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dear diary

look! two days of blogs!
how boring...
soon i will write exciting things...

ps-where did a heart with a twist of lemon come from?
well, i like pepsi twist and so it is close to my heart, but not as close as Jesus, but a heart with a twist of Jesus did not sound as good. so we stuck with the lemon. plus life gets pretty sour sometimes, but love makes it better! Oh and not love like i am a hippie love but love like 1st John 4:19 love.

and the every new day part comes from a five iron frenzy song titled every new day because that song makes me happy.


Every New Days make me happy too! Just so ya know.

it is probably one of the most happiest of songs invented. I still need to figure out how to make these comment boxes link to people's email and URLs. Las computadoras es estupida!