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November 30, 2005
Midweek Pot of Purple Stuff

Vikings Flying High: A Special Report by Guest Author Daren Bloomquist

What a game this past Sunday! Our defense is really coming together, and our offense was very productive in the red zone against the sixth best team in points allowed coming into the game.

The day before the game, I reached the summit of the highest point here in southern New Mexico. “The Needles� in the Organ Mountains are said to reach a height of 8,990 to 9,012 feet depending on the source. Let’s call it 9000 feet.

The rattlesnakes are all hibernating now so the hike was safe, but the wind was gusting to 40 mph which made the peak quite dangerous at the edges. Lean one way too far, lose your balance and you’re toast…just like the Packer’s season…albeit a little more permanent, if you know what I mean.

I told COD and you readers of the Viking Underground that I’d make this hike and raise the Viking flag to signify our Vikings’ rise to new heights. Ron, Lonnie and I made it to the top and raised the flag.

With Ron, a retired geologist and internet sports memorabilia dealer, and Lonnie, a Pittsburg fan first and Viking fan second, helping me hold the flag bowed by the wind, we got a good picture at the summit.

There are many more peaks in the Organ Mountains here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. For every Viking win from now until the end of the season, I’ll climb a new peak and raise the flag again.

Needles Hike 11-26-05 023.jpg

Go Vikes!

100% Cheese Free

I heard from my close, personal friend Syd this week. No, not that close, personal friend Sid Hartman....but Syd Davy aka 100% Cheese Free. If you want to see a great photo history of Syd and his close, personal friend Randy Moss head over to the Viking Update and check out those photos!

Video Test One

We're still doing some testing with the new upgrade at UThink so here is a video sent to me by The Commish to test my embedded video player

Video Test Two

Here is a Web Cam (aka "Crap Cam") test as I talk about my latest game day outfit as well as explaining about those patches on my helmet.

Over at that Other Blog

I discuss a new issue with big butts and a review a great take on the culture of corruption and incompetence by my favorite radio host.

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November 29, 2005
Who Will be in at the End?

The server which houses this little ol' blog went through some major renovation Monday. Thanks to Shane Nackerud who heads up UThinks at the University of Minnesota for baby sitting the Viking Underground to make sure it was not adversely affected. If you are experiencing anything "weird", please don't hesitate to let me know.

So, I thought I'd just write a blog entry about the Vikings playoff chances with no real purpose other than to take a test drive of the new system.

Playoff Picture

With five weeks left in the season, the playoff picture is beginning to come into focus. The following teams would be in the postseason if the season ended Sunday:

•AFC: Division winners: New England (East); Cincinnati (North); Indianapolis (South); Denver (West); wild cards: Pittsburgh and Jacksonville.
•NFC: Division winners: New York Giants and Dallas tied at 7-4 (East); Chicago (North); Carolina (South); Seattle (West); wild cards: Tampa Bay and Atlanta.

I did a highly scientific analysis of the remaining schedule to try and ascertain how the Vikes will end up: Invited to the party or on the outside looking in. And let me say there are a ton of huge matchups that will figure into the playoff possibility for the Vikings. Here is the playoff picture based on my guess:

•NFC: Division winners: Dallas at 11-5 (East); Chicago at 11-5 (North); Carolina at 13-3 (South); Seattle at 14-2 (West); wild cards: Tampa Bay at 11-5 (hold a possible tie breaker over the Vikes) and New York Giants at 11-5 (Vikes hold a possible tie breaker over the Giants). The Vikes fall one game short at 10-6.

So, cheer against the Bucs and Giants and hope the Vikes can pick up a huge win against the Steelers……not to mention the season ending game against the Bears (which I already counted as a win).

The Giants remaining schedule is Dallas, @ Philly, KC, @ Washington, and @ Oakland.

The Bucs remaining schedule is @ New Orleans, @ Carolina, @ New England, Atlanta, New Orleans.

So, will the chips fall in the Vikings favor and they get into the playoffs? Or do they fall just short and have momentum to begin next season? We'll just have to take it one week at a time.

And will SOMEONE beat the figgin' Bears already!

Posted by maasx003 at 6:09 AM
November 28, 2005
Sisyphus And Me

Earlier this season it got to be a chore to keep this blog going. The Vikings were losing and were not even competitive. I was tired of everything NFL. Tired of the Vikings. Tired of this blog. Tired of updating the blog that, in my already limited time, was just barely able to sustain.

Yet I had no choice but to continue. Even though on most days I felt like Sisyphus forever rolling his stone up the mountain. For I have seen slow starts by NFL teams before and felt that the Vikings future was not determined. Not all the options had been foreclosed.

And now the Boys in Purple have streaked to four wins in a row...two of them on the road! And with the remaining schedule, there is no reason for them to finish worse than 9-7 and have a shot at a playoff game. Whether they enter the playoffs as the NFC North champion or as a Wild Card entry, what was once unthinkable is now very possible. The Vikes in the playoffs.

What do you think of the teams playoff entry chances? Vote to the left under Polls and let us see what everyone is thinking.

This was a fun game to be at and I had fun with my live Game Day Moblog section. It was nice to enjoy a game with the outcome assured....even though I was still disgusted with the number of fans leaving with about four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

We will have to keep an eye on the injury report. Kevin Williams, as I mentioned on the moblog, sprained his right knee in the first quarter and didn't return. I saw a trainer work on the knee after Williams hobbled to the sidelines and an ice bag was taped to the knee. K-Will was walking the sidelines during the game, however. So I am hoping it is not serious.

Williams was replaced by rookie C.J. Mosley. All Mosley did was have two sacks and force a fumble.

Question One of the Day: Why did Darren Sharper take the INT out of the end-zone!?!?!? We can cut Sharper some slack as he has had about 1004-return yards this year. But I bet Sharper wishes he had that decision back.

Question Two of the Day: Where is Daunte? I've been harping about this for a month now. And let me first say, I could not see Daunte on the sidelines even though I scoured them searching for Pepper. And since I have yet to review the game from the glorious world that is TiVO, he could have been there....if so, please correct me!

As I wrote earlier this week:

"He was a no show for the 11/6 victory against the Lions. He was nowhere to be seen when the Vikes beat the Giants. Must have missed the flight to Green Bay this past Monday.

Yes, I know that he knee was severely swollen. But that is why they have wheel chairs and crutches. Yes, I know he had surgery recently but he is evidently already in rehab and Zygi had sent a jet down last Wednesday to give Daunte a lift back to Minnesota. What gives?

Culpepper is not returning Mike Tice's phone calls. The only member of the organization that has spoken with Culpepper is athletic trainer Chuck Barta.

We've seen Culpepper sulk on the sidelines when things aren't going well during a game. Could he be in a major mope now? If so, he needs to snap out of it and make himself visible to his teammates and fans. Let us know how he is doing. Let us know that he expects to be back next year. That the injury will not get him down.

We need Daunte on the sidelines to serve as a second set of eyes for Brad Johnson who is old enough to need reading glasses when studying the play book. We need Daunte standing on the bench, ala Burleson, waving a towel during the games.

So, snap out of it Daunte. Get back into the swing of things. Yes, you have a long road back but you will find it easier if you share your feelings and pain with your teammates.

Daunte, if you wait too long, you might just find that there will be no one to greet you at the door to Winter Park when you do decide to pop in."

So, I'd be interested to know if Daunte was shown on the sidelines during the game. If so, I will drop my harping. If not, it will only get louder as Daunte needs to show us he is a team player.

Tice Approval Poll

Ol' Pencil Ear leapt to a 69% approval rating following the win over the Packers. What will the approval rating be after this win? Vote to the left under Tice Approval Rating. Could it be, as Vikes Geek said earlier this week, that the word 'interim' can be removed from Tice's name? Could we indeed be talking, gulp, contract renewal?

