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understanding {in a car crash} from the passenger's seat

it seemed like a typical drive home from the grocery store. roommate tom and i make these grocery runs on a regular occasion. today however, there were two distinct differences: 1) it was raining 2) we hit a jetta.

now i have been through my shares of accidents since being awarded my license to drive, but never have i been in the passenger seat. i now know that i have very little control over this sort of occurence whether i be in the passenger seat or the drivers seat. with the exception of a few headaches, all seems to be well, so let's move on to what i did this past weekend.

i journeyed up to big sandy bible camp in a car with my friend ellen. it was a weekend retreat for hope community church. it was a quite wonderful experience. nothing brings you closer to God than watching all of your church's pastors wrestle in huge sumo suits. i enjoyed the times of worship as i really felt the love of Jesus.

the speaker we had talked about how God has everything under control. he talked about how it is impossible for us to control everything, and most often it is best to just pray to God, and trust in his ways.

which kind of brings me back to today. i realize that i should try harder to let Jesus drive my heart, and i always struggle with this. because even when i try to drive my heart and i think i have control, i don't because i will stumble and fall. just as when i am driving a car and am under the misconception of being in complete control, i still get into accidents (almost averaging one a year since having my license). or even when i am in the passenger seat and something else is driving my heart, be it money, girls, popularity etc, it still ends with the same result-->stumbling and the fall. but it is amazing how God is always there for me, even when i am not always there for him.

it is well, it is well, with my soul.