April 23, 2008
Vikes Land Big Fish


The Vikes landed Jared Allen, the player I targeted as the #1 priority before the season even ended. Since I literally have no time to write any lengthy, let me do a cut-and-paste from my friends over at PFT:

"The report that the Minnesota Vikings surrendered a first-round pick and two third-round picks to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for defensive end Jared Allen elicited the response of “holy crap.?

But it turns out that the Vikings actually gave the Chiefs a little bit more than that.

A league source tells PFT that the trade also involved a swap of sixth-round picks in the Chiefs’ favor. The Chiefs get the Vikings’ sixth-round pick, No. 182 overall, in exchange for a sixth-round pick that the Chiefs had previously acquired from the Buccaneers, No. 187 overall.

Granted, a swap of five places in the sixth round isn’t a particularly big deal, but it’s yet another demonstration of how badly the Vikings wanted Allen, and how much the Chiefs were able to extract from the Vikings for him. Between those draft picks they traded and the enormous contract they gave him, Allen will be a disappointment in Minnesota if he’s anything less than the best defensive lineman in the NFL."

Personally, I have no issue with the draft picks given. It's a steal compared to the Herschel Walker deal. And it gives the Vikes a bonafide DE instead of going through the crap-shoot of a draft selection. A position (DE) the Vikes do not have great history with I may add.

I have a slight issue with making Allen the highest paid defensive player EVER. But only time will decide that for us. Good for Allen, good for Zygi, good for Chilly. I'm thrilled for all. As I'm sure the Williams Wrecking Crew is.


So, let's briefly talk about the defensive line. The starters would be Allen at RDE, K-Will and P-Will in the middle, which begs my question to you: Who gets the nod at LDE? The team site currently has the depth chart for LDE as:

Kenechi Udeze #95
Jayme Mitchell #92

At what becomes of the boys currently slated at RDE?

Brian Robison #96
Ray Edwards #91
Erasmus James #99

So, we will have 5 (really 4 as Udeze continues his courageous health battle) coming into camp. Which do you see being the leading candidate for the LDE position? I like Robison, but I'm not sure he's ever lined up on the left and I don't think he is a every-down player. Mitchell showed improvement last year, but not enough to warrant a starting job. James is coming off knee work. Edwards ended the season suspended four games for violating the NFL's policy on steroid use.

For me, there is onloy one answer. Zygi needs to get back on the team jet, fly to Miami and pick-up Jason Taylor. Forty-eight hours later we'll have our question at LDE answered.

Posted by briankeithmaas@msn.com at April 23, 2008 12:48 PM