll give you the answer Tuesday.

And speaking of polls, there are only two days remaining in the February Wilf Approval Poll. If you have not voted yet, Monday and Tuesday are you last chances before the March Wilf Approval Poll is posted. You'll find the poll, and complete history, on the left margin of this blog.

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