May 14, 2006
"Minicamp 2006 Report - Update V" by Mr. Cheer Or Die

The new helmet. (Click image for larger)

Please Note: As with the last VU Vikings minicamp report, we at the VU overloaded the University of Minnesota server. So,if the page is loading slowly or not at all.....please be PATIENT. Page loads may be slow during peak periods.

Coming Monday will be Vikes Geek take on the session we attended. So came back then! Do to heavy workload at my real job, I will not be providing a written summary this time around. But I was able to provide the photography, audio, and video that follow. Enjoy. And really people, this is the most balanced I've seen the team on both sides of the ball in some time. We'll be just fine.

What did you like or not like about the coverage of minicamp, both in terms of what we did at the VU as well as the local Big Boys....the STrib and Pioneer Press? Leave a comment at the end of this entry. Have a question about a player, etc? Also leave a comment at the end of this entry and Vikes Geek or I will try and answer for you.

Thanks all!

Instant Gratification: Fifth Update

Numerical Roster

Alphabetical Roster

Panoramic Photo of Indoor Practice Field

Audio (direct download link here) from special teams coordinator Paul Ferraro, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, and defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin. Love the reporter that thought Ferraro was Bevell! Available also on the VU Podcast page for those wanting to download to their MP3 players or just need an embedded audio player.

Top Five Photos for the Day (Others are coming and will be loaded as links to keep the page load fast)

New practice uniform look. (Click image for larger)

Tarvaris Jackson. (Click image for larger)

Chad Greenway is a blur of motion. (Click image for larger)

Big Bad Brad Johnson was a calm eye in a hurricane of activity. (Click image for larger)

Rookie Cedric Griffin looks good in purple. (Click image for larger)

All photos now uploaded to the Flickr Photo Stream (and will be posted here as well). For those that can't wait for direct blog photos, just click on any photo from the Flickr stream seen at top and you'll be whisked away to the VU Flickr photo stream.

Video Update: We had to take the videos down for a bit to let the University of Minnestoa server catch its wind. They are now back up but if the server starts to strain, we'll again bring them down for a bit. Thanks for your patience.


Please keepin mind I'm not ESPN. So bear with the quality as I am Iimited with my upload size and space. But then, the STrib and Pioneer Press aren't going this far for Vikes fans, are they? In fact, I think their respective minicamp coverage has been horrible.

Also with video, I have found it best to let it load completely. The first time through may be "jumpy" but then play it again and the second time it will be better for you.

Chad Greenway runs a drill.

Ben Leber runs a drill.

Tarvaris Jackson plays catch with J.T. O' Sullivan. Note the smooth delivery motion. Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell stands nearby in black with purple cap.

Tarvaris Jackson and they man he may force out.....J.T. O' passing drills.

Tarvaris Jackson throws right at you.

Chad Greenway shows good lateral movement.

Photo Roll: Complete

Chad Greenway during stretching drills

Another look at the new practice uniforms

Greenway finishes a drill.

Rookie Ryan Cook taking it all in.

Tarvaris Jackson takes off helmet

Jackson looks on.

Jackson during a drill.

Jackson drops to pass.

Ben Leber, good player or Foley folly?

Dontarrious Thomas & Greenway

Good set of guns on Greenway.

Rookie Cedric Griffin takes a breather.

Mike McMahon was sharp in this session.

Can't decide if like that white jersey stripe or not. You?

Another shot of Cook. Sorry, but the indoor practice sessions always limit our views.

Darren Sharper's DOB is 11/3/75. DC Mike Tomlin's DOB is 3/15/72.

Sharper takes a blow.

Sharper and safety Will Hunter

#32 Taurean Henderson, #33 Steven Jackson and Ciatrick Fason.

Special Teams Coordinator Paul Ferraro

Cedric Griffin grants an interview post practice.

Jackson sans helmet I

Jackson sans helmet II

Jackson sans helmet III

Erasmus James grants an interview post practice.

A happy offensive coordinator

Bevell holds court.

Tomlin fields a question.

The defensive coordinator is happy as well.

Yet To Come

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