March 26, 2005

Return of Demon Dog

Poor Pont. He really does try so very hard to listen and obey. You can just see it in his eyes that he wants to be a good dog. But then he does something very bad. It's as if he has an angel on one shoulder saying, "No Pont! Don't chew that!"

And on the other shoulder is the demon exhorting, "Yes, Pont. Delicious it is, Chew...chew...CHEW!"

Well, this photo is a the result of Pont giving into the demon side this past week.

Easter 017_small.jpg

I had left him happily chewing a rope toy on the sofa in the living room as the rest of us got ready for work. Five minutes later, a pillow had been chewed through. White fluffs of stuffing everywhere, even at the corners of his mouth. Caught red handed.

We're hoping the angel has more authority over Pont this coming week. I'm sure his little bottom does too.

Have any demon dog stories of your own? Share them using the Comments link below!

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March 20, 2005

More Head Scratching

Just once I'd like to have a dog that does not experience any medical issues that have you guessing. With Olivia we had seizures late in her life that came out of no where. Eventually she succumbed to cancer about 18-months after the seizures started and we just elected to not do an autopsy.

With Glynis, we had stomach ailments within her first year that lead to a special diet and careful monitoring of what she eats. She was restricted to a venison and potato diet (I should eat so well!) and gets Tums twice a day.

You already know about Pont's little bout with loose stools and some vomiting two weekends ago. He bounced back to normal after 24-48 hours. I had a suspicion to his medicated rawhides and cut those out. Midweek I gave him a 1/2 of one. Sure enough, Saturday came and he again had wicked gas, loose stools, and vomited twice. By Sunday he was fine.

I'm not alarmed because 1) he is eating fine; 2) is drinking normally; 3) urinating normally; 4) eyes and gum tissue look fine; and 5) is showing no signs of listlessness and is perfectly normal in all other regard.

So, I'm going to just go with his food only. No treats, no rawhides, no steak tidbits from the table. If the symptoms go away and he has no other episodes then I'm sure it is the rawhides. If the symptoms start up again later this week, in he goes to the vet.

If anyone has any other thoughts or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or just e-mail me.

Pont's weight is now up to 31.5 lbs and Glynis is down to 37 lbs.


We invested in a new digital camera this past week. The Canon 20D and it's a real beauty and we can utilize our exisiting array of Canon autofocus lenses. I highly recommend this one. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail. I can't wait to use it outside to capture the two speedsters. Here are some recent shots.


Pont and Glynis


Pont and Glynis

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March 15, 2005


Back on January 16, I had wrote about using a series of products produced by C.E.T. Dental.

For Pont, we've been using the medicated chews. Called C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Chews with Chlorhexidine, these chews are patented and available exclusively through veterinarians. C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Chews combine the mechanical action of rawhide, the renowned antimicrobial power of chlorhexidine and the trusted C.E.T. name in a convenient, palatable chew for dogs. We tried them with Glynis as well, but her history of having a sensitive stomach eventually caused her to vomit....even with the petite sized chews.

We also brush the teeth of both dogs daily with C.E.T. toothpaste. And we can notice a huge difference with Glynis (soon-to-be nine years old). Pont's teeth look incredibly white. Even for a pup.

We had moved Pont up from the petite sized chews to the medium sized chews back in February and he continued to do very well. When Pont hit 30-lbs we moved him up to the large size this March. The bag indicated this would be on the low end of the range for his size but still within the window weight wise.

This past weekend, Pont experienced diarrhea and vomited twice. Being old hands we did not panic and just cut back his regular food and substituted rice. I also gave Pont 1/2 tab of Imodium AD after each loose bowel movement. By Sunday night his stools were returning to normal and were fine by Monday.

We figure the large sized rawhide was either too much for his still developing digestive track or he just bit off too large a piece and swallowed it.

Again, we did not panic knowing that if a large piece of rawhide is eaten, it is usually digested with time and rarely causes a surgical problem; however, it can make your pet uncomfortable.

I'm going to be cutting the remaining large sized chews in half and then sticking with the medium sized chews in the future. But I'd like to hear other stories of people using rawhides and having any issues.

This whole episode was minor compared to the time Olivia ate a whole roll of paper towels. For the next few days after that, Olivia literally had sausage link poop. Each stool was connected by a paper towel. Hope I just didnít ruin your lunch or supper!

Other Stuff

Check out Jackie's new blog if you haven't already. Of course, the Vikings have had a very quiet off-season so far so my Vikings blog hasn't really had much to say (choke-choke!).

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March 6, 2005

A Boy, His Dog, and a Bunny

Pont and Graham have become great friends. As soon as Graham comes home from preschool he hunts down Pont. Then Graham grabs Pont's favorite stuffed animal, Bunny Rabbit, and The Great Chase begins.

For a good 20 to 30 minutes just about every night, Graham runs squealing throughout the house holding Bunny Rabbit with Pont giving chase. Both enjoy this play period immensely. Sometimes, Pont even catches Graham and steals back his beloved Bunny Rabbit and Graham turns from chasee into chaser.


Pont, now 5-months, has broken through the 30-lb barrier weighing in at 31-lbs this past weekend. He is almost up to Glynis now in terms of height...probably no more than 3-inches shorter than his older sister. Glynis has trimmed 3-lbs from her weight. That's probably due as much to playing with Pont as it is that we cut back her food.

Both enjoyed very long walkies this past weekend as neither had to wear their winter coats due to temperatures being in the high-50s. They loved it...but hated the melting snow leaving huge puddles in the backyard.

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