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April 23, 2008
Vikes Land Big Fish


The Vikes landed Jared Allen, the player I targeted as the #1 priority before the season even ended. Since I literally have no time to write any lengthy, let me do a cut-and-paste from my friends over at PFT:

"The report that the Minnesota Vikings surrendered a first-round pick and two third-round picks to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for defensive end Jared Allen elicited the response of “holy crap.?

But it turns out that the Vikings actually gave the Chiefs a little bit more than that.

A league source tells PFT that the trade also involved a swap of sixth-round picks in the Chiefs’ favor. The Chiefs get the Vikings’ sixth-round pick, No. 182 overall, in exchange for a sixth-round pick that the Chiefs had previously acquired from the Buccaneers, No. 187 overall.

Granted, a swap of five places in the sixth round isn’t a particularly big deal, but it’s yet another demonstration of how badly the Vikings wanted Allen, and how much the Chiefs were able to extract from the Vikings for him. Between those draft picks they traded and the enormous contract they gave him, Allen will be a disappointment in Minnesota if he’s anything less than the best defensive lineman in the NFL."

Personally, I have no issue with the draft picks given. It's a steal compared to the Herschel Walker deal. And it gives the Vikes a bonafide DE instead of going through the crap-shoot of a draft selection. A position (DE) the Vikes do not have great history with I may add.

I have a slight issue with making Allen the highest paid defensive player EVER. But only time will decide that for us. Good for Allen, good for Zygi, good for Chilly. I'm thrilled for all. As I'm sure the Williams Wrecking Crew is.


So, let's briefly talk about the defensive line. The starters would be Allen at RDE, K-Will and P-Will in the middle, which begs my question to you: Who gets the nod at LDE? The team site currently has the depth chart for LDE as:

Kenechi Udeze #95
Jayme Mitchell #92

At what becomes of the boys currently slated at RDE?

Brian Robison #96
Ray Edwards #91
Erasmus James #99

So, we will have 5 (really 4 as Udeze continues his courageous health battle) coming into camp. Which do you see being the leading candidate for the LDE position? I like Robison, but I'm not sure he's ever lined up on the left and I don't think he is a every-down player. Mitchell showed improvement last year, but not enough to warrant a starting job. James is coming off knee work. Edwards ended the season suspended four games for violating the NFL's policy on steroid use.

For me, there is onloy one answer. Zygi needs to get back on the team jet, fly to Miami and pick-up Jason Taylor. Forty-eight hours later we'll have our question at LDE answered.

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April 22, 2008
Draft Countdown

It is now Day 6 of the Jared Allen watch. You know, the DE from Kansas City who had issues with being responsible....which is par for the course for people that age.

After much discussion with my internal Think Tank of all things Purple, I've come to the conclusion the Vikes should either A) give up this year's 1st Rd pick and their top 3rd Rd pick, or B) give up this year's 1st Rd pick and a current player TBD such as Bryant McKinnie or Ray Edwards. I think giving up this year's 1st and 2nd Rd picks would be a might high. Certainly, KC can go spit into the wind if they are waiting for this AND next year's 1st Rd picks.

Should the deal fall through, then I would hope my choice of Derrick Harvey, would fall into the Vikings laps. Not ideal, but those draft picks are valuable and I don't want to mortgage the farm for a proven DE in Allen. Not to say the thought of Allen playing alongside P-Will and K-Will doesn't excite me in the way Pamela Anderson excites those young boys just hitting puberty.

The VU will be suprisingly silent the remainder of this week despite this being draft week. My first duathlon of the season is this Sunday and I will be out-of-town. As for what I expect, I do think the Allen deal will get done and the excitement of the 1st Rd selection will be a non-factor for Vikes fans.

I still hope to attend a upcoming Vikings mini-camp session. Right now, it appears that camp will occur two-weeks after the draft. As long as my schedule is free, two weeks from now I should have photos of the newest Vikings for you.

Have a great remainder of the week!

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April 19, 2008
More Season Ticket Holder Perks

Just got the following in the mail today (4/19) from the Vikes. Guess which player the team is making as its selling point?

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April 18, 2008
'Heavens to Betsy' but Our Prayers Are Being Answered!

