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Space Shuttle Endeavor Returns from Mission

The space shuttle Endeavor returned Sunday after a 16-day trip to the Inernational Space Station, landing in California. (AOL News) The aircraft was supposed to land in Florida, but was detoured due to weather complications. The space shuttle had aboard seven astronauts, all of whom returned safely.

The mission included remodeling the space station as well as repairing a solar wing rotary joint. Remodeling the space station included a new bathroom facility, a new kitchenette, an exercise machine, two sleeping quarters, and a new invention used to recycle sweat and urine so that it may be used for drinking water.

Repairing the solar wing rotary joint entailed four space walks in order to remove metal shavings that have caused the joint to be jammed for over a year, which has been detrimental to its energy production.