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New Bus from Morris Campus to Twin Cities

Starting Friday, a roundtrip bus ride from the Morris campus to the Twin Cities area will be offered to students for $30. (Minnesota Daily) After a decreasing enrollment of students due to the ideal that the Morris campus is a far-removed college with little surrounding entertainment or recreational activity, Doug Williams, a Morris senior, offered the idea of a bus running between the campus and the Twin Cities while running for re-election as Morris' campus assembly.

"A lot of students say Morris is isolated," Morris said.

The bus will give students the opportunity to explore the Twin Cities and attend events such as concerts in the cities. The bus also helps the University reach its goal of being carbon-neutral by 2010, due to fewer cars on the road.

Jesse Pollock, a senior at the Twin Cities campus who transferred from Morris, said, "I definitely would have used the bus when I was at Morris because it is great to get off of campus and see the city."