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wasting my words!

each letter i type here is one more letter i could be typing for my 8+ page paper due in a day and a half which i have yet to start, nor understand {what kind of paper requires you to include a glossary, this one}.

but i am procrastinating here by typing about how i procrastinated on another adventure with my roommates thomas and josephine...

it all began with taking out the trash, we realized we only had one garbage bag remaining, so being that it was 8.15 we decided it a good time to go to target. target is full of impulse buys, so i picked up 3 new cds which i have not done in a while so i figure it kosher.

i am now indulging myself in this self-indulgence purchase by listening to my chemical romance, followed by straylight run, and finally the yeah, yeah, yeahs. all sound to be promising buys.

and now that i have furthered my dedication to procrastination with pointless words, it is time to tackle this paper. and i will probably tackle it as well as the vikings defense {that means horribly to those who do not follow football}.

down, set, go!


but target did rock dave, and you forgot the other two cds you aquired, namely the used and green day, both of which also kept you up for your all-night paper writing adventure. i am wasting words now too. its alright

love joey

tis true. i stole cds from joey.