Some video from the STrib boys.

This is a great move by the Vikings. Consider that they have upgraded at DE...TE...and WR all at the same time. Need proof. Check out this TD catch by....you guessed it...Allen.

We might have to work on his music choices, though.

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Jared: Vikes Finally Listen To Me

On Decemeber 22, 2007 I wrote:

Jared Allen, DE (Kansas City Chiefs) This is the FA that some people are already saying is the coveted name at the top of the Vikings FA wish list. There is a good chance that he’ll try the market out come next offseason. He’s just 25 years of age, and has shown that he is among the league’s best at his position. He’ll be a high priority for several teams once the signing period opens.

On January 2, 2008 I wrote:

I've got my moles out working again and I have heard a couple of things: One, the Vikes are going shopping at DE and have their eye on Jared Allen. Now, my moles state further that rumor started at KFAN radio so I'm not sure how much street-cred it has but then those boys have better connections at Winter Park than I do.

On February 27, 2008 I wrote:

I really wanted the Vikes to be able to pursue Jared Allen. But then along came the nasty viral tag and it could be closed...or is it?

Allen was given the Franchise Tag by the Kansas City Chiefs. But more importantly, the Chiefs used the "non-exclusive tag", meaning that Allen could still be in play. Dumb, methinks, on the part of the Chiefs. Clearly they are not serious about keeping Allen. Why is the non-exclusive part of the equation so important?

Had the Chiefs used the "exclusive" tag, it would have paid Allen more money (for one season) but makes it impossible for other teams to even try and get him. With the "non-exclusive", other teams can sign him, in return for two first round picks. Tempting, but perhaps too much of a gamble. Still worth a consideration.

Thursday, Allen finally paid his overdue visit. Per the STrib:

Turns out the Vikings’ attention has been on more than the upcoming NFL draft of late. The team also has been in talks with Kansas City about a trade that could fill a glaring need by putting Pro Bowl defensive end Jared Allen in a Minnesota uniform.

The off-season is about to take another huge step forward. Stand by.

The Whole L.A. Thing

Billionaire developer Edward P. Roski Jr. has made a commitment to build the kind of stadium an NFL team needs to thrive in Los Angeles. Now, he’s hoping one will commit to play there.

Roski, a part owner of the Kings and Lakers who has spent years trying to lure the NFL back to this area, unveiled plans Thursday for a 75,000-seat facility in the City of Industry he said could be finished in time for the 2011 season.

“I intend to develop our stadium project that meets all of the NFL requirements, and more,? Roski said at a Staples Center news conference, where stadium models and artist renditions were displayed. “Always the most important thing has been the certainty of doing this. A team is not going to commit to coming to Los Angeles without a stadium. We’ve taken this one point of uncertainty and made it a certainty. The stadium is a certainty and it will be built.?

And, Roski added, without public money.

“Absolutely no taxpayer dollars,? he said. “There’s no taxpayer dollars to get.?

I have one question: Why are all the seats purple? Future planning?

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April 17, 2008
The Golf Cap

The 2008 Summer Olympics are coming up later this year. My first duathlon of the year is coming up on April 27 and my first triathlon of the year will be May 17. So, I'm in the mood to talk about some of my favorite runners.

I start you out with David ("Dave") James Wottle. In the Olympic year 1972, Wottle equaled the world record over 800m of 1:44.3 at the US Olympic Trials. In the Olympic 800m final, Wottle immediately dropped to the rear of the field, and stayed there for the first 500m, at which point he started to pass runner after runner up the final straight, finally grabbing the lead in the final metres to win by just 0.03 seconds. This was one of the most exciting running races in Track & Field for a young lad of eleven stuck in North Dakota.

And who could forget the controversy over the men's 100m? At the 1972 Munich Olympics, two American sprinters (Eddie Hart and Reynaud Robinson) missed the 100m finals due to a misunderstanding about the starting time of the heats. After Russian Valeri Borzov won the 100 m sprint with relative ease, the Americans promised they would beat Borzov in the 200m competition.

However, with all three Americans in the final this time, Borzov won again in a great style. As a consolation, the Americans won the relays with the Soviets taking second place.

