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gourmet pb&j

this is a $20 pb&j sandwich i ate in beverly hills. made with organic peanut butter and homemade jelly. served with strawberries, peanut brittle and cotton candy. when i'm on production, i don't have to pay for food. while most people get a nice steak or exotic sushi, i opt for the pb&j. i mean how often can you say you've eaten a gourmet pb&j? i think i can die happy now.

oh and john oliver from the daily show can die happy too. because he was sitting at the table next to me, saw my gourmet pb&j. and ordered one of his own. ryan seacrest can't die happy, because he was sitting two tables down from me, and he did not get the pb&j. and all the model ladies he was hanging out with made him look really short.

but honestly, it was not worth $20. it just tasted like a normal sandwich. i mostly liked it because a gourmet pb&j is an oxymoron. something fancy, yet something plain.


you're in LA again? I can't keep track...

i was in LA last week.

I wonder why they cut the crust off?

no one likes crust. they just feel obligated to eat it.