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Tainted Milk from China

The number of companies recalling products due to a tainted milk scare rooted in China is growing. (AOL News) An industrial chemical responsible for four infant deaths and the sickening of 54,000 children, called melamine, was found to have contaminated certain Chinese food production.

"Any processed food with milk or protein in it" is a potential cause for concern, according to James Rice, an experienced veteran of the food industry.

This is not China's first offense of dangerous contributions to the global food market; last year, some companies felt the negative effects of contaminated foods, toothpaste, and melamine-laced pet food.

"I don't think much was learned from the recalls of a year ago," said Jeremy Haft, author of All the Tea in China and a businessman who runs factories in numerous industries in China.

Major companies recalling their products include the Tokyo-headquartered Lotte Group, a well-known snack maker, and a Shanghai-based manufacturer of vanilla toffee candies known as White Rabbit. The candies had been found to contain over six times the legal limit of melamine, according to the Hong Kong government's Center for Food Safety. White Rabbit candies had already been recalled in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Britain.