March 15, 2005


Back on January 16, I had wrote about using a series of products produced by C.E.T. Dental.

For Pont, we've been using the medicated chews. Called C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Chews with Chlorhexidine, these chews are patented and available exclusively through veterinarians. C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Chews combine the mechanical action of rawhide, the renowned antimicrobial power of chlorhexidine and the trusted C.E.T. name in a convenient, palatable chew for dogs. We tried them with Glynis as well, but her history of having a sensitive stomach eventually caused her to vomit....even with the petite sized chews.

We also brush the teeth of both dogs daily with C.E.T. toothpaste. And we can notice a huge difference with Glynis (soon-to-be nine years old). Pont's teeth look incredibly white. Even for a pup.

We had moved Pont up from the petite sized chews to the medium sized chews back in February and he continued to do very well. When Pont hit 30-lbs we moved him up to the large size this March. The bag indicated this would be on the low end of the range for his size but still within the window weight wise.

This past weekend, Pont experienced diarrhea and vomited twice. Being old hands we did not panic and just cut back his regular food and substituted rice. I also gave Pont 1/2 tab of Imodium AD after each loose bowel movement. By Sunday night his stools were returning to normal and were fine by Monday.

We figure the large sized rawhide was either too much for his still developing digestive track or he just bit off too large a piece and swallowed it.

Again, we did not panic knowing that if a large piece of rawhide is eaten, it is usually digested with time and rarely causes a surgical problem; however, it can make your pet uncomfortable.

I'm going to be cutting the remaining large sized chews in half and then sticking with the medium sized chews in the future. But I'd like to hear other stories of people using rawhides and having any issues.

This whole episode was minor compared to the time Olivia ate a whole roll of paper towels. For the next few days after that, Olivia literally had sausage link poop. Each stool was connected by a paper towel. Hope I just didnít ruin your lunch or supper!

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