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knife fights

my first thought this morning, as i was rudely awaken at 4:30am was, "what kind of jerk sets their alarm this early?"

my second thought was, "oh, nevermind, that's a car alarm."

and my third and most awakening thought was, "ummm...that's my car alarm!"

i jumped into action. adrenaline kicked in. my brain started racing. keys to turn off the alarm, check. phone in case i need to call the police, check. boots, check. i didn't bring any weapons with me, except my guns, as in, my arms. so i was hoping there wouldn't be a knife fight, because i forgot mine in the kitchen.

my car is parked in a garage. the door was shut. if someone was breaking into my car, they were sneaky. i opened the garage door, and didn't hear any scurrying. so i closed it, to trap them inside, in case there was anyone to trap. then i peered through the garage window. not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

so i went back into the house, and tried to slow my heartbeat down. i couldn't fall back asleep for another 30 minutes or so. if someone was still in the garage, i figured, they earned it. go ahead and steal my car. that's what insurance is for, right?

anyways, i told roommate tom in the morning. when i woke up to my proper alarm. and he told me to wake him up next time. he'd be willing to help throw down if necessary. or at least call for help if i got stabbed in the knife fight.


Ha! That's a great story. I've been there myself, but my car was outside and I ran out in my undee's.