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minnesota twins then batman begins

like many of my adventures this one begins on the metro transit bus 16. roommate tom and i were headed westbound to downtown to catch the twins vs giants. the fare was $1.75 because it was considered peak hours for another 15 minutes. waiting at the busstop for the next bus would not be worth the 50 cents we could save. it was student half price night however plus dollar dogs so the party in da club was at the metrodome. we took our tickets and entered gate C. while purchasing some of the dollar dogs, we happened to run into joel zimmerman, aka J-Z. this was one of the kids we meant to meet up with anyways. so it worked out quite well. we took our seats near melissa, aka melissa rae cyrus. and saved a seat for ryan, aka ryan! unfortunately the twins lost after mounting a near comeback, only to blow it late in the game. tom and i made quick farewells to the park HS crew because we had already made further plans. there was no way we were going to let wednesday end so poorly.

we continued our journey into the heart of downtown. to save change we used our feet to carry us further westbound. our destination was block E, to catch the 10.30 showing of batman begins. we weaved our way through the depressed twins fans as well as the occasional delusional giants fans. sped walked down 7th street, and arrived at block E with 30 minutes to spare. perfect time to buy a popcorn so big that i would not finish it, as well as a pop which i would also not finish to wash down the popcorn i would not finish. but i had to get the big ones because they were the 'best deal.' we had the best seats in the theater. but midway through the movie i regretted buying that huge pop because it was ready to make an exit, even before all of it made an entrance. but this was not the movie where you would want to miss anything because the story held you down so well. so i held it. this movie was by far the best batman movie and could easily be the best movie of the summer. yes i even believe it to be better than the star wars movie that i went to the midnight showing of. you should probably just see it, because my words will do it no justice.

so batman saved our night. and we began our 4 mile walk home. we had plenty of excitement from the movie, so walking was a smart idea. there were some interesting people on the walk home. like the man in the silver chevy impala. he stopped in the middle of the road to ask a question, "know where any strip bars are at?" i replied, "sorry, i don't go to those." even after this the man still sat there in the middle of the road with his fancy silver impala, unsure of what to do with himself. so i continued, "take a left on washington, you will prolly find something downtown." hindsight tells me that perhaps i should have told him to take a right on washington. this way he would have been welcomed by the open arms of Jesus painted on the side of the Love Power church. you all know the place. we walked past it as we continued our journey home. the Love Power church bans guns on its premises, read on two paper signs on the churches glass doors. i know it is because Jesus, just like Bruce Wayne, can save people without guns.