Over At That Other Blog

I write about the killer, evil, SUV.

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November 24, 2005

VU Podcast Twenty-Nine

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The Commish and Vikes Geek join me in this special holiday podcast as we attempt to answer the question, "Does Mike Tice deserve any love?"

VU Pick 'Em

Another dynamic fun filled week in the VU Pick 'Em league. With my selection of the Vikes to beat the Pack combined with the fact that I selected the Purple with 16 (the highest possible) confidence points, I came in second for the week behind Straight Cash Homies...which is still my favorite team name in the league.

Well, there is Bubbling Farts....which is coached by The Commish...which made a move to close the gap on the overall leader, the Cuyahoga Riverdawgs. The Cuyahoga Riverdawgs are owned by Coworker Jim, whom you heard on VU Podcast Twenty-Eight earlier this week.

The Top 15:

1 cuyahoga riverdawgs
2 Bubbling Farts
3 C.J.'s pix
4 The Wizzinator
5 Straight Cash Homies
6 hawgdawg
6 Ron Burgundy
8 Pogo
9 Purple Haze
11 Ragnar
12 paviking
13 Wisconsin Vikes?
14 Smooth Jimmy Apollo
15 Mr. Cheer Or Die

And yes, I chose the Vikes this week with another 16 confidence rating!

Many Thanks

I'd like to give thanks for so many things that it would be impossible for me to name them all here. And I'd probably forget someone and that wouldn't be good. So I'll keep it to ten and in no particular order:

10) I'd like to give thanks for Zygi and Mark Wilf, who have brought class to the Vikings organization. I just know these two men are winners and that will translate into a winning team in the near future.

9) I'd like to give thanks for my company, supervisor, and co-workers. It's truly a joy to work there. Not everyone in this day-and-age can say the same about their job.

8) I'd like to give thanks to my parents for instilling in me a hard work ethic.

7) I'd like to give thanks to Shane Nackerud for all he has done to bring this blog to the forefront of Vikings blogs.

6) I'd like to give thanks for sweeping the lowly Packers this season.

5) I'd like to give thanks for the military protecting our country and I wish everyone overseas a very Happy Thanksgiving!

4) I'd like to give thanks for fantasy football.

3) I'd like to give thanks for having a roof over my head.

2) I'd like to give thanks for my son, my pride and joy.

1) I'd like to give thanks to my lovely bride and for making my life simply the best.

SciFi Buffs

Head over to that other blog for a summary of a SciFi short story I read recently that left me both thankful and wondering, "what if"......

Up Next

See you Sunday for a live Moblog edition from the MetroDome!


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November 23, 2005
Bark of the Big Dog

Was it not great to see the Big Dog on the sideline of the Vikings glorious victory over the hapless Packers on MNF? I'll never forget the time I made eye contact with the Big Dog down at Sun Devil stadium when the Vikes conquered the Cardinals in the waning moments. I was on the field for that game taking photos for the old VU. And the Big Dog played a big part in that victory as he did in so many others.

I'll also never forget the time I participated in an autograph session to promote the Visa Hall of Fans. Who was my autograph partner? The Big Dog himself. And what a class act he was that night. We signed over 140 autographs that evening at one of the local SportMarts. And I got a few from the Big Dog myself.


So, again I loved seeing Randle on the sidelines. I saw that and I knew we had the game in the bag. Plus, John Randle's attendance at LAMEbeau gave me yet another reason to loathe Al Michaels.

Michaels is already despised for comments made towards the Twin Cities during one of the Minnesota Twins World Series runs. Upon spying Randle this past Monday night, Haughty Al said, "I hardly recognized Randle as he isn't wearing any, um, make-up."

Got sit on your middle finger and spin Al! The Big Dog did not wear make-up. He wore war paint. You, Al Michaels, you and your TV cohorts, wear make-up and apply hemorrhoid cream to shrink those bags under your aging eyes. What a shit head.

And didn't the Big Dog look like he could still play!?!?! Looked to be in grand condition. And major kudos to Zygi and Mark Wilf for instituting the new policy of having former players on the sidelines and traveling with the team. When I was on the field for the New Orleans game on 9/25, I got to shake hands with Joey Browner. I love seeing the former players and I know other fans do as well. Let's bring in Fred Cox, Joe Kapp, Ron Yary, and others for the upcoming games!

Where For Art Thou, Daunte?

Just as I think it is vital to have the former players on the sidelines, I think it is essential to have current players on the sidelines even if they are on IR. I've seen Matt Birk down on the sidelines during the games working with the offensive line. I've seen Nate Burleson standing on the bench waving a towel during games. All when they were injured.

So where is Daunte?

He was a no show for the 11/6 victory against the Lions. He was nowhere to be seen when the Vikes beat the Giants. Must have missed the flight to Green Bay this past Monday.

Yes, I know that he knee was severely swollen. But that is why they have wheel chairs and crutches. Yes, I know he had surgery recently but he is evidently already in rehab and Zygi had sent a jet down last Wednesday to give Daunte a lift back to Minnesota. What gives?

Culpepper is not returning Mike Tice's phone calls. The only member of the organization that has spoken with Culpepper is athletic trainer Chuck Barta.

We've seen Culpepper sulk on the sidelines when things aren't going well during a game. Could he be in a major mope now? If so, he needs to snap out of it and make himself visible to his teammates and fans. Let us know how he is doing. Let us know that he expects to be back next year. That the injury will not get him down.

We need Daunte on the sidelines to serve as a second set of eyes for Brad Johnson who is old enough to need reading glasses when studying the play book. We need Daunte standing on the bench, ala Burleson, waving a towel during the games.

So, snap out of it Daunte. Get back into the swing of things. Yes, you have a long road back but you will find it easier if you share your feelings and pain with your teammates.

Daunte, if you wait too long, you might just find that there will be no one to greet you at the door to Winter Park when you do decide to pop in.

VU Podcast Twenty-Eight

Listen in as I speak with Coworker Jim of Ohio. Coworker Jim leads the VU Pick 'Em Pool and Beer Brotherhood Fantasy League at the moment. We talk about the Browns and Vikes matchup for Sunday.

And thanks to Jason, among others, who let me know of the issue with the embedded player on the podcast page. I have sinced updated the page so that each podcast has its own embedded player. I think you'll like the change! Again, the best way to listen to the podcasts is via iTunes. But I try to accomodate everyone.

Posted by maasx003 at 6:52 AM
November 22, 2005
Terrific Tuesday

First, A Public Service Video for Cheeseheads


Wow! What a second half comeback once again for the Vikes. From an opportunistic defense to an 88-yard drive at the end of the third quarter I was impressed. Even if the Packers just simply SUCK, this was two road victories for the Vikes! Two in a freakin' row! Time to break up this dynasty!

I'll have more to say about the game later. For now, enjoy the sweep people! Now then, let's have some fun.

Tice Approval Poll

I report; you decide. (Thanks to you; yes, you there, with the computer.)

Well, what will be Mike Tice's approval rating now? Place your vote to the left.

What I Want For Xmas: Part One

"Run away! Run away!"

How The Vikes Will Beat The Browns

I can already assure you that our beloved Purple will have their way with Trent "DILLLLLLLLLL-fer-DILLLLLLLLLLL-fer-DILLLLLLLL-fer" and company this coming Sunday. How? I'm shipping these off to Winter Park as we speak to give our lads that special "edge".

What I Want For Xmas: Part Two

"Oh, Mandy"

Ma, Fetch Me My Gun

As I posted on Friday, I spent two days last week at an off-site retreat for my real-job. One day, during a break we spied these four birds outside at our undisclosed location. How many of you know what these are? (Oh, and for those in warmer climes, that white stuff is called s-n-o-w.)


