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February 4, 2006

An Update on the Indoor Garden

early feb 004.jpg

Despite my lack of attention (or perhaps because of it), my indoor garden is doing well.

The amaryllis bulbs that I repotted this fall after spending the summer outdoors are pushing up greenery. The bulb that was the size of a softball produced a massive display this week. There are a total of five different blooms on this stalk.

Of the other nine repotted bulbs, only one more has produced a flower stalk. I’ll be curious to see what color flower it sport. It should bloom in the next couple of weeks.

Graham’s pumpkin plant, however, has not been so successful.

early feb 006.jpg

The seeds sprouted well and produced a good first flush of growth. But pumpkins just aren’t meant to be grown in a small pot indoors during the winter. We saved a few seeds from our Halloween jack o’lantern and will have to plant them this summer so Graham can get the full picture.

The “blooming garden� of bulbs that I brought in after spending the summer outdoors performed just as I expected: lousy. The tulips, daffodils and crocus all produced lots of foliage, but only a single hyacinth bloomed.

I knew I should have just thrown the whole thing into the compost heap when it finished blooming last spring, but it was fun to do a little experiment if I was right. I was.

Some of my favorite houseplants are these two begonia which I received from my mother when I had my first apartment, about 18 years ago. They were given to her by a little neighborhood lady who had the most amazing garden and indoor plants when I was growing up.

These begonia have dark green glossy leaves that form a nice mound. Some of the leaves have produced sports that split and curl back around themselves like a snail shell.

early feb 015.jpg

Periodically the plants flower, sending out stalks up to two feet long covered with delicate white blooms that somehow remind me of bleeding heart.

So while I long to be outdoors puttering about in my gardens, my indoor one suits me just fine.

What I’m Reading

In the middle of: “Cooking for Mr. Latte: A Food Lover’s Courtship, with Recipes� by Amanda Hesser, a charming account of a food writer’s courtship of her future husband.

Listening to: “Heart of the Sea� by Nora Roberts. It’s fluff but I get to listen to Irish accents while driving to and from work.

Graham’s current favorite: He has moved on to the Stanley series by Jeff Brown, following the adventures of poor Stanley who gets flattened, turns invisible and finds a magic lamp.

early feb 017 small.jpg

Remaining Garden Chores

Start reading through those garden catalogs that are piling up and make some decisions!

Clean out my gardening tote. It’s filled with old plant tags, clods of dirt and other detritus.

Pack the canna, four o’clock and sweet potato tubers in sawdust for the winter and store them someplace in the house that won’t be too hot or too cold.

Today’s Grahamism

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom!�


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Very sweet pic from Graham

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