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I-35W bridge could open Tuesday

The Minnesota Daily reported that the new I-35W bridge could open as early as Tuesday, September 16th.

"The intent is to open the bridge up to traffic as soon it is ready for traffic," said Kevin Gutknecht, spokesman for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. (The Minnesota Daily)

Flatiron Construction, the company under which there is a contract for construction of the bridge, offers $200,000 to the construction team for every day the bridge is finished before Dec. 24 with a limit of 100 days; Monday marks 100 days. That works out to a $20 million bonus for the construction team.

As of Thursday, September 11, remaining work on the bridge included finishing touches such as painting and anti-icing systems.

Amy Barrett, spokeswoman for Flatiron Construction, offered that working on various aspects of the bridge simultaneously has contributed to the speedy construction of the bridge, which will feature a 100-year life span and 10 traffic lanes.