Hint: Thursday main course

Podcast Interview

As I mentioned yesterday, a local television channel did a segment on podcasting. You can now view the segment at the KARE-11 site. The full story can also be read. Reporter Jana Shortal did a terrific job in making this very "audible" story "viewable".

And I continue on my revamp of the podcast page. I am adding specific embedded media players for all the past podcasts. It will take a few more days to get all added. Take a test drive.

Why Smokers Make Me Nervous

French, smoker, on a airplane. Recipe for disaster.

The Commish Blown Away

It wasn't even that close. I just laid waste to The Commish in the Beer Brotherhood Fantasy league. The numbers:

The Commish
QB Mark Brunell 3
RB Clinton Portis 3
RB Edgerrin James 15
WR Keenan McCardell 10
WR Hines Ward 4
TE Jeremy Shockey 6
PK Lawrence Tynes 9
Def Chicago Bears 18
Total 68

The VU
QB Marc Bulger 14
RB Shaun Alexander 16
RB Tiki Barber 5
WR Torry Holt 12
WR Jerry Porter 13
TE Chris Cooley 7
PK Neil Rackers 13
Def Seattle Seahawks 4
Total 84

The Commish was all smug going into this matchup. He leads the paltry Norse Division, which is starting to look a whole lot like the NFC North in terms of talent. He didn't know what hit him. And I could have started Dallas Clark as well but decided to take it easy on the ol' boy.

The show-down of the season takes place this coming weekend as my 8-3 team takes on Co-worker Jim and the Cuyahoga Riverdawgs to decide the winner of the Purple Division....and ultimately the #1 seed for the playoffs. Exciting stuff.

So exciting that we'll have Co-Worker Jim on for a podcast later this week to talk fantasy. And since Co-Worker Jim is a Browns fan we'll also discuss the upcoming game.

Why I Love Hogs

Join and drown out a protestor today! This group performed Youmans service recently for a funeral of a solider killed in Iraq. Words simply cannot express so you'll have to watch the video and judge for yourself.

Why I Love New Yorkers

The Vikes played Big Blue a short time back. I was sent an e-mail from one of my favorite contacts letting me know about some hilarious videos being created by a fellow that goes by the name Kid From Brooklyn is posting. Some of these had me in tears from laughing so hard.....despite even knowing how controversial some of the subject matter is.

My personal fav was Bat Day which was orginally posted 5/5/2004 and ties in baseball bats, airplanes, and terrorism into one neat package and bow.

I must stress thast the video contain profanity...and I do emphasize profanity. So I deliberated over whether to even post an entry telling you about the site. But if you know a I do many....these videos should not be shocking. Only the language is Rated R. I advise headphones if you view at the office or simply view in the privacy of your home.

Amazing what a man with a web cam and access to a computer can do.

Posted by maasx003 at 2:33 PM
November 21, 2005
Special Audio Live From LAMEbeau

Yes, I've captured some audio from LAMEbeau field. Give a listen! Then get ready for the game!

Posted by maasx003 at 2:13 PM
Podcast Interview


How long until the game starts? That's the question of the day as we all eye the clock awaiting the start of the MNF game. I'll try and keep you from looking at the clock for 5-minutes.

A few weeks back I had told you that one of the local television stations was filming a segment on podcasting. Along with other podcasters, they decided to interview me as well. At first I balked citing that nothing could be more boring that watching me speak into my iPod and was sure to turn off their viewers, but they insisted and so I gave in. For locals, the segment will view on KARE-11 this evening. Since you will be watching the game, you'll have to set your recorders. Otherwise, I will post a link on Tuesday so you can view the segment directly from the KARE-11 home page.

LTC Erik Kurilla Update

Back on August 26 I relayed to you the incredible and courageous exploits of LTC Erik Kurilla.

Kurilla, a Vikings fan, was serving as Commander of Deuce Four in Iraq and was shot three times in combat. Despite being seriously wounded, LTC Kurilla immediately rejoined the intense and close-quarter fight that ended in hand-to-hand combat. LTC Kurilla continued to direct his men until a medic gave him morphine and the men took him away.

Well, Kurilla is doing much better and his team is now stateside and had a celebration recently. Kurilla even got a little face time with Bruce Willis.


If you wanted to write to Kurilla and his team, you can send your cards and letters to:

LTC Erik Kurilla
1st BN, 24th Infantry Regiment
Fort Lewis
Tacoma, WA 98433

Public Service Announcement

The VU blog resides under a program at the University of Minnesota called UThink. There will be an upgrade to the UThink system to move to Movable Type 3.2 on November 28 (the Monday after Thanksgiving). This means that access to the UThink/Movable Type administration interface will not be available that day and I will not be able to post. Depending on how smoothly the upgrade goes, you the reader may also have difficulty accessing the blog. Since my blog is the most accessed on the UThink system, should there be issues I'll be at the top for attention. So, the Monday after Thanksgiving don't fret if you can't access the blog.

It's Starting to Look A Lot Like Xmas

I spent the weekend burning audio music CDs for our annual Xmas mailing. Instead of sending out detailed Xmas letters that explain that "little Johnnie took his first steps" and "we finally had to put the cat to sleep" we have sent out audio Xmas CDs to 100+ people each year. And people seem to love them as they start bugging us about this time each year wondering when they can expect the newest edition. And now the lucky recipients have taken to making requests as well. Making the final cut for the CD this year are:

Merry Christmas Baby B.B. King
Christmas Island Andrews Sisters & Guy Lombardo
The Holly And The Ivy Katie McMahon
Cool Yule Louis Armstrong
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm Dean Martin
The Christmas Waltz Harry Connick, Jr.
I'll Be Home On Christmas Day Elvis Presley
White Christmas Peggy Lee
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Banks Soundtech Steel Orchestra
The Merry Christmas Jig Aengus
Jingle Bell Jive Benny Goodman
Christmas Night In Knightsbridge Arthur Greenslade
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem Emmylou Harris
Joy George Winston
I'll Be Home Carly Simon
Shake Hands With Santa Louis Prima
That's What I Want For Christmas Nancy Wilson
Please Come Home For Christmas B.B. King
Joyeux Noel New York Twoubadou

How about you? Tired of getting those fluffy Xmas letters? Or do you enjoy them? Do you do something similar as I do with sending out your own Xmas music CDs? Leave a comment at the end of this blog entry.

Bug Thy Office Packer Co-Worker

As soon as that Cheesehead arrives in his cube (late as usual and stinking of paint thinner, cheese, and cheap beer) play this over and over and over all day. As loud as you can.

Posted by maasx003 at 6:46 AM
November 18, 2005
Scooby Doo! Where Are You?

Nothing quite like two days of off-site divisional meetings to throw one off his game. I also dread these things and end up having a good time. This one was especially ironic since this is my busy time of year and I have no time for meetings that take me away from my work for two days. During November and December I'm the poster boy for stress management. So, the first day we spent listening to a stress relief expert from Franklin Covey.

I learned some valuable insight but I could not stop thinking that I could be getting a whole lot of work completed right now instead of being here listening how to reduce my stress. Ever feel like that?

In any event, I now am caught playing catch-up from being out two days. So this entry will be short.

In my podcast with Vikes Geek this past Tuesday, I had told everyone that I had learned Toniu Fonoit was about to be named a starter on the offensive line. Lo and behold, a few days later Chris Liwienski has been not only benched but deactivated for the MNF game at LAMEbeau.

Fonoti reported to the Vikings at 404 pounds. He is now at a svelte 385 lbs. Perhaps the Vikes think by the time a Cheesehead defensive lineman can traverse the girth of Fonoti, Mewelde Moore will have blown past and is streaking down the field. Who knows? Might work!

Also gone is assistant coach Corbin Lacina who left in a huff after a difference in opinion over the number of hours Lacina was expected to put in. No great loss there. As The Commish can attest to, I was never a fan of Lacina whether he was wearing a player’s jersey or a coach’s whistle. We've got bigger fish to fry.

