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The HOCs (Pronunciation: Hawks)

last night was the season opener for the HOCs. this is my indoor soccer inter mural team that i am on with the group Hope On Campus. we started out strong by scoring first, but i am afraid we did not have the stamina (especially myself) to run around for the entire game and so we lost 4-1. i got a nice soccer ball blasted at my face forcing me to leave the game for a short while as the blood on my lip dried. now i have a sweet cut on my lip, and it looks way hott. i also got some wonderful scrapes on my knees as a result from hitting the cement like ground. really the field is like bumpy cement and the little bumps provide minimal cushion. the game started at 11.15 so i did not get home until around 12.30 then i showered and ate dinner (yes in the am) and went to bed, still catching my breath. i was able to pretty much take a long nap since i had to work at my new job at 8.30am this morning. but it is cool because this job is at my apt so i do not have to walk far, and all the people that work there are really fun so the day flys by. plus it means i dont have any rent to pay for! but anyways i should prolly start running more often to get in shape for soccer again, since i have not really ran much at all since fall '03, when i played outdoor inter mural soccer. and i think i am typing this as i am still tired because i am realizing that there is no humor in my writing right now, this is all one long improper paragraph, so it must be a tough read. speaking of reading, i should probably read for my night class right now. fakes left, shoots...



My old roommate plays indoor soccar and has microfractures in her leg because of the hard surface. Make sure to strech first and be kind to your bones.

don't worry question mark, i drink lots of milk. even my finger nails say so. :)