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the weekend update

just when it seemed that i had nothing to write about, i was hit across the face with an abundance of things to write about. so to best replay all these events a top 10 list is in order. so here are the top 10 weekend events:

#10-going to valleyfair with no lines and then being poured on by the rain while stuck on a roller coaster.

#9-getting original ghostbuster and ninja turtles puzzles made into posters by my mom and sister. come see them sometime!

#8-going to hope community church on a 90 degree day. this church has no A/C so it was hot as hell, but it is still cool as heaven!

#7-the twins win 5-4 after scoring 5 runs in the inning that i claimed was going to be "our" inning before it even happened. and making some random stranger high 5 buddies.

#6-battling waves at lake calhoun and throwing rocks.


#4-going to bars and seeing some people i have not seen in year(s).

#3-getting offered the job of a marketing assistant at the twin cities student unions. so now i have 3 jobs for when school starts, and some schudule figuring out to do.

#2-a friday night spent at the IMAX theater to watch batman begins once again, only this time a bazillion times larger. isn't this what every college kid does on a friday night.

and the #1 event this weekend was the return of TC the bear, making his third appearance in my blog. his little helper man took a picture with my camera phone.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Good picture of you and ryan.

thank you maria, but TC is really the one who makes the picture.