April 25, 2005

Colder than a Witches...

Tonight (4/25) was the first lure coursing practice of the season for the Greater Twin Cities Whippet Club at the Crystal Airport location. This is a much closer practice field than what seems like a 3 day drive to Farmington.

I'm guessing over 20 whippets showed up on this fine late spring day in Minnesota. Yep, it was in the lower 40's with an on again-off again rain...which felt like sleet at times. Probably because it was sleet.

I froze my ass. I'm just glad I decided to bring the dogs winter coats before leaving the house.

Pont still has yet to get over his car sickness issue. I'm just glad I made a purchase earlier in the day. I got a portable pet kennel since it can fold to less than 2" thick when not in use. Cool idea. And it actually did go together "in seconds" as the label promised it would.

On the way there, Pont threw up a bit. I don't know what is with this dog and being in a car. I'm just glad I had the new kennel.

Pont did well his first time on the lure. He was at first startled by the movement of the lure, then decided to tag along and check this thing out. On his second run of the night, he took out after the lure right away. Mission accomplished for Round One. Pont will chase the lure.

The old vet, Glynis, knew what was up as soon as she saw dogs chasing the lure when we first arrived. It has been easily five years since she last participated. Probably seemed like days to her.

Glynis screeched with delight each time she saw the lure and the dogs giving chase. And then she got to run once. Just once, as she is almost nine and as I stated at the beginning, mighty cold.

She ran 200+ yards in nothing flat. Showed no signs of the Frisbee muscle pull from a few weeks earlier and finished strong.

On the way home, Pont threw-up what seemed like all of last weeks meals. Again, thanks to my favorite purchase of the day, the van was saved and the kennel easily cleaned out and disinfected.

Now, if I can just figure out this car sickness thing before we have to make that long trek to Farmington, we'll be set. I'm listening to all suggestions at this point.

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April 24, 2005

Ticks & Other Parasites

Ah, spring. Flowers are blooming and all the snow is finally gone. That also means spring allergies for me and I need to start popping lortadine for a few weeks. It also means it is time to start medicating the dogs.

For years, we've walked along the wooded turf walking trails of French Regional Park. We do that as soon as the snow is gone and up until Minnesota's state bird, the mosquito, becomes too bothersome to walk there.

Since we are in the woods it means ticks are inevitable. We've always used Frontline Plus. It's a great way to kill ticks and prevent Lyme disease. We've never had an issue with allergies. And that included the highly skin-sensitive Dalmatian, Olivia.

It also means the start of dosing for heartworm prevention. We actually don't start using Heartgard Plus until June 1st, but we always purchase it from our Vet when we pick up the Frontline. Again, we've never had an issue with this other than forgetting to give the chewable tablet the 1st of each month through November.

How about you? How do you handle ticks and other parasites? Any issues or problems?

Practice Starts for Pont

Starting this coming Monday (4/25), Pont will start attending the Greater Twin Cities Whippet Club lure coursing practices at Crystal Airport. I hope to occasionally post some photos. I also hope Pont is a good boy and plays nicey-nice.

Pont is now only 1/2-pound away from equaling Glynis' weight. Big boy, that puppy!

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April 10, 2005

Little in the Way of Dogs

Just too busy with Graham's 5th birthday this past week to deal with the dogs. Oh, they still got attention...just nothing memorable to write about. Which, in a way is good when there is a puppy in the house.

Pont did have a day of record bowel movements on Friday. He must have had eight total BMs. All formed and solid. That was followed on Saturday by the Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream variety. Two Imodium-ADs and he was back to normal. Maybe he ate too much garden mulch or something. No worries.

Glynis has been enjoying her helping of French Cut beans this week. We give both dogs raw carrots with their evening meals and at the suggestion of a Greater Twin Cities Whippet Club friend, we also began with the beans. Glynis will eat beans raw off the vine in the garden each summer. So we knew this would be a winner. Pont, (aka, The Goat) suprisingly has no interest to date.

We also made another trip to the Frisbee park this past weekend. On the second throw, Glynis came up a bit lame. She didn't even try to run through it. She knew she was done for the day and was happy to just watch Pont attempt to run Frisbee's down. Glynis was a little sore for a day or two but was back to normal by Sunday.

With the warmer weather we were able to start walking in the woods again this past week. We walk in French Regional Park which is located on the north shore of Medicine Lake in Plymouth and offers 7 miles of turf hiking trails. It was Pont's first excursion into the deep, dark woods full of new smells and animals. We usually spy a deer or two along with turtles, fox, weasels, and snakes. But nothing this week except for plenty of deer tracks.

Shameless Plugs

Jackie updates her Garden blog with some recent happenings including Graham's 5th birthday and the magnolia's are starting to bloom.

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April 3, 2005

The Return of the Frisbee Dogs

When she was quite young, Glynis adapted to catching Frisbees like a fish does to water. This was quite a thrill for me. Olivia was never a Frisbee dog. I'd toss it and she would look at me in a manner that told me she was above chasing down things for her Master.

Glynis, on the other hand, would chase Frisbees until she couldn't move. Which is saying something for a whippet.

This past weekend was the perfect temperature. Mid-50s on Saturday and mid-60s on Sunday. So we went twice. Glynis couldn't wait. Pont was excited simply because Glynis was excited.

Glynis, of course, did spectacular leaps into the air. Twirling and dancing to grab the disc out of the sky. Pont started to get it but was content to simply chase a Frisbee rolling along the ground and carry one in his mouth. I can only hope the light-bulb goes off in his head later on.

Pont also developed a nasty habit of running alongside Glynis and bumping into her, shoulder to shoulder like some kind of Roller Derby King. Vision's of DQ's in lure coursing danced in my head. I sighed.

The excursions also gave me a chance to use the new camera in high speed situations. Here are some of the results:

Glynis tracks a Frisbee

Glynis skies

Did I mention Glynis will be 9 in May?

Glynis and Pont run together

An anxious Pont bites the hand that feeds him

Coach and pupil

Water Break

I'm all ears

What do you and your dog enjoy to do for outside exercise? Frisbee? Tennis ball? Water games? Leave a Comment below and then get outside with your dog!


And if you didn't hear about my April Fools Joke that I pulled on Vikings fan you best read about it. I duped hundreds and hundreds of Vikings fans this past Thursday.

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