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May 31, 2004

Put it together and what do you got?

Bibbity Boppity Boo!

Sudafed: to ease sinus congestion
Halls: to help with coughs
Nyquil: to help me sleep
Tylenol: to ease headaches
Vitamin C chewables: to help strengthen the immune system
Pepsi Twist: to round everything off

I don't know if i am sick for the sake of being sick, or sick from taking so many drugs.

::cough::THE END::cough::

May 29, 2004

{good news/bad news}

BAD NEWS-i am sick, and it is summer. i cough all dry and it feels like my throat is peeling off, and my nose is all drippy. and i get a headache from coughing so much, and it is hard to sleep.

GOOD NEWS-the Wolves win! keep up the faith. i <3 the wolves.

::not THE END::
{go wolves!}

ps-other good news, i got to hang out with some awesome kids i know from college today {m@, J-lo, and megan} we ate some pizza, and watched 50 first dates, which i have to say was a really funny movie. a lot better than i expected. worth the $2.

May 28, 2004

*el presidente*

today i wrote my legacy notes for next years president of middlebrook hall. it was not easy to write about what came so naturally. i hope my words help.


{Inspiration Stikes: the bestest movie idea ever!}

my mind wanders...a lot. today i was thinking about making a movie, only this movie is only made in my head right now, waiting to be discovered by the masses. i see lots of money rolling in with this one. tons of merchandise and gold awards, and yeah. i will call this movie The Box.

{The Box}

imagine a indestuctible (sp?) box, let's say that it is blue. inside this box you can play any video game ever created, from pong to pokemon (or whatever the kids like these days), the only thing is this box moves around with the game.

like say you are playing NFL Blitz, you dive to make a catch, the box dives. that is why it is indestructible so that the person inside does not get hurt. You make a tackle in the video game, the box makes a tackle in real life.

if you are playing dance, dance revolution (DDR as the geeks, or i mean hip people call it), you dance the box dances.

Ok so you get the idea, so here is how the movie is made. the box is first invented and some video game freak teenager kid, let's have this role be played by David Mackereth (that will bring in the female audience), his job is to test the thing. he gets inside and cant see anything hppening in the outside world, but he starts playing the games, and just goes nuts with no breaks. well in the meantime the real world is facing the destruction of the box because it is going all over the place mimicking what is happening in the video game. they can't stop it because it is invincible.

so this kid finally stops playing these video games and gets out and finds the whole world just trashed, and...

hmm...i guess i have not come up with a movie script ending yet, but i drew a picture in paint to help illustrate the movie, a storyboard as it were.

you all can be in my movie if you want.

::THE END T.B.D.::

May 26, 2004

Lies, lies, lies...

i lied.

i will never get used to waking up at 6ish.


May 25, 2004

first day as a painter...

today i scraped old paint, put on some primer, and began painting windows brown.

i learned some new things: how to glaze and caulk windows, and how to properly use an extention ladder.

question(s) that has plagued me since even before i became a painter: why do painters always wear white uniforms? do they like to show off what they have painted?

i am super tired, because of the 10 hour day with only a short lunch break, but i enjoy it. time flies real fast, and soon i will get used to waking up at 6ish in the morning. but no sleep now, because i have to watch the wolves struggle through game 3 :(.

{pictures of my mack (like mackereth) painter boots, with steel toes, only $29.99 at target!}

May 24, 2004

So Wet!

it needs to stop raining, so i can start painting.

{i wish}

May 23, 2004

*18 points*

oh dang, how upsetting. the l.a. times was wrong.

the team that they called a "plucky" little team from some "non-descript midwestern state" who have a "just happy to be here" attitude, whom "those who know basketball" know that the lakers will have no problem sweeping the twolves.

{bzzzz...WRONG ANSWER}

try these pants on for size: your amazing lakers just got thrashed by the *cough*#1seeded*cough* MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES.

here are some shoes: the TWOLVES held the lakers to their lowest franchise playoff point total--->71.

and a shirt to complete the outfit: MINNESOTA beat l.a. by 18 points and Sam Cassell was only able to play for less then the first minute before having to sit out because of his back problems (most likely caused by the fact that he has to carry around his big balls every day).