The Vikings offense has scored a trifling four touchdowns and three field goals in five road games and most of that has been in the second half in fourth-quarter garbage time. On the other side, the Vikings defense has allowed seven running back touchdowns in five road games.

Throw in the fact that I'm expecting an entire broadcast filled with John Madden blowing smoke up the rectum of Brett Favre and I might just be puking half time. Either that or wear out the remote's mute button.

So, as convinced as I was last week that the Vikes would beat the Giants I am not as secure going into Monday night. I'm worried about that big win let-down. Brad Johnson may not approach 200-yards in passing yards. It may take two running backs to break the 100-yard barrier behind a new look offensive line.

But I still think the game is too close to call. Darren Sharper will be looking to smoke his old team. Ol' Pencil Ear is testy from his torn MCL and from what I hear from Winter Park, has the boys feisty as hell. The defense has been playing well the last two weeks and could be coming together for a nice second half in which I still predict the Vikes to win the NFC North.

Am I ready for some football? Hell, yes!

Posted by maasx003 at 8:04 AM
November 15, 2005
Take a Knee


Sometime this week, our quarterback touted as 'the future of the franchise' will undergo surgery. Serious surgery. The result of which might mean the difference between an aging pocket passer versus the mobile Daunte Culpepper we all know.

The surgery will be performed by Dr. James Andrews. Andrews has quite an impressive list of past clients. From Charles Barkley and Emmitt Smith, to Jack Nicklaus, Chris Webber, and Roger Clemens.

When asked how he can operate on such high profile stars, Andrews responded, "The most important thing in treating a high-level athlete is you don’t treat them any differently than anybody else. You develop a routine and a system that works for you. To change that system because the patient is a high-level athlete just creates problems for you and the patient. There’s always that increased pressure, though. I remember when I operated on Jack Nicklaus’ knee, I had him all set up: I looked down to put the scope in his knee, and, being a big golfing fan, I said to myself, "My goodness, this is Jack Nicklaus." Once I got started, though, it was like doing anybody else’s knee. I had the same feeling when I did my young daughter’s ACL when she was in the eighth grade. I was a little bit nervous until I got started, then it was like anybody else’s knee."

Well, this surely is not anybody else's knee. And there are an infinite number of possible forks in the road for Vikings future that will result from how Culpepper responds.

Scenario One: Culpepper's surgery and recovery go swimmingly and he has limited participation in training camp and starts the season on time.

Probability: Spitting into a hurricane

Action Needed: None, as Culpepper is the starter and Brad Johnson the backup.

Scenario Two: Culpepper's surgery and recovery go fine and he is held out of training camp and preseason. He starts the season on the bench, available for duty after Week Four.

Probability: Spitting into a heavy wind

Action Needed: Little, as Brad Johnson starts the season with Shaun Hill as backup. The depth chart changes when Culpepper steps back in as starter.

Scenario Three: Culpepper's surgery and recovery go OK and he is held out of training camp and preseason. He starts the season on the bench, available for duty after Week Eight.

Probability: Spitting into a mildly heavy wind

Action Needed: Some, as Brad Johnson starts the season with Shaun Hill as backup. The depth chart changes when Culpepper steps back in as starter but the team could pick up a short-term veteran to back up Johnson for the first half of the season

Scenario Four: Culpepper's surgery and recovery go OK and he is held out of training camp and preseason. He starts the season on the bench, available for duty after Week Twelve.

Probability: Spitting into a breeze

Action Needed: Definite, as Brad Johnson starts the season with Shaun Hill designated as backup. The depth chart changes when Culpepper steps back in as starter and the team picks up a short-term veteran to back up Johnson for the season as insurance.

Scenario Five: Culpepper's surgery and recovery go OK and he is held out of training camp and preseason. He tries to practice but the knee swells up badly. He is placed on season-ending IR.

Probability: Spitting with the wind

Action Needed: Panic. The team names Johnson the starter, and secures a seasoned veteran to serve as backup. Hill stays as the number three QB.

Scenario Six: Culpepper's surgery and recovery go badly when it is discovered there is also damage to the posterolateral corner. The team announces Culpepper wil not play in the 2006 - 2007 season.

Probability: Spitting with the wind at your back.

Action Needed: Full blown chaos, as Johnson is named starter and the team reaches for a QB in the 2006 NFL draft. The team also secures a seasoned veteran to serve as backup. Four quarterbacks are carried on the roster.

The point is we could make up any number of scenarios but we will not know much until post surgery when we learn the extent of the injury and which ligaments were chosen to be repaired. The ACL and MCL must be fixed but the PCL could be left alone, only affecting Culpepper's flexibility.

Those findings and ultimate decisions will tell us the time-table. They will also tell us if Culpepper will be on the train when the team leaves the station next fall or left on the platform for another season.

Honors Rolling In

Lot's of people paying homage to me this week. And why not? With my prediction of the Vikes winning in New York coming true it is to be expected and dealt with. Such are the duties of being, ahem, a deity.

My favorite tribute lies over at the Greet Machine, complete wit portrait. Nice job Shane!

Viking Underground Podcast

Listen in as Vikes Geek and I bring you VU Podcast Twenty-Seven. We talk about the win over the Giants and take some questions from you via the mailbag.

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Posted by maasx003 at 6:26 AM
November 13, 2005
Who's Your Daddy?


da Vinci.


I now join the ranks of the greatest seers of all time. Yes, while 62% of you considered me to be insane, I stuck with my prediction of the Minnesota Viking Football Club defeating Big Blue Sunday. I stayed with it all week. I let you know how the team would Shock the Shockey.

Still you did not believe. Shame on you. Don't doubt me again. I'll consider it a lesson learned.

You may now all bow before me!!!! For I am a Legend in My Own Mind. Just this once I will allow my loyal readers to leave comments of adoration at the end of this blog entry. But please, make no eye contact with this deity.

Tice Approval Poll

Tice ended up earning the respect of a 49% of you following the win over the Lions. How will New York's own, Mike Tice, end up this week? Vote to the left.

You May Love Me Now.....

Yes, you may very well love COD now. I call a huge win for you and I'm everyone's hero. And you will no doubt increase the legend of COD.

But I return to the magical, hallucinogenic burrito that assisted me in making the call against the Giants. And it tells me the Vikes will follow a huge win by having a major let-down at Green Bay and lose to the Packers on Monday night.

Of course, the magical, hallucinogenic burrito may have been a "use one time and then discard" type of magic spell.

I for one, sure hope that Tice and Company can keep focused and roll into Green Bay and sweep the season series. I just know that NFL history has often shown a team following a huge, emotional win with a head-scratching loss.

I hope the Vikes don't follow suit. Vote your opinion to the left.

Coming Tuesday

I take a look at Daunte Culpepper's coming week which could be a life changing event for him....and us.

Upcoming Podcast

Expect another Score Seven podcast with myself and Vikes Geek to be up by Tuesday. And if you have a question for us, just leave a comment or e-mail me (link top right). And we'll work your question into our Mail Bag section of the show. Only serious questions will be given consideration.

Posted by maasx003 at 3:56 PM
November 11, 2005
Game Day Podcast

This week's Game Day Podcast is a tęte-ŕ-tęte with my favorite New York Giants fan! Viking Underground Podcast Twenty-Six is a upfront banter with fellow Class of 1999 Visa Hall of Fans member "True Blue".


Listen in as we break down the upcoming game in New York. Hear me salivate about the Giants breaking ground on an $800 million dollar new 90,000 seat stadium being 100% funded by the team. We re-examine the respective embarrassments of 1997 and 2000. And discover how the Vikes can beat the Giants Sunday.

For those who don't like to listen into my Emmy award winning podcasts, you can read some great pre-game analysis over on Vikes Geek.