Then there was Lasse Virén. I bring up Virén because this was my first introduction into athletic controversy with blood doping. You see, Virén had an uncanny ability to peak at the Summer Olympic Games. And it raised many questions.

At the 1972 Summer Olympics at Munich, Virén won both the 5,000 and the 10,000 meter events. At the 10,000 meter final held on September 3rd, Virén broke Ron Clarke's 7-year old world record despite falling in the twelfth lap after getting tangled with Frank Shorter. In less than a lap, Virén caught up with the leading pack, after losing about 100 meters. With 600 meters to go, Virén dropped the hammer and started an unprecedented lap-and-a-half kick that only Belgium's Emiel Puttemans was able to respond to, but not outmatch. The Finn won the race in 27:38:40.

Perhaps even more impressive...and just as eye-brow raising....was at the 1976 Summer Olympics, Virén again won both events, becoming the only repeat winner of the 5,000 meter race in Olympic history. In the 5,000 meter final, he held off all-time greats Dick Quax, Rod Dixon, and Brendan Foster (all world-class at 1,500 m) with a devastating display of front-running over the last few laps. To those who watched him, the display was awesomely inspiring to the point that his last 1,500 meters in that final would have placed him 4th in the 1,500-meter final held at those Games. Remarkably, 18 hours after the 5,000-meter final, he competed in the men's marathon and finished fifth in 2:13:11.

Virén was alleged to have been involved in the practice of blood boosting which involves freezing blood plasma, then having it returned to the body later to improve the oxygen content by increasing the red cell count. The practice was legal at the time but many still considered it cheating on moral grounds. Virén himself has never acknowledged any involvement in this practice. In fact, he was once offered $1 million by a magazine to reveal the truth of that matter. When he explained that the truth was that he never doped, the magazine rescinded the offer. Virén figured he could only tell the truth.

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April 15, 2008
12 - 4

The Vikes will go 12 - 4 this season. That's my personal assessment based on my review on the schedule released earlier today (4/15).


Week 1 – vs. Seattle – August 8 – Metrodome – KSTP – 7 p.m.

Week 2 – at Baltimore – August 16 – M&T Bank Stadium – KSTP – 6:30 p.m.

Week 3 – vs. Pittsburgh – August 23 – Metrodome – CBS – 7 p.m.

Week 4 – at Dallas – August 28 – Texas Stadium – KSTP – 7 p.m.

Regular Season

Week 1 – at Green Bay (Monday) – September 8 – Lambeau Field – ESPN – 6 p.m.

Week 2 – vs. Indianapolis – September 14 – Metrodome – CBS – 12 p.m.

Week 3 – vs. Carolina – September 21 – Metrodome – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 4 – at Tennessee – September 28 – LP Field – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 5 – at New Orleans (Monday) – October 6 – Superdome – ESPN – 7:30 p.m.

Week 6 – vs. Detroit – October 12 – Metrodome – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 7 – at Chicago – October 19 – Soldier Field – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 8 – BYE

Week 9 – vs. Houston – November 2 – Metrodome – CBS – 12 p.m.

Week 10 – vs. Green Bay – November 9 – Metrodome – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 11 – at Tampa Bay – November 16 – Raymond James Stadium – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 12 – at Jacksonville – November 23 – Jacksonville Municipal Stadium – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 13 – vs. Chicago – November 30 – Metrodome – NBC – 7:30 p.m.

Week 14 – at Detroit – December 7 – Ford Field – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 15 – at Arizona – December 14 – University of Phoenix Stadium – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 16 – vs. Atlanta – December 21 – Metrodome – FOX – 12 p.m.

Week 17 – vs. New York Giants – December 28 – Metrodome – FOX – 12 p.m.

Some of my buddies have already weighed in as well predicting anywhere from 7-9 to 11-5. So, why the rosy glow on my part. Oh, it's just intuition. Nothing more than that. I can tell you this: The season could be viewed as a lost if the Vikes don't at least win the North Division.

Now, that is saying something considering the Vikes have the fifth toughest schedule this coming season.

