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revolving door in your face!

i work with a lot of childish people. i include myself in that description. case in point, my last two posts were about vomit and farts.

so when all these childish people go to lunch together, childish things happen, like pranks. revolving doors have a surprisingly endless supply of prankabilities. just like they have an endless supply of doors.

one of my coworkers walked into the revolving door, and i shoved the next coworker into the same revolving door section. it's very crowded sharing a revolving door and very awkward. one time i saw a homeless man almost punch a business man for getting into the same revolving door section with him.

anyways, i was so busy laughing at these two cramped in front of me as i entered the next section of the revolving door, that i didn't notice my coworker behind put his foot against the door in the opposite direction like a brake. the door stopped, and my face kept moving, right into my fist that was pushing the door. i punched myself in the eye. the pranker became the prankee. and it hurt. but it was still funny.