April 29, 2006
"VU Draft Day Nirvana" by Mr. Cheer Or Die
VU Draft Picks: The Genuis Selections
(updated Saturday morning)
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Chad Greenway
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Chad Greenway

The View from Inside Winter Park

Don't believe for one minute that this draft will be conducted by Fran Foley, who was seen recently with a huge eraser in one hand and his bio on the other. No, this Vikings draft will once again be conducted by the paramount Vikings linebacker of all time, Scott Studwell.

Studwell is the Vikings director of college scouting and this is his time to shine. And shine he usually does.

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For the 2006 NFL draft, I fully expect the Vikes to look at linebacker first and quarterback second. And I also expect them to stay put at #17 in the first round. Consider: if the team keeps all their picks, that will be five picks in the first three rounds. One has to think the Vikes draft-day brain trust has the grey matter to at least make three of the five picks turn into long term, viable solutions to their respective positions.

The following players could be available at selection seventeen within the first round:

DeAngelo Williams, RB Memphis: Insanely quick through a hole and is the most elusive (yes, even more than Reggie Bush) back in college.
Laurence Maroney, RB Minnesota: Yes, I'm against him but then has the ability to make a defender miss and that explosive gear that will allow him to take it the distance at any time.
Ernie Sims, OLB Florida St.: He is a very instinctive LB.
Chad Greenway, OLB Iowa: At 6'4 247, Greenway is as big as anyone could hope for in the NFL with the speed of a DB. He was clocked at 4.47 in the forty last fall at Iowa's timing day.

COD's pick: Greenway

How about selection forty-eight in the second round?

Abdul Hodge, ILB Iowa: One of the smartest middle linebackers I've seen in college football in a long time. He knows where to be at all times. Good in coverage, good against the run, good form tackler.
Omar Jacobs, QB Bowling Green: Omar's combination of accuracy, arm strength and speed makes him much like former NFL quarterback Randall Cunningham. As he doesn’t have the speed of a Mike Vick, he still can run around some of the NFL's great defensive players making him a lot like Daunte Culpepper. And don’t forget Omar is another quarterback coming out of the MAC conference at Bowling Green, making him a high prospect given the history of quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger, Byron Leftwich and Chad Pennington.
Max Jean-Gilles, OG Georgia: A prototypical right guard who would complete the rebuilding job along the offensive line.

COD's pick: Jacobs

How about selection fifty-one in the second round?

Ryan O'Callaghan, OT California: Prototype right tackle, a weak spot for the Vikes. Solid in pass protection as well as run-blocking. experienced and could start right away.
Thomas Howard, OLB UTEP: Great speed and versatility. Great addition to any team as a coverage guy and can line up against any TE in the NFL.
Alan Zemaitis, CB Penn St.: Experienced player who will be a perfect fit for the teams new Cover 2 defensive scheme.

COD's pick: O'Callaghan

How about selection eighty-three in the third round?

Brodie Croyle, QB Alabama: Croyle started for multiple years at Bama. He has a strong arm and can play with the big boys like Vince Young and Matt Leinart. He played well at the senior bowl, he has a great personality. He is a good leader and has good mobility. But according to a VU reader out of Alabama.....Croyle is more dud than stud.
Julien Jenkins, DE Stanford: A stud defensive end for the team to develop as a pass rushing DE

COD's pick: Jenkins

How about the recently acquired ninety-fifth selection (from Seattle) in the third round?

Andrew Whitworth, OT L.S.U.: An experienced starter who will provide quality depth at both right and left tackle for the Vikes.
John Alston, LB Stanford: Stock dropped after the combine, but ever since his pro day, it has crept back up.
Elvis Dumervil DE, Louisville: One...his name is Elvis. Two...he is an exceptional pass rusher with great speed to beat blocks on the offensive line.

COD's pick: Whitworth

So, how would you feel if at the end of the first day of the 2006 NFL draft the Vikes had the following players on the plane and heading for Winter Park?

LB Chad Greenway
QB Omar Jacobs
OT Ryan O'Callaghan
DE Julien Jenkins
OT Andrew Whitworth

Now, I'm not saying that this is who I want. I'm just voicing that one scenario the Vikes could consider is just staying with their picks and avoid the temptation to trade away in order to secure a bigger college name. A name which could become the next Lawrence Phillips, Heath Schuler, or Andre Ware....all first round busts.

In this case, I'm leaning towards rolling the dice on five studs instead of mortgaging away all the picks and taking the chance on one or two supposed blue-chippers.


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