1 Pittsburgh Steelers 0.598
2 Indianapolis Colts 0.594
3 Jacksonville Jaguars 0.559
4 Baltimore Ravens 0.551
5 Minnesota Vikings 0.551
6 Cincinnati Bengals 0.547
7 Cleveland Browns 0.547
8 Houston Texans 0.547
9 Detroit Lions 0.543
10 Tennessee Titans 0.543
11 Chicago Bears 0.532
12 Green Bay Packers 0.532

13 Dallas Cowboys 0.524
14 Washington Redskins 0.524
15 New York Giants 0.520
16 Philadelphia Eagles 0.520
17 St Louis Rams 0.489
18 San Francisco 49ers 0.485
19 Seattle Seahawks 0.477
20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0.469
21 Arizona Cardinals 0.465
22 Carolina Panthers 0.465
23 Miami Dolphins 0.465
24 Atlanta Falcons 0.461
25 New York Jets 0.457
26 Kansas City Chiefs 0.453
27 New Orleans Saints 0.450
28 Buffalo Bills 0.449
29 Denver Broncos 0.446
30 Oakland Raiders 0.438
31 San Diego Chargers 0.422
32 New England Patriots 0.387

I look for the first four games to really hold the key for success during the season. The team certainly will not go 4-0 but there is a chance they could start 0-4, which would then lead to my 12-4 prediction of being completely and utterly without merit. I look for a 2-2 start with loses to Indy and Carolina.

The next four games could then catapult the Vikes into a firm North Division lead where I see them running the table. The crucial test here will be the MNF game against the Saints. Still, 4-0 is not unthinkable.

The remainder of November then finds the Vikes also going 3-1. The back-to-back Florida games could wear on the players.

So the Vikes are 9-3 heading into the last four games of the season. The Super Bowl champs come to the Dome in week 17 and I see the Vikes going 3-1 in this stretch as well. 12-4. Piece of cake, right?

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April 14, 2008
Chilly Does Good

A very nice story in the STrib Sunday. In case you missed it, you should know that we have a head-coach that is just as proud of his player's off-the-field accomomplishments as the ones performed on. In this case, the player is Anthony Herrera. My favorite part of the story:

"He [Herrera] popped his head in the doorway and asked, 'Coach, can we do this now? I have to be somewhere at 12:30,' " Childress said. "I said, 'Oh yeah, where?' He said, 'I have to be in St. Paul for a ceremony. I'm becoming a U.S. citizen today.' "

Childress congratulated Herrera and asked who was accompanying him to the big event. Herrera said, "No one but me." His wife and young daughter were in Mississippi. His mother was in Florida. And Herrera hadn't even thought to bother his teammates by asking them to join him.

"I said, 'Anthony, you can't get sworn in as a U.S. citizen and not have anyone with you,' " Childress said. "I said, 'Shoot, give me a minute. I'm going with you.' "

At least for one day, I'm warm and fuzzy all over.

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April 11, 2008
Friday. Must Be Time To Dance

Incredible! from kwest on Vimeo.

Oh, and this is how it looked at the bus stop this morning. Again, it is April 11. Most of the country is basking in glorious spring weather. Then there is Minnesota.

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April 10, 2008
Just Plain Sick

I turned on local talk radio station 100.3 (KLTK) this morning to learn what I could about the next snow storm to hit the state. Yes, snow storm. In April. Over a foot expected. I'm so thrilled.

But the first thing I heard was host Chris Baker asking, "Should the cops have shot Carl Eller?" I was floored. Shoot Eller? Are you serious? Baker referenced a poll on his site along with a question "since the Vikings desperately need help at defensive end, should the Vikings consider signing Carl Eller to a contract?"

I went to the site and sure enough, there were the questions.

Are you kidding me? How could anyone talk about shooting Carl Eller? Baker stated he was not saying he wished the cops had shot Eller, but rather that it was an option and he felt the cops should have considered it. The sad fact is, most of the listeners think Eller should have been shot.

All I can say is, the world is turning sick. And I am so thankful the the policemen showed the restraint they did and were able to avoid using a bullet on Eller.