May 21, 2004

:police on horses:

after a dissappointing 1st game, there was a nice show outside the target center. some drunk kid thinks it would be a good idea to heckle some cops on horses then follow this up by jaywalking. the police kindly ask him to stay where he is, but this genious decides to run. hmm...who will win in a foot race?

drunk kid vs. the police on horses:

round 1:
the kid runs, the cops slowly start to begin pursuit on their horses while still asking him to stop running. the kid runs faster, the horses slowly gallop and catch up with drunk boy. boy gets slammed to the ground, cop car comes out of nowhere, kid is handcuffed and thrown in car.

round 2:
one of drunk kids friends thinks it to be a wise move to also begin yelling at the now 4 cops, mouthing off at the cops having his boys back. dumb idea. this kid now gets thrown to the ground and then cuffed and put into the car. well at least he and his friend can now be together. how romantic.

moral of story: horses run faster than humans, especially drunk humans.

ps-proof of sports weekend! notice the twins tickets are 5th row, right behind the twins dugout, and they are playing the white sox with whom they currently share first place in the the AL central. hopefully the wolves can still pull this one out, because LA is full of a bunch of cocky jerks, and minnesota nice deserves some glory. plus there were these 3 hugely fat LA fans sitting not far behind me that i would love see them become depressed over the lakers downfall, and eat themselves like pizza the hut.

{but not for the twolves, i still have faith}

the sports weekend 'filler'

with a timberwolves game tonight as well as sunday, what does that leave on saturday? saturday is feeling mighty lonely right now.

(enter minnesota twins)

now my mom has just informed me that she has also gotten twins tickets for saturday from her work. have i just been a really good kid? or is this some sort of parent-child bonding scheme?
...either way i am not complaining!


western conference finals!

guess whose mom scored their son and father tickets for game 1 and 2 for the wolves v. lakers.

i love my mom!


ps-i have no wolves apparal, i guess twins stuff will have to do. more posts on these exciting adventures to the target center most likely to follow.


May 20, 2004

Dear (plural)

i will try to change the music on this little thing-a-ma-bobber every friday. but today is thursday, so you get it early. PLUS now you have the ability to stop the music if it annoys you, and i am sure that i will play some annoying music at times, just to keep things lively, like MAD DOG, Mark Madsen.

{for sports fans}
Why does kobe bryan get to be above the law? had this been an average person (one with average income), i believe he would be in a lot more trouble. i think there are too many pressures from the lakers, the nba and kobe's money for the colorado court system to force kobe from his game. to vent some of my frustrations about the lakers i have written some members of their team letters with love from me.

dear kobe-
there is a difference between thinking you have big balls, and having big balls. Sam Cassell has big balls, as evidence to the fact that he had to carry them down the court, baywatch style, after making a clutch shot in this years playoffs. you might as well just stay off the basketball court and stay in the colorado court because there is only enough room for one set of big balls in this series and that balls parking spot is reserved for mr sam cassell (muscle stim and all).

dear shaq-
one mad dog mark madsen is going to own you! we are going to pull out the secret weapon and slip him some caffeine and oh man you thought arms were everywhere before? Watch out for Mad Doggy-style!

dear gary payton and karl malone-
i remember you guys playing basketball back when i was in 6th grade and even long before then. you two seem to be older than the timberwolves own center, mr johnson. it will be a showdown of the oldies i guess.

dear phil-
your wins with the bulls were legit, but your wins with the lakers are just annoying. way to be the yankees of the nba.

dear sports commentators-
i truly hope the wolves beat the lakers, just to shut you all up. you never give the wolves the credit they deserve.

dear L.A. fans-
your orange glow makes me think you are knicks fans. why do you cheer for the lakers, when you have the Clippers?


ps-i will try to not constantly write about sports...but it will be a popular subject.


May 19, 2004

{the death of the beloved faux hawk}

it had to go, with summer approaching and the need for a job, i have had my faux hawk chopped off. even the dash of mallard duck green that was in my hair is for the most part gone. here is a b&w profile shot of the hair.
Image hosted by
the best part of the interview for my painting job (which i got), was the part where dude started talking about how most of the customers we will be dealing with will be older persons, and so he does not want some punk college kid with a mohawk, funny colored hair, and tattoos all over his arms. he wants someone whom the elderly clientele will feel comfortable around. (this made me laugh on the inside knowing full well i just got rid of my hawk and funny colored hair just hours before this interview.) well i got the job, but some things still need to be confirmed with it, but it looks like the painting will begin next week!

ps-here is a picture of my dog nacho, it is funny cause he is winking and sticking out his tounge, what a stud!


