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much love for my sister!

one night over the summer my sister was pondering as to whether she should even write an essay for the possibility of a full scholarship to ithaca college in upstate new york. she did not expect to get anything, but with a little encouragement, she wrote this essay the night before it was due, and express mailed it out to new york.

recently, she was told that she was one of around 50 finalists for 19 of these scholarships. so this last weekend she flew out to NY for an interview.

tonight, she got the call that she has received one of these scholarships! this means that she does not need to pay for tuition, housing, food, a fully loaded computer of her choosing, books, and pretty much whatever other need her heart desires, oh and they also hook her up with internships!

i love my sister lots, and i am so happy that she has been given this ridiculously incredible blessing. janelle marie mackereth, you make me a very proud brother! much thanks to God, for he always seems to work in wonderful ways.

simply put, my sister is amazing. sometimes i worry about how much of a workaholic she is, but evidently it has paid off. i could keep gushing and typing about this for a while, but i won't. i think i have made it clear as to how joyful, proud, and thankful i am that this has happened.



yuh, she is awesome.

jas, i have not seen you in over a week now.