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April 9, 2008
Moose Call

Former Minnesota Vikings defensive end Carl Eller was arrested and jailed on multiple charges. He was charged with DUI, resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer. It would also appear that Moose was, well, being a moose.

According to the Star Tribune, officers attempting to arrest Eller on Wednesday morning attempted to use a Taser gun on him. And Moose kept on coming.

Eller reportedly hit the officers in the face “several times? and threatened to kill them. Eller threw one of them onto the hood of his SUV, and the officers “feared for their lives.?

“They were in the fight of their lives,? police inspector Mike Martin said at a press conference. “They were in distress . . . you could hear them screaming on the tape, ‘We need another car here. We need help here.’?

Eller was subdued only after three more officers arrived, and one put him in a neck hold. Sgt. Jessie Garcia demonstrated a restraint hold on Inspector Mike Martin during a news conference where they talked about the arrest of Eller.


Man, I hope this doesn't somehow show up on YouTube. I mean, who can forget Eller's appearance in The Black Six? Note: See the 1:00 mark.

The last time I wrote extensively about Moose was January of 2006. Carl Eller's had opened a new fine dining eatry called the Purple People Eatery in Woodbury which got mixed reviews by the Star Tribune.


At that time, I hadn't been there yet, but intended to get over. Only the restaurant abruptly closed soon after. Which was soon followed by a big ol' lawsuit. I found the following to be an interesting nugget from that story:

"Vikings players have a long history of association with allegedly dubious financial practices (see "Purple Stain," City Pages, 4/5/2000). Fran Tarkenton, the storied Minnesota quarterback, once started a fast-food breakfast chain called Scramblers that went belly-up. More significantly, as the top executive of a software company called Shareware, he was party to an enterprise accused of perpetrating a "financial fraud scheme" in chasing after investors. (The matter was settled in 1999 with an agreement under which Tarkenton made no formal admission of wrongdoing but agreed to cough up a $100,000 fine and $54,000 in bonuses.) Chuck Foreman, the team's five-time Pro Bowl running back, pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud in 2000 for his purported connection to a series of bogus real-estate transactions."

Hey now! The Vikes greats also have had success as well. Benchwarmer Bob's and Joe Sensers places both do great.

Back to Eller. He's been in trouble before and may very well be again. On February 27, 2006, he was arrested for DUI. Eller has acknowledged his history as a substance abuser. But he has also become a treatment counselor and has spoken publicly to groups about the problems of chemical dependency. He just needs to realize DUI is serious. People get hurt. People get killed. I find nothing funny about this and I hope Eller can rebound and again become a person the Vikings can place front-and-center at fan related events.

I wish Moose the best.

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April 7, 2008

The Vikes are close to signing Mr. Gus Frerotte to be a backup(?) QB once again for the Purple. I guess that should ensure the lowest season ticket renewal rate of all-time.

For those who were watching Transformers on Saturday mornings during the late 90's and had no idea that football even existed, I bring you a history lesson. The time when Gus Frerotte head-butted a concrete wall in celebration, with the wall winning. At one time in his career, Gus Frerotte was an up-and-coming quarterback in the National Football League. Well, he was a starting QB anyway, starting 30 games for the Redskins from 1995 through late 1997. In a game against the N.Y. Giants, he celebrated a touchdown by slamming his head into a concrete wall. At least he was smart enough to leave his helmet on. Still, he was left woozy and headed to the hospital after suffering spasms at halftime. And, really, his career went downhill from the head-butt; he's started for seven different teams since.


One of those teams was the Vikings. In 2003 and 2004, Frerotte backed up Daunte Culpepper for the Minnesota Vikings. He was actually a stabilizing force for 'Pepper who leaned on Frerotte for mentorship. One could argue that when Frerotte left for Miami in 2005, Culpepper's career began to spiral downward.

What the aquisition does ensure is that the Vikes will take a QB in the 2008 draft. I do not believe the team would use a early draft pick to select Matt Ryan (Boston College Eagles). But if you'll recall, I did 'interview' Mr. Joe Flacco (Delaware) and I certainly think he could be drafted by the team.

