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Challenges Drag Kings Face

The primary challenge drag kings face is the validity of their performances as an art form, a question that was even raised within this class. Overcoming the severe restrictions placed on gender in society and being able to cross over that and perform as the opposite gender goes against a lot of the things people in this society understand as acceptable. Drag kings cope with this hostility by joining together and forming groups of drag kings who perform together on a regular basis, such as the Androgyny Kings and the Kings of Deception. The Androgyny Kings openly fought to showcase their validity as artists on the University of Minnesota campus during the Queer Student Cultural Center's Annual Spring Pride week, which partially aimed to get trans-awareness across to all members of the University of Minnesota.


i love the topic you chose. it is so interesting and fun. i really like that you added the video so that people could get a better idea of what it is. i especially like your section of their struggle for defining themselves as an art. good job

What would Becker classify these Drag Kings as? What sort of artists are they? Do they get compensated for their work? Is this "art for art's sake"?

This seems like a very powerful scene to be a part of. I am one that likes to advocate for the questioning of established gender roles and ideas of sexuality and I find that these drag kings are doing a lot in this realm, especially since the idea of drag kings isn't widely known. I really liked that you included a look at ken in a performance and non-performance setting, great job!

I have a friend who does "faux"-drag, but to be honest I didn't really know that a drag king community exists. Very interesting stuff, I like it alot!

I didnt realize such a large community existed (ok, not large, but larger than i thought). You make some good points throughout, they aren't acknowledged by the art community (not that im aware of), and should be. Also, the he/she was an interesting note. Nice Job