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August 26, 2005
Cheesehead Craig Speaks

Note: Mr. Cheer or Die is on vacation through September 7. Writing today is guest author Cheesehead Craig of the Oracle of Cheese and one of the Four Hoarsemen on the podcasts.

Cheesehead Craig's Top 10 Reasons the Vikes Wonít Win the Division (Let alone the Super Bowl!)

From the home office in Green Bay, WI hereís our Top 10 list of the day:

10. The Vikings have a history of choking more than Latrell Spreewell

9. Over half of the starters on defense are learning a new system and that equates to problems on defense no matter how many stars you supposedly have.

8. Darren Sharper is secretly a Packer spy and will sabotage the defense.

7. The OL is too injury prone and is going to be a weak spot for this team. Daunte cannot throw those pretty, deep balls if he has to run for his life.

6. The stupid inflatable Viking ship will deflate at the start of a game and trap the team under it, causing a embarrassment of Whizzinator proportions from which the team will never recover.

5. God hates the Vikings.

4. There is a conspiracy in the NFL against the Vikes right? I mean the Giants intercepting the Viking headset communications in the playoffs, the refs that are ALWAYS biased against the Vikes during the games, the NFL already has a contingency plan to keep the Vikings from winning a SB.

3. Vikings trusting their running game to a guy named Ciatrik? Isnít that the drug that helps Bob Dole and his Erectile Dysfunction?

2. Mike Tice makes Jerry Glanville look like Bill Belichick.

And the number one reason the Vikes wonít win the division:
The Packers are just a better team.

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