See you Sunday after the win!

Posted by maasx003 at 2:38 PM
November 10, 2005
Podcast Questions

Coming Friday night will be my Game Day Podcast with a Giants fan. I thought I'd give you an opportunity to ask a question. If you have a question for my guest, just e-mail me by 9 AM CST Friday morning or leave a Comment below and I'll be sure and work your question into the podcast. Only serious questions will be given consideration.

Posted by maasx003 at 9:41 PM
Finally, Another Podcast

Yes, yes, yes...I know, I know. It has been a while since my last podcast. Shut-up already. Remember, this is the week of the magical, hallucinogenic burrito.

VU Podcast Twenty-Five is a fun and rollicking conversation between myself and Vikes Geek. Score Seven format once again. Enjoy!

Chicken Little's Out In Full Force

Oh, no! Fred Smoot is out, Fred Smoot is out! The Shockey is coming, the Shockey is coming!

Chill people.

Smooty was loosing his booty anyway. Confidence had faded to nil. This is a blessing in disguise. The Vikes say they will start Brian Williams and Downtown Ralph Brown will become the nickel back. That's just smoke and mirrors. Here is what is really going to happen: Cover two with the best in the bidness, as the kids say.

Antoine Winfield is moving to nickel. The two corners will be Ted "I Take No Names" Cottrell and Rusty "Sweat? What Sweat?" Tillman. Shockey will pee his pants.

I was at practice yesterday and witnessed the Cottrell-Tillman duo working out and shutting down Burleson, Taylor, and even knocking Jimmmmmmmyyyyyyyy Kleinsasser on his ass. Teddy and Rusty were also singing this little ditty during windsprints:

Shockey say, "Cover me when I run
Cover me through the fire
I'm going to run all over you.
Cover me, anybody please."
And we say, "Don't you know we're going to shock the Shockey".
-- adapted from "Shock the Monkey" by Peter Gabriel, 1982

So, the whole Smooty injury is covered. Are you Chicken Little's appeased now?
Can we move on?

Shameless Plug

A hilarious entry over at that other blog about the true history of beer. I think most of you will enjoy it.

Posted by maasx003 at 6:48 AM
November 8, 2005
Vikes Will Win Sunday

Eariler this week, I predicted the Vikings would win the NFC North division despite starting so poorly.

They do not need to start this weekend but I still think they will win. Many people feel that the Vikes offense will be smoother with Brad Johnson at the helm. And I think that will translate into a smoother road excursion for The Purple this coming weekend. Hey, I'm not one for predictions and this is just a feeling that I've had since the game ended Sunday with the win over the Lions. (And I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the aforementioned burrito your read about earlier this week either.)

One thing that is predictable is the Vikings will test the Giants secondary deep several times Sunday. We saw Johnson go deep against the Lions a bit on Sunday. We'll see more of it against the Giants, who rank 15th in the NFC for pass defense, ahead of only the Niners.

Oh yeah, there is that fact that this year's Vikings team has lost every road game this season by an average of 25 points. They have to break out of that slump at some point. And this will be the week.

Fans of the Big Blue, especially those co-workers out in New Jersey, Fuhgeddaboutit. Vikes win! Vikes win! Vikes win!

Badda Boom, Badda Bing.

Game Day Martini

Click here to see a Quicktime video on how to make a great game day coffee or chocolate martini. Bottoms up!

VU Pick 'Em

It has been a few weeks since I've reported on the VU Pick 'Em League. And little has changed. Coworker Jim continues to lead. And he is also leading the Beer Brotherhood Fantasy League, continuing his mastery. He's having a hell of a year. Sold his soul or something.

And my genuine congratulations to Smooth Jimmy Apollo who had a perfect week last week. He selected all 14 winners precisely.....every single game. I hope Smooth Jimmy was in Vegas!

The Top 20

1 cuyahoga riverdawgs
2 The Wizzinator
3 Bubbling Farts
4 C.J.'s pix
5 Ron Burgundy
6 Straight Cash Homies
7 hawgdawg
8 Purple Haze
9 Pogo
10 Ragnar
11 Wisconsin Vikes?
11 Smooth Jimmy Apollo
13 paviking
14 Mr. Cheer Or Die
16 Big Dogs
17 Oracle of Cheese
18 Krayzie's Kings
19 VikingGuyKY
20 Phillyvike

Can Coworker Jim hold it together the second half? We'll see. Ohio boys usually choke!

Quite the Ending

Sent to me by The Commish. The agony of defeat caught on film.

Public Service Announcement

Want another reason to use your local library? Most carry music CDs. Take a trip your library, use your library card to take out CDs of your choice. Bring them home and upload into iTunes. Listen. Enjoy.

Shameless Plug

I post some more thoughts over at that other blog and talk a little about America's Waistline and Reggie Comes a Courtin'.

Posted by maasx003 at 2:45 PM
Bad Boys

The Philadelphia Eagles have ended their marriage with Terrell Owens. And I applaud them for it. I'm glad that NFL teams are finally taking a stance against people who disrupt other people's lives and livelihood. The Eagles acted as would any CEO in a Fortune 500 company. "Pack up your stuff. You are gone by the end of the day."

Owens was in a great situation. The Eagles organization treats its players very, very well. In conversations with Eagles fans over the years, I can tell you hardly any team in the NFL takes better care of its players than Philadelphia.

2005 is the fourth year in a row that Philadelphia leads the league in the number of players who are on at least their second contract with the team. Players are eager to re-sign with the Eagles, and the team makes a strong effort to re-sign its own players. In each of the last four years, at least 13 of Philly's 24 front-liners (22 starters, punter and kicker) have been on at least their second Eagles' contract.

Philadelphia's four-year total is 58 players on at least their second contract with the team. Green Bay is closest at 51. Even three-time Super Bowl champ New England had only 44 players in that category over four years. The 49ers had 38 (including 11 this year), the Raiders 34 (including 5 this year).

Further, four starters in recent years who left Philadelphia as free agents later returned to the Eagles, including middle linebacker Jeremiah Trotter and defensive end N.D. Kalu, who are current starters.

The Eagles manage to do this because they operate at such a highly professional level, both on the coaching staff and in the front office. They don't let contract talks get personal, and they don't let them deteriorate to the point where a breach becomes so irreparable that a player who leaves can never come back.

And it wasn't good enough for Owens. If Owens wasn't happy enough in Philly, where the league standard for player happiness is golden, what makes you think he will be happy anywhere else?

There will be discussions amongst many bottom feeding NFL teams about trying to make a play for Owens. I just hope the Vikes aren't in line.

Here is your fun poll for the day. Enjoy!

Stat of the Week

Big Blue at the Meadow Lands this year: Giants have scored 146 points. The opposing teams 66. Boiled down Big Blue has averaged 36.5 points per game at home while the opposing stiffs have averaged 16.5. Well, maybe stiffs is a strong word considering that Denver, Washington, and the Rams could be considered good offensive teams. The Giants defense held Mark Brunell to 65 passing yards a few weeks back.

So why am I so confident the Vikes will make a game of it this Sunday? Is there such a thing as Old Man intuition? I just have a feeling....or is it that double burrito I had late last night talking?

Posted by maasx003 at 7:56 AM
November 7, 2005
Crusher Song

A mid-monday special update for all you rasslin' fans. A few weeks back I had told you about the passing of The Crusher.

Today, I bring you The Crusher singing "Turkey Necks". Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Click on Crusher to hear him sing a song recorded with the Novas back in the 60s.
Posted by maasx003 at 12:44 PM
OK Then

I've only enough time to express views today. I'll try and get back to more detail later in the week.

Talk about a laugher on Sunday. The only issue is, are the Vikings actually improving or was Detroit just that bad? We'll find out this Sunday when the Vikes travel to New York to play the NFC East leading Giants.

