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destination: beautiful

i still need to settle back into this house. i have slept a lot since being home. my stuff is scattered everywhere. i filled a huge garbage full of clothes, cause i have too many.
bag's destination: goodwill.
it looks like i have a job this summer. with college pro painters, painting 40-50 hours a week at $8.50/hr. it is a relief to have a job set up.
david's destination: moneyland!
it will be a fun job because i will get to spend time working outside, and at previous jobs i could only stare out of the window *cough*oldnavy*cough* it will be nice to be making money again.
money's destination: next year's rent

ps-the wolves lost yesterday, and God cried (it rained), because God is a Timberwolves fan.



Let's pray for good weather on Wednesday, then.