January 2, 2008
Left Over Stew

This blog entry is going to be a lot of ramblings and such as we wind down the Vikings season and start all the off-season thoughts.

First up, the 2008 opponents. This schedule looks a little more daunting than the 2007 one in which the Vikes finished at 8-8. At first blush, I see the Vikes again floating around the .500 mark with a possibility of a ten win season. Leave a comment and let us know what your initial reaction to these teams may be.

Vikes on the road: Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Arizona and Tennessee.
Vikes at home: Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, N.Y. Giants, Atlanta, Carolina, Houston and Indy

The NFL schedule is released in April.

We Need a Bench Monkey

After watching soon-to-be ex-Viking Troy Williamson drop two key passes in the Vikings loss to the Denver Bronco's Sunday, I'm going to start a fund so the Vikings can hire a bench monkey. A player screws up, the coaching staff releases the bench monkey who then takes out the player. Of course, should the coaching staff also screw up during a game by throwing a challenge flag when it is clear the correct call was made, the owner will also be able to release the bench monkey.

Of course, this is an idea that came to me while watching the marvelous ads for Suburban Auto Group over the weekend. Here is a summary of the ads via YouTube. Let me know if you have other suggested uses for a Vikings Bench Monkey!

The Mail Bag

Chad in Osceola, Wisconsin asks, "COD, will you begin doing podcasting again anytime soon?". I have given it some thought and decided to once again begin podcasting. VU Podcast Fifty-Three is now available on the VU podcast page. iTunes users can subscribe via the XML podcast link shown there or you can listen via the embedded player found on the podcast page. I'm not sure how often I'll be doing podcasts but I would hope for at least two a month to start with. Maybe we'll start lining up some guests as well. If you have a question that you'd like answered on the podcast, just e-mail me and we'll work it in. I will keep doing the videocasting via YouTube and now have a YouTube embedded player in the left navigation area. Podcast Fifty-Three.

Patrick "Purple Pilager" Moharter asks, "Rumor has it that the Rams are going to say "Goodbye" to Issac Bruce after the season. Any chance that we might see him in purple next season if he doesn't retire?" Thanks for the messaage Pat. I've got my moles out working again and I have heard a couple of things: One, the Vikes are going shopping at DE and have their eye on Jared Allen. Now, my moles state further that rumor started at KFAN radio so I'm not sure how much street-cred it has but then those boys have better connections at Winter Park than I do. Second, the Vikes will blow up their WR corp and try and land a possession WR and a speed WR. Personally, I think Bruce will land where ever Mike Martz ends up and see little chance that the Vikes make a play. I've heard Bryant Johnson as a possibility for the possession WR and then D.J. Hackett as the look-see for the speed WR. The issue is whether any of these names would want to come to a team with an unproven QB which is one consideration currently going on with the Vikes decision for Tarvaris Jackson for next season.

MN Vikes Running Club

I have created a year-long Nike Challenge for all Vikings fans who use the NikePlus/iPod running gear. This challenge is for fans of the Minnesota Vikings football team (or anyone who just plain loves to run). This is a year-long race to keep everyone in tip-top shape for the soon-to-be-Super Bowl champion Minnesota Vikings! Join today and chart progress via the Nike section on the right navigation pane of this blog.

Viking Underground Playoff Fantasy Group

I won the Beer Brotherhood Fantasy League this year, but that does not mean that fantasy football is over! I just signed up for the NFL.com Playoff Challenge, and I'm inviting you to start a team and play against me and other Minnesota Vikings fans. I've set up a private "buddies" page to track our team's performance against each other, and against the rest of my "buddies" group. To join the VU Playoff Fantasy group, please click here. Good luck!

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