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a crowd of clouds take a hiatus to let the sun shine down

sometimes i get these white splotches on my fingernails. i am not sure where they come from, perhaps from getting smashed/scratched or damaged in one way or another. ever since i was young i have thought of these white splotches on my fingernails as clouds. as my nails grow i would pretend the clouds were floating higher and higher into the sky, until eventually they reach the nail cutting point. this is where the clouds disapate like real clouds do in the form of rain, snow or are driven off by the carebears and their cloud car.

currently, i have a crowd of clouds at the tips of my fingers. it would be sweet if i could shoot rain, snow or cloud cars out of my fingers. it would be good for snow fights, or battles with supervillians that need cars thrown at them.

while my fingers have been seeing a lot of clouds lately, they have not been seeing much typing for this lil place. all the clouds have gotten in the way. it is prolly from working at old navy almost 40 hours a week, where my head is almost always in the clouds. but now i have typed this random entry, and you are still reading it. i am ready to get back to school, and my higher paying job. i would like some more snow also.

c'mon clouds let's make a blizzard, like dairy queen.


Those white sploches, on your fingernails...? Calcium deposits. I'm not entirely sure why they form under your fingernails, but it's probably a sign that you're full of calcium. Which is good because calcium breaks down into chemical compounds which form the fatty tissues, lipids and lipoproteins, that comprise the myelin sheath around the axon of our nerve cells. And a well insulated nerve cell is a healthy nerve cell. So the electronic pulses that tell neurotransmitters to make their way across the synaptic cleft are traveling faster in a brain that is rich with calcium, which enables one to connect brain cells faster. Assuming all the right cells are connecting to produce the desired action, you could say that calcium makes you think faster.

In short, milk is brain drink.

i think my mom told me once that those white clouds on your fingernails means you aren't getting enough calcium. maybe you need some milk.

I have always had white clouds in my nails, at present i have loads !My mum always said it was lack of calcium then continued with my wife , who put me on a calcium supliment this cuased me to pass a 6mm stone from my kidney causing extreme pain and months of trips to hospitals needles and infections ! I was led to believe that my wife had OD my body with calcium ! thats what i told her anyway ! so just be happy that your different , Im still not sure why i have white flecks but listen to no one who has not got them , they are only jealous and tell you to take all sorts of weird shit .