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break me off a piece of that

now that spring break is over, let's see how i took a break.

between my two jobs i worked next to 70 hours over spring break week. so would i call it a break? probably not. but when it is actually spring in minnesota, at least i wont be spring broke. until i buy a new computer. because this 'dude you're getting a dell' is more like a 'dude you're getting a ripoff.' my computer likes to turn off randomly. maybe it is scared of the dinosaurs prowling on the top of my monitor, so it plays dead. which must be the case since computers are so smart, and these dinosaurs are so fierce! that is why my next computer will be an apple. because the fossil record proves that dinosaurs do not like to eat apples.

and cave paintings also show that they never sang that apples and bananas song. i like to oat, oat, oat, opples and bononos


the fossil record also shows that gateways gateSUCK. hurrah for apple and its lustworthy desk candy that doesn't stop you from using the internet and simultaneously flood you with pop-ups. did i say you? because i meant me.

Yay for the world discovering that Apples are so fun! yahoo!!!

wow, it looks like computers is a popular subject that makes people take notice around here. maybe i should talk more about computer things like flux capicitators and the what not.