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August 24, 2005

Hi Lily, Hi Lo

Note: The Maas family is taking a well-deserved break and will be in a non-blogging status until after Sept. 8. After this entry, my blog is officially on hiatus. See you in a few weeks!

Just in case there are folks out there who think I’m an obsessive gardener, I want to set the record straight: obsessive gardening is a shared responsibility in my marriage.

Every once in a while, Brian will latch on to a plant or species and decide that we have to have it for our garden. Quite often they are wonderful additions to our perennial beds, and then he can walk around with a smirk and say, “Who’s the master gardener now?”

The latest bee in his britches is Orienpet lilies, a cross between Oriental and Trumpet Lilies. These lovelies produce very fragrant blooms on tall – some up to 96” – stalks. Of course, they’re not cheap.

We found some available through the Friends School of Minnesota annual bulb sale and will purchase several “Silk Road” bulbs which promise “huge white flowers with deep intensely crimson-pink throats, carried on an enormous inflorescence with many well-spaced secondary buds for extended blooming time. All this, and it’s very fragrant.”

We will plant these behind the pergola to screen out the compost bin. Watch for photos late next summer.

We also planted some Asiatic garden lilies this past week and they are in full bloom at the moment as seen below. This one is called Centerfold. I wonder why my husband picked that one out?

2005_Garden_008 001 small.jpg

What’s Happening in the Garden Now

The September-like weather has continued, and it has been cool enough to finally have bonfires again with friends gathered round.

The Mystery Plant

Last week’s plant was Physotegia, as many of you guessed, although what variety, I have no idea. Can you guess the plant this week?

Here’s What’s Blooming Now:
:: Puppy Pont ::
No, Pont is not blooming but he is a beautiful puppy!
2005_Garden_008 002 thumb.jpg
Click photo or HERE to view larger image

Globe thistle Ligularia “Othello” Canna Morning glories Nicotiana – all shapes, colors and sizes Wisteria Verbena bonariensis Cardinal Lobelia Native monarda A lobelia that is blue but was labeled “Cardinal Lobelia” when I bought it. Surprise! Nasturtium “Peach Melba” and others Rudbeckia “Goldsturm” Rose Lithrum Physotegia Phlox “David” Asters Liatris Russian sage Hydrangea “Annabelle” Coreopsis “Moonbeam” Campanula “Blue Clips” and others Joe Pye Weed Purple coneflower Butterfly weed Veronica Thyme Alpine strawberry – and fruiting, too Astilbe Sedum Daylily Indian blanket Hosta Nepeta “Walker’s Low” Clematis

Garden Chores for the Week:
:: It Never, Ever Ends :
It is time for a vacation!
2005_Garden_008 007 thumb.jpg
Click photo or HERE to view larger image

Keep up with the wisteria vines, slug traps and pot watering.

Relax and enjoy it all, especially since we’ll be on vacation!

Vegetable Garden

I have been neglecting the vegetable garden of late so it’s time to give it a little attention.

The tomato crop will explode this week. We have lots of BLTs ahead of us. Yum!

Sound Beta Testing

Click to hear night sounds from my garden. You'll hear my fountain in the background as well.

Today’s Grahamisms

"You know, Mama has done a pretty good job of raising me so far, but Daddy, you have done so much better!"

"Jackie? Your name is Jackie? Oh, I forgot you had a last name."

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The mystery plant might be a Cosmos, but not my pink and white Cosmos? Enjoy your time off, and those BLTs.

Posted by: Diana at August 24, 2005 10:41 PM