Just as Tice has a great record against the Lions, not having lost a game in his tenure, the Giants have won three straight against Tice. I've often referred to the Giants as Tice's Achilles Heel. In seasons past we have seen the Vikes on a roll and then play the Giants and get smoked. And Vegas already has Big Blue as ten-point favorites.

We'll find out just how much the team has improved this coming Sunday.

Tice Approval

After the loss to Carolina, Tice's Approval Rating tumbled to 11% for the week and 42% for the season. Vote your rating post Detroit to the left. You can also vote your thoughts on why you think the team won against the Lions in a new poll found also to the left.

NFC North

Is there still hope ahead? You bet there is. You can do a similar exercise and come up with your own season end projections as I did below:

The current standings

Chicago 5 3 (3-0 Divisional)
Minnesota 3 5 (2-1 Divisional)
Detroit 3 5 (1-3 Divisional)
Green Bay 1 7 (0-2 Divisional)

My projected season end standings

Chicago 7 9 (5-1 Divisional)
Detroit 4 12 (1-5 Divisional)
Minnesota 8 8 (5-1 Divisional)
Green Bay 2 14 (1-5 Divisional)

Huge games that loom ahead for the Vikings are the St. Louis game on 12/11 and the season ending game against the Bears on New Years Day which could actually decide the divisional championship. The Bears have a very tough schedule in the second half of the season.

Bottom line; the Vikes are still in the thick of it!!!!

Where Was Daunte?

Did anyone see Daunte at the game? Did I just miss him? I didn't see him at all and was disappointed in that. Again, I could have missed him so please correct me if I'm wrong in that. I heard he watched Sunday's game from home because of the knee injury but I would have expected him to be in attendance.

Big Bad Brad certainly made an impression with his teammates in the win against the Lions. And I'm not trying to start a QB controversy. But look at some of these quotes:

"Brad just has had a calming effect," said offensive coordinator Steve Loney. "It's like when you're a little kid and there's a thunderstorm, and you're with your Dad, and he says, 'Everything's going to be all right.' You know it will be."

"The thing with Brad is, you always know he's going to be a professional," said offensive tackle Mike Rosenthal. "You always know he's going to help us out, he's going to talk to us, he's going to come to us and ask, 'What can I do to help you guys?'"

Guard Adam Goldberg said. "He's proven to this league, and our team, that he can come in there and orchestrate victories. He's a great player. He takes charge of the huddle, gives reminders on key things on every play. He does everything a veteran quarterback should do."

"He's a smart quarterback," coach Mike Tice said. "He's going to be efficient for us. He might not be as explosive, but he made a couple of nice plays down the field. He manages the game very well."

Your thoughts on Brad's play and Daunte not being at the game? Leave a comment below.

Posted by maasx003 at 7:48 AM
November 4, 2005
Winnie Walking Tall

Earlier this week, the boys over at Pro Football talk speculated that cornerback Antoine Winfield was trying to get traded with his open criticism of the Vikes coaching staff. I blew it off.

Now Winnie's voice is getting louder. Take today's report in the STrib: "....cornerback Antoine Winfield, who wasn't pleased after Sunday's loss about some of the coaching decisions, is withholding judgment until game day. "It looks good right now but so did the other weeks," he said. Part of Winfield's frustration stemmed from the fact the Vikings didn't follow through on plans to play more double coverage on Carolina receiver Steve Smith, who caught 11 passes for a team-record 201 yards and a touchdown. Asked if Tice paying more attention to defense would help, Winfield didn't seem convinced. "I'm not sure," he said. "He knew what we had to do last week and we didn't do it. So, like I say, we'll know next week."

You go Winnie. I've talked for what seems like the entire Tice era on how we hear "we had a tremendous week of practice, perhaps the best ever" leading up to game day and then find the Vikes are down by 14 shortly after kick-off.

This team is continually ill-prepared to play a game, and then fails to make any mid-game adjustments. And Winnie is a Pro Bowl player that is not going to stand for it. Either things will change or Winfield will be gone. And losing our best tackler is not a good thing.

So, who would you rather see go? Tice or Winfield?

The Stupidity of Sid Hartman

When is this man going to get the Homer Award and then made to retire? From his Jottings today: "Phil Huebner, Vikings director of ticket sales, said he hasn't had one season ticket cancellation despite the negative publicity over the boat incident and the team's losing record. The remaining games are sellouts."

Well, no shit Sherlock. Of course no one is going to cancel their season tickets mid-season. It will be in late January when the first invoices are sent out, when the team is playing golf in warmer climes, when people have time to think about the past season. You can bet your lutefisk that people will be canceling as I've had people already tell me they will be. Life-long season ticket holders who have kept the tickets in the family for a couple of generations have had it. So, for Sid to be speaking about how the negative publicity of the off-field allegations has had no affect smacks of Homerism to the tenth degree.

The Love Boat

More on The Love Boat, like I want to be talking about this. I was expecting to be talking about securing the NFC North by this point in the season. Instead.....

Local 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS is now reporting that one week Love Boat, two players were seen throwing trash in a dumpster at a construction site in Eden Prairie. Lovely.

Patrick Reusse spoke to this story on his early morning radio segment by saying, "I heard that trash was not from the boat incident but a separate party...a birthday bash." Even more lovely.

And the biggest rumor now making the circuit is that staff on the Love Boat were paid $500 by the players to remain quiet.

Have a nice weekend.

Posted by maasx003 at 8:12 AM
November 2, 2005
Let's Talk Draft

Lets continue the thread I started earlier this week of whether to start over next season from seed or purchasing established players. Yesterday we looked at the possible free agents that may be available in 2006. Today, let's look ahead to the 2006 NFL draft.

It is early, so this is the best I could do. And yes, my selection for the Vikes is 100% Homer and it will change as next April approaches. The purpose of this very early mock draft is to show the talent available within the first few draft picks.

Top 10, Round One

1. Houston Texans- Matt Leinart QB USC: Leinart is one of the best QB prospects to enter the draft in the last 10 years, and is a proven winner. He’s got a great arm, is extremely accurate, can operate outside the pocket, and he has two National Championships. If that doesn’t say enough about him, he is also an excellent student and a natural leader. He is the complete prospect in any NFL Draft. I don't see how the Vikes can pass him up if available.

2. San Francisco 49ers- Reggie Bush RB USC: Reggie Bush is an electrifying talent at RB. He is exactly the spark that the Vikes offense needs.

3. Green Bay Packers- A.J. Hawk LB Ohio State: Perhaps the best defensive prospect in the draft for 2006, Hawk has a ton of upside. He’s great in coverage, and wraps up nicely when tackling. He is the defensive playmaker that Minnesota so desperately needs to rebuild their defense. Hawk will use his athleticism and hands to be a dominate coverage LB.

4. Oakland Raiders- Mario Williams DE NC State: Mario Williams is one of the most athletic defensive linemen available for the draft in 2006. He has great size, excellent speed and quickness, and is very experienced both against the run and pass. He may project to OLB if the Vikings keep a 3-4 defense, but his athletic nature will help him to transition easily.

5. Arizona Cardinals- Chad Greenway LB Iowa: The addition of Greenway would help to solidify the shaky Minnesota LB corps. Greenway is a good athlete with excellent vision and a ton of starting experience.

6. Minnesota Vikings- Laurence Maroney RB Minnesota: The state of Minnesota has fallen in love with RB Laurence Maroney from the University of Minnesota. He’s a workhorse, a downhill runner who breaks a lot of tackles. He lacks top end speed, but his ability to break through the line of scrimmage and make the first man miss will make him an asset to be had. Minnesota is in need of a full time starter.

