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January 27, 2006

More on Russia


Last week I had written about visiting the local Museum of Russian Art. It reminded me of when Brian and I visited Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1995.

The art we viewed at the Museum of Russian Art brought back memories of purchasing art from street artists, which was very good.


While walking the streets of Moscow, we had to pet every dog we saw since we missed our dogs back in Minnesota. For some reason, I was surprised that people even had pet dogs in Russia.


In the evenings our tour group was entertained by folk dancers, visits to the ballet or performances at the Moscow Circus.


The Moscow Circus with its live animal acts and tremendous talent, such as this little girl, was a highlight.

Another amazing experience was getting inside the walls of the Kremlin. Guards were stationed all around.


But inside the walls was a rich history of the Russian people, including their military history as well.


The day we spent inside the Kremlin walls was picture postcard perfect with a deep blue sky. The sun glistened off the onion shaped domes of the various buildings and churches.

On our last day in Moscow, our hotel waiter informed us that he had something "very special" to help us celebrate.

We wondered if we would receive some fabulous caviar or perhaps some vintage champagne. The waiter returned a short time later with a covered silver tray. With a proud look in his eye he removed the cover and we found ourselves looking at.....hot dogs. "Oscar Meyer for you," announced the waiter. "Very difficult to obtain."

How very kind he was.

Next, St. Petersburg.

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