April 27, 2006
"The Unveiling" by Mr. Cheer Or Die & "Worse than the Unknown" by Vikes Geek

The Unveiling

UPDATE: The Commish found photos posted and sent them to me. Here are the new uniforms that I believe would have been taken at Giants Stadium this past winter when the boys were in town to don the new designs.









So, you can now vote on the new uniforms below. Thumbs up or thumbs down? You decide. The poll is just a little ways further down.

The horn appears to have a very subtle crease in it now, don't you think? But it is still hard to tell. All I did was pull the helmet out of the Wiggins photo and try to focus in a bit more without losing too much resolution.

One of my co-workers is planning to be at the Mall this evening and said he would send me photos yet tonight if he has time. I have to trudge to work otherwise I'd be there myself.

From this morning....

Early this evening, the Vikings will unveil a new look to their uniforms. According to a running Viking Underground poll, here is what you want to see in the new uniforms:

Home Uniforms
69% of you want a purple jersey on white pants
28% of you want a purple jersey on purple pants
3% of you can't find your way home

Road Uniforms
71% of you want a white jersey on purple pants
26% of you want a white jersey on white pants
3% of you can't find your way home

Once you have seen the uniforms, come back here to vote on this simple poll:

And, as promised....with a hint of what will come tonight....is my own unveiling.

newsuit 009 small.jpg

Yep, purple on purple and a bit of the old school. I had made this decision when I saw this old photo from a Gopher's game at old Memorial Stadium.

Click image for larger

Back then, men wore suits and hats to sporting events. "So, why can't we do that now", I asked myself? Thus, the new look. It's not intended to look "gangsta" or "pimpish" but a look that harkens back to the days of yore.

"Worse than the Unknown" by Vikes Geek


On Wednesday, Vikings’ Player Personnel Director, Fran Foley, offered his thoughts on the upcoming draft and his resume problems. More mystifying than his recent insistence that the resume gaffes were the result of clerical errors—an astonishing claim to which I continue to resist any temptation to respond in this column—were Foley’s nearly incoherent statements regarding draft philosophy and where the Vikings’ stand with respect to Saturday’s draft.

Few listening to Foley’s responses to questions regarding Saturday’s draft could be left with anything but doubt over Foley’s ability to resurrect what has become Minnesota’s annual homage to poor drafting technique. The following exchanges took place:

Question: “Does the uncertainty at the top of the draft order make your decision-making more difficult??

Foley: “I guess I don’t understand your question.?

Question: “Does the fact that teams near the top of the draft have not made clear who they intend to draft make it more difficult for you to focus on the players that you think will be available at seventeen??

Foley: “No.?

Question: “Have you identified the players that you hope to have an opportunity to select from among??

Foley: “It’s too early for that.?

Question: “How will the availability of the players that you target as potential draftees affect whether you accept an offer to move down in the draft.?

Foley: “We’ve identified five players that we really like. If only two of those players look to be available when we select we probably wouldn’t trade down—not more than one spot anyway. Understand??

There was more to the interview, but you get the picture. Maybe it’s time that we looked into what pictures Foley has on Zygi Wilf—or at least time that we collectively prayed that when Foley claims not to have the final word on which players the Vikings select he not only means what he says but also that he doesn’t have any meaningful influence on any final determination.

Up Next: Pre-pick Picks.

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