7. Tennessee Titans- D’Brickashaw Ferguson OT: D’Brickashaw is at the head of this very deep Offensive Tackle class. He is a dominate athlete, and he has unbelievable explosion from the three-point stance. His superb agility and ability to beat the pass rushers in space give him potential to be a franchise LT in the NFL. And give a boost the maligned Vikings offensive line.

8. Miami Dolphins- Mathias Kiwanuka DE Boston: One of the more dominate speed rushers in College football this year, Kiwanuka also shows great strength. The Vikings need to start addressing their depth at DE.

9. New York Jets- DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis: DeAngelo Williams is one of the more experienced and productive running backs in the draft this year. His combination of speed and strength are hard to match by any running back. He’s very well rounded, and can do all the little things well. If Minnesota takes him, they solidify the RB position for years to come.

10. Cleveland Browns- Haloti Ngata DT Oregon: Ngata is the best defensive tackle prospect available this year. Since it appears that Minnesota is looking to build a 3-4 defense they need to add the right personnel. Haloti is a 2 year starter, who has really started to live up to his expectations this season. He has great size, and is very active underneath.

And there you have it. Of course, the order of how the teams select will change ten times over before April. And you can see how the Vikes can drastically improve their chances of a blue chip selection by losing....which is a topic for another day.

But let us say the Vikes do find themselves in the top three. Who do they take?

And I know there are some real draft experts who read my blog. Am I missing anyone that needs to be named for consideration within the Top 10? What position would you like the Vikes to draft for....QB, RB, LB, DE...offensive line? Whom would you like the Vikings to draft in the first round next April? Leave your Comments below.

Posted by maasx003 at 6:31 AM
Wish List

Earlier this week I asked you whether the Vikes should start building from seed or try to build by buying established players. With that in mind, these are players with four years or more of experience who aren't under contract for 2006. It doesn't take into account voidable years or team options to extend contracts into 2006.

Identify players you would want to see in purple for the 2006 - 2007 season. Mine are bolded. Leave a comment at the end.


Baltimore Ravens
Dale Carter CB
Will Demps FS
Patrick Johnson WR
Terry Jones TE
Ma'ake Kemoeatu DT
Jamal Lewis RB
Tommy Polley LB
Deion Sanders CB
Bart Scott LB
Kordell Stewart QB
Chester Taylor RB
Anthony Weaver DE
Chad Williams SS
Anthony Wright QB
Dave Zastudil P

Buffalo Bills
Justin Bannan DT
Nate Clements CB
Ryan Denney DE
Ron Edwards DT
Shane Matthews QB
Josh Reed WR
Mike Schneck LB
Trey Teague T
Kevin Thomas CB

Cincinnati Bengals
Rashad Bauman CB
Jon Kitna QB
Nick Luchey FB
Anthony Mitchell FS
Reggie Myles FS
Hannibal Navies LB
Ifeayani Ohelate SS
Carl Powell DE
Matt Schobel TE
Tony Stewart TE
Kenny Watson RB
Nate Webster LB
Marcus Wilkins LB

Cleveland Browns
Antonio Bryant WR
Andra Davis ILB
Antwan Harris S
Keith Heinrich TE
Justin Kurpeikis LB
Ray Mickens CB
Billy Miller TE
Kyle Richardson P
Orpheus Roye DE
Orlando Ruff LB
Aaron Shea TE
LJ Shelton T
Ben Taylor LB

Denver Broncos
Sam Brandon SS
Keith Burns LB
Patrick Chukwarah LB
Marco Coleman DE
Ron Dayne RB
Mike Leach LS
Monsanto Pope DT
Lenny Walls CB

Houston Texans
Jason Bell CB
Corey Bradford WR
David Carr QB
Troy Evans LB
Jabar Gaffney WR
Dashon Polk LB
Victor Riley T
Marcellus Rivers TE
Jonathan Wells RB

Indianapolis Colts
Raheem Brock DE
Rocky Calmus LB
Edgerrin James RB
Rob Morris LB
James Mungro RB
David Thornton LB
Larry Tripplett DT
Mike Vanderjagt K
Troy Walters WR
Reggie Wayne WR

Jacksonville Jaguars
Akin Ayodele LB
Deke Cooper SS
Terry Cousin CB
Rob Meier DT
Mike Pearson T
Ephraim Salaam T
Marcellus Wiley DE
Kenny Wright CB

Kansas City Chiefs
Todd Collins QB
Lional Dalton DT
Kendall Gammon TE/LS
Carlos Hall DE
Damon Huard QB
Tony Richardson FB
DeWayne Washington CB

Miami Dolphins
David Boston WR
Jesse Chatman RB
Heath Evans FB
Bryan Gilmore WR
Jason Glenn LB
Stockar McDougle T
Seth McKinney C
Travis Minor RB
Sammy Morris RB
Sage Rosenfels QB
Lance Schulters FS
Kiwaukee Thomas CB

New England Patriots
Troy Brown WR
Matt Chatham LB
Don Davis LB
Tim Dwight WR
Christian Fauria TE
Doug Flutie QB
David Givens WR
Steve Neal G
Chad Scott CB
Michael Stone SS
Adam Vinatieri K
Amos Zereoue RB

New York Jets
John Abraham DE
Chris Baker TE
Scott Gragg T
James Reed DT
Vinny Testaverde QB
Kenyatta Wright LB

Oakland Raiders
Jarrod Cooper SS
Omar Easy FB
Zeron Flemister TE
DeLawrence Grant OLB
Renaldo Hill CB
Corey Hulsey G
Ed Jasper DT
Tim Johnson MLB
Kenny Smith DT
Randall Williams TE
Charles Woodson CB

Pittsburgh Steelers
Charlie Batch QB
Barrett Brooks T
Verron Haynes RB
Chris Hope FS
Clint Kriewaldt LB
Quincy Morgan WR
Antwan Randle-El WR
DeShea Townsend CB
Jermane Tuman TE
Kimo Von Oelhoffen DE

San Diego Chargers
Drew Brees QB
Reche Caldwell WR
Jamar Fletcher CB
Bob Hallen C
Ben Leber LB
Lorenzo Neal FB
Justin Peelle TE
Carlos Polk LB
DeQuincy Scott DE

Tennessee Titans
Tony Beckham CB
Rocky Boiman LB
Justin Hartwig C
Brad Kassell LB
Otis Leverette DE
Kyle Vanden Bosch DE
Tank Williams SS


Arizona Cardinals
Ian Allen G
Obafemi Ayanbadejo FB
Billy Conaty C
James Darling MLB
Russell Davis NT
Quentin Harris FS
James Jackson RB
Eric Johnson LB
Charles Lee WR
Josh McCown QB
Harold Morrow FB
Neil Rackers K
J.R. Redmond FB
Reggie Swinton WR
Raymond Walls CB
Kurt Warner QB

Atlanta Falcons
Keion Carpenter SS
Ty Detmer QB
Erik Flowers DE
Ronnie Heard SS
Kevin McCadam FS
Fred McCrary FB
Todd Peterson K
Kevin Shaffer T
Barry Stokes T
Dez White WR

Carolina Panthers
Jason Baker P
Idrees Bashir S
Todd Fordham T
Rod Gardner WR
Marlon McCree SS
Jeff Mitchell C
Ricky Proehl WR
Kemp Rasmussen DE
Will Witherspoon LB

Chicago Bears
Jerry Azumah CB
Jeff Blake QB
Doug Brien K
Marc Edwards FB
Roberto Garza C
John Gilmore TE
Bobby Gray S
Terrance Metcalf G
John St. Clair T

Dallas Cowboys
Dan Campbell TE
Scott Fujita OLB
Andre Gurode* G
Eric Ogbogu DE/OLB
Peerless Price WR
Anthony Thomas RB

