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April 10, 2006

Happy Birthday, Graham!

Monday, April 10, our son Graham Kiloran turned six. He was born on a Monday, and it’s hard to believe that enough years have passed for that same day to come around again.

And it’s hard to believe that our tiny baby....

Graham at one day old. (Click image for larger)

....has grown into a big boy of six.

Graham with his BD cakes. (Click image for larger)

We held a small party this weekend for a mixture of old friends and new. The theme was superheroes and the eight boys (and one little sister) made their own capes, wrist bands and goggles. (Many thanks to my friend Wendy who shared her professional ideas and supplies.)

Flash greets everyone in the entry. (Click image for larger)

Making super hero wristbands. (Click image for larger)

Making super hero capes. (Click image for larger)

Games included Bad Guy Bowling and a race to save Superman’s life by gathering all the kryptonite that had fallen into our yard the night before when a meteorite whizzed overhead.

Super heroes hunt down kryptonite. (Click image for larger)

Our heroes located all the kryptonite. (Click image for larger)

Then there was a piñata, Spiderman cakes and opening presents – all in two hours. Whew!

At the Batman piñata. (Click image for larger)

Piñata opened! (Click image for larger)

Even time for gifts! (Click image for larger)

Dad & Graham play some chess. (Click image for larger)

And soon another year will zoom by and we’ll find ourselves at party number seven, wondering where the time went.

So here’s to you, my sweet babaloo. Happy, happy birthday.

We’re Back in the Garden, Baby!

The Maas family spent some time doing garden clean up this week, lifting leaves from the front perennial beds so the bulbs could come through.

Graham was my helper guy, gently pulling the matted leaves back to reveal yellow daffodil and crocus shoots. Each time he found one, he would shout, “Mom! Look! More garden treasure!? He was especially enamored with the tulip shoots declaring that they looked like candy with stripes of white, yellow and red.

At one point he told me, “We make a good team. You know how to garden and I know how to have fun.? Indeed. I thought they were one and the same.

Today Brian removed the bags of leaves that protected tender plants during the winter, and Graham helped with box elder bug extermination, his trusty squirt gun filled with soapy water. Any time he saw a box elder bug, he would shout, “Do you want to go to heaven??

He was quite proud of his efforts saying, “We are saving the gardens. Dad and me are shooting the box elders and you can get the slugs.?

More Signs of Spring

The goldfinches have ditched their drab gray winter coats for shades of yellow –from the softest cream to bright lemon.

The dogs no longer need their coats when we go for walks.

A bunch of asparagus was only 98 cents at Cub this week. As I was cooking it, Graham said, “I smell something stinky.?

I made my first chive omelet of the season.

Brian uncovered the willow furniture under the pergola.

What I’m Reading

Still reading: “John William Waterhouse? by Aubrey Noakes. A look at the Pre-Raphaelite painter and his work.

Listening to: “Outlander – Part 2? by Diana Gabaldon. Continuing the tale of romantic Scottish time travel.

Graham’s current favorite: “The Borrowers? by Mary Norton. Another children’s classic.

Today’s Grahamisms

"When Pont dies and is a dog angel, will he still be in the house but we just can’t see him? What if I walk through the house and trip over him?"

"When superheroes crash their cars, they get zero dollars back."

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Jackie... who is this Wendy friend and can I "rent" her creative services for Louden's way far off 5th birthday (not till January). He's been obsessed with Spiderman since age 2 1/2 and now is equally obsessed with all superheroes and Star Wars characters. Your ideas and crafts were brilliant-there are lots of cutesy crafts for girl birthdays but it's much harder to find ideas for the boys. Those capes rocked and the kryptonite search- Holy Toledo.

Louden's mom (aka Gretchen Johns)

PS. I'm serious about hiring her! With great power comes great responsibility!

Posted by: gretchen Johns at April 10, 2006 10:28 PM

What Fun! You're a good Mom. Little boys just love capes, even JP, age 2. He was a little scared though, of Spidey in the hallway on the 4th floor at the History Center!

Posted by: Diana & Chuck at April 11, 2006 8:17 AM

I love the idea of kids making hero capes and looking for kryptonite. That can be applied so many ways. Looking for kryptonite is another version of Easter egg hunting, a pleasure we could well stand for more than only on Easter! Super heroes, any characters of make believe, that is the magic of childhood. I think we need that in our lives much more regularly. I'm finding in the little art classes I teach, if the kids can hook into art being just like playing with their figurines, dolls, cars, blocks where they are building worlds in which they lose themselves, they will develop wonderfully. They'll have motivation to push through those places where they think they can't do something. The activity is so meaningul to them that they can tap into all manner of inner resources with which to withstand frustration.

We did Spiderman drawings in my kids class a while back. They enjoyed it immensely. Thank you for reminding me of these ideas!

Posted by: Catinka Knoth at April 23, 2006 12:54 PM