For Those Keeping Score At Home


No one can say the Vikes have been quiet this off-season and have certainly strengthened several key positions. But what about the draft? Can they take it a step further and repeat the successful draft of 2007? It will certainly come down to the first pick. And other than Peterson, history has not been kind to the Vikes lately.


I still see the Vikes using the pick on a pass rushing DE. And my pick remains Mr. Derrick Harvey.

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April 5, 2008
Anndddddd, We're Back

That spring break went by fast. It was certainly nice to have some down time. I am a person who will float into retirement very easily. I will not miss work at all.

I found these two articles very interesting. Take a moment and read them....especially if you are a fellow blogger. Both good and bad news:

PAPER: The internet could be made obsolete...
'Death by blogging'...

So, what did I do while on spring break? Let's recap some of my "fun with the son" week:

- We took the dogs in for teeth cleaning. $1150 later, the young dog (going on four) had three teeth extracted, a cyst removed from his head, and antibiotics injected into some other gum areas. The oldest dog (going on twelve) was found to have an extra tooth (which was left in), a cyst removed from her neck, and the general teeth cleaning. Doggie medical insurance anyone?

- The Wife and I were able to watch "Sweeney Todd", "The Namesake", "Atonement", and "Beowulf". Of the four, Namesake was the best of the bunch.

- The Boy and I were able to watch "Willow" at home and "Horton Hear's A Who" in the theater. I was happy to see the young lad like "Willow" as much as I did. Except he hated those love scenes.

Madmartigan: Did I really... Did I really say those things, last night, in your tent? Sorsha: You said you loved me. Madmartigan: I don't remember that. Sorsha: You lied to me. Madmartigan: No, I... I just wasn't myself last night. Sorsha: I suppose my power enchanted you and you were helpless against it. Madmartigan: Sort of. Sorsha: Then what? Madmartigan: It... went away. Sorsha: Went away? "I dwell in darkness without you" and it 'went away'?

Of course "Horton" had the young lad laughing as well:

Katie: In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.

- I bought my first wetsuit as it looks like at least one of the triathlons I will be in this summer makes a requirement of wearing one. Something about swimming in the Missouri River (outside Bismarck, ND) and rattlesnakes. Hmmm.

- We discovered a fast food chain we really, really like.

- We finally reached 60-degrees in the Twin Cities. So, all the outside Xmas lights and decorations have finally come down and been stored away. Oh, and more snow is in the forecast for the week ahead.

- We bought some new outdoor furniture which is another way of hoping to entice summer to actually make an appearance this year.

- I hooked up with my home entertainment installers, Halsten Entertainment, about upgrading some of my current equipment. I have highly recommended them for years. If you live in the Twin Cities, bypass the Big Box stores and head to Halsten's. They are going to come out and upgrade my downstairs home projection system to handle Sony's Blu-ray high-definition DVD player as well as some other component upgrades around the house. Sweet! Here's a look at my downstairs home theater.

- And there was the whole Blue Man experience. Which was a lot of fun. Great show for the family. As you can see, we had great seats.

And everyone was having a great time.


Here is a video my brother-in-law captured at the concert.

- Enjoying Curly's ribs (from Costco) on the grill. Oh man, when can we start tailgating!?!?!

Vikes Stuff

Yeah, yeah. Give me a few days to get back into the swing of Purple talk. But just a few quick comments and such.

Season ticket renewal is running about 80% currently. Last year it was over 92%. I'd say its the economy, stupid. But this has to be worrying for the Brothers Wilf. Especially after a dynamic season by Adrian Peterson.

One of the regular VU readers, Patrick asked:

"Any chance the Vikes will look at Devin Thomas of Michigan State at wide out and returner?"

I thought this over and finally replied that since the Vikes picked up free-agent running back and return man Maurice Hicks I'm not sure if Thomas would be a target for the team. But, there are better eyes and ears out there than me. Any thoughts on Thomas? What if he were available in the later rounds? The kid has some wheels.

And there have been some questions if I'll be at a mini-camp in May. Well, I plan to be working out with Mike Morris at the time and not really sure I want to waste my time taking photos at a optional camp. Okay, bad Matt Birk dig there. But yes, I do plan to attend at least one session as long as I'm not doing a triathlon that weekend. Stay tuned.

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