Detroit Lions
Jeff Backus T
Shawn Bryson RB
Jared DeVries DE
Eddie Drummond WR
Kalimba Edwards DE
Vernon Fox FS
Jeff Garcia QB
Andre Goodman CB
James Gutierrez C
Earl Holmes MLB
Kevin Johnson WR
Kyle Kosier T
R.W. McQuarters CB
Wali Rainier LB
Paul Smith RB
Bracy Walker S

Green Bay Packers
Kevin Barry T
Rob Davis LS
Najeh Davenport RB
Tony Fisher RB
Mike Flanagan C
Ahman Green RB
William Henderson FB
Grady Jackson DT
Aaron Kampman DE
Paris Lenon MLB
Earl Little S
Ryan Longwell K

Minnesota Vikings
Micheal Bennett RB
Ralph Brown CB
Corey Chavous SS
Sam Cowart MLB
Paul Edinger K
Melvin Fowler C
Ken Irvin CB
Lance Johnstone DE
Keith Newman OLB
Willie Offord SS
Koren Robinson WR
Brian Williams CB
Moe Williams RB
Cory Withrow C

New Orleans Saints
James Allen OLB
LeCharles Bentley C
Fakhir Brown CB
Az Hakim WR
Lamont Hall TE
Sederick Hodge OLB
Darren Howard DE
Micheal Lewis WR
Fred McAfee RB
Ronald McKinnon MLB
T.J. Slaughter LB
Antowain Smith RB
Willie Whitehead DT

New York Giants
Will Allen CB
Tim Carter WR
Kendrick Clancy DT
Nick Greisen LB
Lewis Kelly G
Chad Morton RB
Bob Whitfield T

Philadelphia Eagles
Keith Adams LB
Lamar Gordon RB
N.D. Kalu DE
Darnerian McCants WR
Jon Runyan T
Juqua Thomas DE
Brian Westbrook RB

San Francisco 49ers
Fred Beasley FB
Steve Bush FB
Anthony Clement T
Travis Hall DE
Chris Hetherington FB
Willie Middlebrooks CB
Brandon Moore LB
Joe Nedney K
Julian Peterson LB
Saleem Rasheed LB
Derek Smith LB

Seattle Seahawks
Shaun Alexander RB
Rodney Bailey DE
Kevin Bentley LB
Rocky Bernard DT
Ryan Hannam TE
John Howell S
Steve Hutchinson G
Joe Jurevicius WR
Marquand Manuel S
Maurice Morris RB
Mack Strong FB
Joe Tafoya DE
Peter Warrick WR
Jimmy Williams CB

St. Louis Rams
Adam Archuleta SS
Aveion Cason RB
Terry Fair CB
Micheal Hawthorne FS
Corey Ivy CB
Tyoka Jackson DT
Damione Lewis DT
Brandon Manumaleuna FB
Jamie Martin QB
Chris Massey FB
Andy McCollum C
Tom Nutten G
Ryan Pickett NT
Jeff Robinson TE/LS
Rex Tucker T
Jeff Wilkins K
Roland Williams TE
Matt Willig T

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Juran Bolden CB
Matt Bryant K
Jameel Cook FB
Jeff Gooch LB
Ike Hilliard WR
Chris Hovan DT
Dexter Jackson FS
Dave Moore TE
Todd Steussie T
Ellis Wyms DT

Washington Redskins
Ethan Albright LS
Ray Brown G
Khary Campbell LB
Rock Cartwright RB
Ryan Clark SS
Demetric Evans DE
Warrick Holdman LB
Brian Kozlowski TE
Omar Stoutmire FS

Hey, I could have selected all the available offensive tackles and guards! I selected a few just for discussion sake.

Where's My Podcast!?!?

There is no scheduled podcast on the horizon currently. Due to family and such, Vikes Geek and I aren't able to connect for a Score Seven podcast until after the Lions game. There could be a sneak podcast before the weekend with a special guest if he and I can connect.

The other reason for no podcast is that local NBC affiliate KARE-11 television wants to interview me for a segment they are doing on Podcasting. Why filming me speaking into an iPod would hold any viewing audience is beyond me but what do I know.

Should the segment actually air, I'll mention it here so the locals can tune in and have a good laugh.

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November 1, 2005
Taking the Easy Road

I simply cannot write about the Vikings today. It is the first day of November and for those of us living in the frozen wastelands of The Tundra that is bad enough.

Write about the Vikes? Bah! I look out the window at high noon and see the sun has just started to rise over the horizon. In four hours time it will be completely and utterly dark. The trees are bare, the ground beginning to freeze and all those bikinis have been stored away for the coming ice age.

Why depress myself further with another rant about the boys in Purple?

So, let's talk about celebration instead! And what a great celebration this past Sunday given by the Carolina Panthers own Steve Smith.

After listening to Freddie Smoot talk another fine game before the first play of the game took place, Smith beat him for a 69-yard reception that put the ball on the Vikings 1-yard line. After making the catch, Smith sat in the end zone and pretended to row a boat.

Now, c'mon. You know that made you smile....just a wee bit. Be honest!

So, what are the best football celebrations of all time? Here is my Top Ten (and no, the LAMEbeau Leap doesn't even crack my Top 100):

10) New Orleans Saints Joe Horn: In December of 2003, Horn made a choreographed cell-phone call in the end zone to celebrate a touchdown. After catching the second of four touchdown passes in a 45-7 victory over the New York Giants, Horn was handed a phone by teammate Michael Lewis, who pulled it out from under the padding used to protect the goal post. Horn was still wearing his helmet when he punched in numbers, put the phone to the earhole and spoke into it for a few seconds.

9) San Francisco's Terrell Owens: On a MNF game in October 2002 while playing the Seattle Seahawks, Owens pulled a pen out of his sock and autographed a football after scoring a touchdown in a game. NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue sent a memo to all teams warning that such stunts would be punished. Uh-huh, lot of good that did Tags.

8) Philadelphia Eagles Terrell Owens: In this one Owens was imitating and mocking the trademark celebration of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis after scoring a touchdown while playing against the Ravens in the 2004 season. Owens later apologized but Lewis had it coming.

7) Cincinnati Bengals Ickey Woods’ “Ickey Shuffle”: In 1988 Woods performs a goofy little dance he performed whenever he scored. Following each touchdown Woods would turn to the crowd with his arms outstretched, hop twice to the left, twice to the right, spike the ball and then twirl his right index finger over his head while swiveling his hips and howling, "Woo! Woo! Woo!"

The Ickey Shuffle sparked a nationwide craze, with Ickey songs, Ickey shirts, Ickey commercials and even an Ickey milk shake. Some people thought it, well, ickey. I thought it was a great craze for a team that made it to the SB.

6) Cincinnati Bengals Chad Johnson:With our love for the Irish, his Riverdance was fab. Did you cover 85 in 2005? Chances are, no.

5) Detroit Lions' Barry Sanders: Just score the TD, hand ball off to the official and act like you've been there before. This move also honored by our very own Robert Smith.

4) San Francisco's Terrell Owens: After he scored a 45-yard touchdown run against the Green Bay Packers on December 15, 2002, Owens celebrated by waving a pair of pom-poms borrowed from a 49ers cheerleader. OK, so I ranked this higher than it should be, but look who Owen's did it to.

3) Carolina Panthers Steve Smith: Not actually a TD celebration, but it was classic in the vein of tying in both the oft mentioned lake cruise sex party and smacking Fred Smoot right in the mouth. Probably spontaneous.

2) Houston Oilers Billy "White Shoes" Johnson: The grandfather of the TD celebration. He may not have been the first, but his "Funky Chicken” of 1974 is the most memorable.

1) Minnesota Vikings Randy Moss: The Lambeau Moon. Icing on the cake was the fact it disgusted Joe Buck. Boo-friggin'-hoo.

Click on Randy Moss to play the video...

What are your Top 10? Or did I miss any that need to be considered? Leave a Comment below.

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