May 18, 2004


all of my grades for last semester have been reported. once again i suprise myself:

JOUR 3004W (Info for Mass Comm) -----------> A
JOUR 3201 (Strategic Comm: Advertising) ---> B+
JOUR 4274 (Adv in Society) --------------------> B
MKTG 3001 (Principles of Mktg) ----------------> A
SPAN 1004 (Intermediate Spanish) ------------> S

some of you may look at that last grade for spanish and wonder, "what the heck is an S." if it were an equation S = Pass, when you take a class pass/fail. due to a poor finish in my previous semester of spanish i decided it would be a good idea to take my final semester of spanish pass/fail. this allowed me to not worry about that class AT ALL. i rarely studied for it, and i still didn't take full advantage of taking it pass/fail, becuase i still got a B which turns into a S on my transcript, oh well.

at least i learned the most important spanish word in my last dance with this beauty...the word is ametrallar, which means to machine gun down. i used this word in every class activity and test response possible throughout the semester.


May 17, 2004

destination: beautiful

i still need to settle back into this house. i have slept a lot since being home. my stuff is scattered everywhere. i filled a huge garbage full of clothes, cause i have too many.
bag's destination: goodwill.
it looks like i have a job this summer. with college pro painters, painting 40-50 hours a week at $8.50/hr. it is a relief to have a job set up.
david's destination: moneyland!
it will be a fun job because i will get to spend time working outside, and at previous jobs i could only stare out of the window *cough*oldnavy*cough* it will be nice to be making money again.
money's destination: next year's rent

ps-the wolves lost yesterday, and God cried (it rained), because God is a Timberwolves fan.


May 13, 2004

::my heart overflows with emotion::

i am so emo right now, and i don't even care how "uncool" that may be.

people are leaving, finals are approaching, and i still need to find a job.

i just take things one day at a time, and remember how much love God has. it makes for more positive emo-ness.


May 12, 2004

::for your listening pleasure::

i changed the music selection. i am not sure how often i will do this, but you will always be able to see what is playing on the side along with what has played previously. i think this will be a good way for new musics to be heard.
in other news...
if anyone knows where i should work this summer, let me know. i need some moneys!

i am going to watch the T'wolves now! hopefully they do not make my heart race like the other night. that was definatly more stressful than any of the finals i will be taking this week.

mmmmmmmmm...::THE END::

May 11, 2004


I have met some amazing people this year.
they are starting to leave.
i hope i keep in touch with them.

May 10, 2004

High school music...

I used to be in a band with my good friends Eric and Ryan. This band was called Touch, we were more about entertaining the audience than playing good music. Our band practices would consist of playing Ready 2 Rumble boxing on Ryan's Dreamcast. We put some songs up on the website so all could enjoy and laugh.
but then went defunct.
These folks sent an email saying that they were willing to recover our lost songs from, I figured what the heck, why not? It takes a while for the songs to actually transfer over, but currently Heeeee... is available for download.
What is nice about is that people give reviews of our music. They are mostly nice reviews too, like they like the song Heeeee... while I do agree it is catchy, I know we could have done better. But yeah anyways keep your eyes peeled for the return of other Touch songs, as well as PAJOICO! (put a jacket on, it's cold out).
::to be continued::

May 9, 2004

a storm's rolling through...

it is tornado-like outside (make sense?)

but besides just the storm there is so much beauty around me, i do not know what to say or what to do...

maybe CORDMAN!!! would know what to do... he does not know what to do either...

everyone is pretty awesome around me, and i truly love that...


May 8, 2004

The Best Day in the World!

No it is not because i went to the rodeo today with some of my favorite girls. Although it was fun mixing rap songs with country, and goin from dancing to line dancing and tons of cowboys. AND they played a violent femmes song which automatically makes them cool! and it wasn't all slutty with dirty men like tropics (which i hate). But no that is not why it is the best day in the world.

