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a feather sends the tower crashing, but you're still standing.

lately, i have been giving myself more and more to do, by adding more activities and responsibilities for myself. i feel like one of those cartoon characters who is catching all this heavy stuff like pianos, bank safes, navy ships and whatnot. and then balancing this godzilla sized tower of heavy objects, an almost impossible feat. then just as it seems they have everything under control, a feather {or any other extremely light item} floats slowly down on top the tower. suddenly, our cartoon friend can no longer hold all this weight and everything comes crashing down on top of him.

but the wonderful thing is, that even after failing to hold it all up, the cartoon character arises from beneath the pile, and life goes on. perhaps with a few extra birds or stars floating around the head. but the wacky adventures continue.

and right now, my heart is in a good place, strongly established in my faith. i know that even if a feather floats down to try and spoil the fun, i will probably be able to bear its weight. and even if i don't, i know that life is still wonderful.