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'Silent Witnesses' Represent Violence against Women

In order to welcome October's Domestic Violence Awareness Month, thirteen life-size human figure cutouts were placed around campus Wednesday, courtesy of the Aurora Center's display. (Minnesota Daily)

The Aurora Center offers help to anyone on campus troubled by domestic issues such as relationship violence and sexual assault.

The figures, or "silent witnesses," each represent one Minnesota victim of domestic abuse who died in 2007, with their own personal story attached to the cutout. In 2007, 22 women and eight children died, ranging in age from infancy to 90 years. These deaths left 24 children homeless, according to Jerie Smith, an Aurora Center volunteer.

Due to limited time, a cutout for each victim could not be constructed. The cutouts will circulate around the entire Twin Cities campus throughout October, as opposed to being set up in Coffman for only a few days, as has been done in past years.