...because of them i could only watch Twins games on TV on fridays on 45. When Victory Sports was advertised at the Metrodome all of the druken fans would boo loudly. Finally Carl Pohlad (twins owner), got it through his head that hey, this is a bad idea and is no good for the team. the fans don't like it and every fan counts! or so the slogan says.

Here comes the good part...

VictorySports is no more! The Minnesota Twins will be making a glorious return to their real home, Fox Sports Net! Read more here
So now if you can not find me, and there is a Twins game on, i will either be at the metrodome, or watch FSN!

...end best day in the world...

May 6, 2004

the sound of music...

i decided that this blog needed some atmosphere music, so i will try to change the music every once in a while. But ENJOY!

ps-i think it will only play if you have microsoft internet explorer, so netscape kids, sorry outta luck.

Minnesota Twins!

Here is a story from my friend Bridget:

Four baseball fans are mountain climbing. Each climber happens to be a rabid fan of a different MLB team. One fan is from Chicago, one from Kansas City, one from Minnesota and the other from New York. As they climbed higher and higher, they argue more and more about, which of them is the most loyal to their particular baseball team. As they reach the summit, the climber from Chicago takes a running leap and throws himself off the mountain yelling, "This is for the Chicago White Sox!" Not wanting to be outdone, the climber from Kansas City throws himself off the mountain shouting, "This is for the Kansas City Royals!” Seeing this, the Minnesota Twins fan walks to the edge and yells, "This is for baseball fans everywhere!” He then pushes the fan of the New York Yankees off the cliff.

Go Twins!

May 5, 2004


my fingers have marker all over them!!!
i feel like a little kid!
oh wait, i act like a little kid.
in fact, many people say that i am cartoon-like.

ok, nevermind then, all is well. it is only marker, that makes it look like i hit all my fingers with a hammer.

but that's ok too, because i am a cartoon, and cartoons can get hit by hammers, and my fingers aren't flat or anything, and there are no birdies flying around my fingers.

i will survive, you don't need to worry.

May 3, 2004


so i received this informal award (most outgoing) at RHA (residence hall association) tonight, which was a marathon 3 hours long.
first off i know that i am outgoing, but let me give you all a lesson in spelling my last name, since both this certificate as well as my certificate for induction into NRHH (national residence hall honorary) spelled my name Mackerath instead of Mackereth (see the difference). the worst possible spelling i have seen of my last name is Macerath. This only has 2 syllables while my name has 3, I mean if you are going to slaughter my last name I will forgive you if you at least include the right number of syllables. Even Zoolander has 3 syllables so even that is closer to Mackereth than Macerath.
hmm, let's analyze this...first off my last name does not start off with a pepper spray it starts off with MACK cause it is cool like that. secondly it does not end with rath, or what could be pronounced as wrath, it definatly does not end with something that could relate to the classic movie, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. My last name is cool, but not that cool.
In closing, if you know how to pronounce my name, you can figure out how to spell it...MACK-Errr-etHHH. yes not always simple to pronounce like Smith or Johnson, but much cooler to have (no offense to those with previous mentioned names).
ok, i am done, it is late, and i have to debate about File Sharing in Spanish tomorrow.
Buenos Noches.

May 2, 2004

dear diary

look! two days of blogs!
how boring...
soon i will write exciting things...

ps-where did a heart with a twist of lemon come from?
well, i like pepsi twist and so it is close to my heart, but not as close as Jesus, but a heart with a twist of Jesus did not sound as good. so we stuck with the lemon. plus life gets pretty sour sometimes, but love makes it better! Oh and not love like i am a hippie love but love like 1st John 4:19 love.

and the every new day part comes from a five iron frenzy song titled every new day because that song makes me happy.

May 1, 2004

i heart the UofM

so the nice people here at the U decided to make a blog machine.
i am bored so i am gonna test it!
ametralle las máquinas!

leave some upbeats or beatdowns (comments, duh. this idea came from a Five Iron Frenzy album title, there will most likely be a lot of Five Iron Frenzy stuff mentioned in here, because they no longer exist, and by me stealing there phrases it is like a tribute, i think.).