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June 30, 2004

*rouge bees*

today for the first time ever, i was stung by a bee, twice! what is up with that? i will tell you what.

a couple houses ago (in painter's terms), i caulked up a bee hole in the house. there was always a bee flying around where the hole used to be, all confused as hell. {it was funny} this bee was homeless. now i believe this rouge bee went and told his friends, and today at the house i was painting, i passed a tree that had a swarm of bees buzzing around it. *ZING!* a bee is sticking in my calf, and i pull him off, my leg slightly in pain (good thing i am not allergic). i am like ok, now i have the experience of being stung by a bee, i must be a better person. then *ZING!* into my other leg, those little buzzers are trying to take out my legs. now i am extra grateful that i am not allergic, but getting kind of annoyed. just as i am about to devise a grand scheme to destroy the rouge bee and his posse, it begins to rain. and you can't paint in the rain, so i go home.

but tomorrow, it is on!

June 29, 2004

a ghost {some lemon}

this feeling just won't stop haunting my heart.

i push it away, down and under, and then something happens tonight that forces it all back up to the surface, and i fall beneath. drowning, and unable to breath.

it will pass,
all stormy weather does
eventually, in time.
i wish it would clear up sooner,
with no signs of return
and no memory left of what havoc it brought.

there will be no laying in the lion's den this wednesday.
not anymore.
not with what i know now.
it would hurt too much.
the teeth would bear down until
the tears would emerege from hiding.

i will just have to wait until mae.

June 28, 2004


there is a point in hairstyles that is useless. you see, i want to have long hair again, but that require patience and getting through the sort of long, but not long enough stage. the stage where your hair is annoying and you don't know what to do so you just want to buzz it all off, and oh i have done that before. it is the kind of hair you just want to wear a beanie but can't because it is summer and that would be stupid. so there is also the short hair, not what i want right now but may have to resort to it, less paint in the hair and less insulation on my head in the heat.

plus i have the day off tomorrow, and in my wallet is a coupon for a free haircut on any tuesday or thursday.

tomorrow is tuesday...i don't know what i will do yet.

::that was the most boringest post ever::

June 25, 2004

platinum foo'!

mark this day on your calendarrrrrrrrs, as the beginning of the rap career of one david vincent mackereth. (or maybe pirate).

you see i go to the dentist last week for my regular cleaning, very normal right? i go in my paint clothes since i just got off work, so i am covered in paint. the pre-dentist lady says, "you must be a painter" i ammuse her by saying "how can you tell?" then the male dentist comes in and begins pokeing at my teeth with his minature metal pick ax and begins rambling off big dentist words (like bruinooge) to the pre-dentist lady and she scribbles them down.
{as a sidenote, why are the people before the dentist ladies, and then the dentist is always a male?} it is like they are drawing you in with their beautiful temptresses, and then bam the bad news comes in the form of the dentist...2 cavities (actually 3, but the third is on a wisdom tooth, and those will be extradited later this summer so that one does not matter).
so i go in today to have them drilled and filled. i have two options for fillings:
1) expensive tooth colored fillings
2) cheaper bling-bling metal fillings
so i opt out for the platinum, and that brings us back to the beginning of this entry. it seems as though many rapparrrrrrs have platinum teeth, so i am am a plethora of hot women scantly dressed and some nice expensive automobiles away from creating a rap video. but on second thought i think i would rather become a pirate. arrrrrr! they have bad teeth as well.


ps-the novacaine prevented me from smiling for a few hours, very sad {or at least it appeared to be}

June 22, 2004

*helpful hints*

if you are going to have some people paint your house, buy them donuts.
it will increase the quality of the paint job as well as the environment.

{today the guy who owns the house we are painting gave us all donuts in the morning, like a breakfast! then in return i worked for 11.5 hours only to get home at 9pm to get ready to go at it again bright an early, 8am, tomorrow morning.}

June 20, 2004

{sweaters in the summer}

i know sweaters are off topic based on the season, but hey you sweat in the summer so we can connect the dots and make the connection.

and what are the coolest, most hip type of sweaters?

Grandpa sweaters, of course! (haha, corse, like a sweater). my family went up to duluth this weekend (cause that is where there parents/my grandparents live), while i stayed home and painted others homes. all weekend long.

but my toils do not go unrewarded. not only did i get my paycheck friday, saw some awesome friends from college saturday, but on sunday my bloodline made their way back home with a plastic bag for me with love from my grandpa mackereth. it was a bag full of old man sweaters! the kind that could almost make me look homeless, i love them! and no sifting through racks at thrift stores, instead i just have a burst of joyfulness while pulling all of my new treasures over my head. i think i got a total of about 6 or 7 new sweaters, i can't wait to wear them out on the streets.

some of the highlights (like sportscenter):
>a sweater with elbow pads
>a sweater that buttons up with wooden toggles
>2 cashmere sweaters (one with 2 small moth holes and som stains that oxiclean will remove)
>and then a few other randoms

i feel sort of bad that i did not personally receive them from my father's father, but next time that i am visiting the grand 'rents, i will be sure to give him an extra big hug, also my grandma, because i am sure it was her idea because despite her deceivingly old age, she is super young at heart, and i think she has me pretty well figured out. or else this kind of fashion enjoyment just runs in the...(you finish this corny refrence to jeans/genes).


ps-it amazes me how clothing works, how it is all interwoven and what not. crazy.

June 17, 2004


brain: are you pondering what i'm pondering pinky?
pinky: i think so brain, but why do they call them bandages when there is no music for any ages?

truth is kids, i have a couple of disabled digits. in the first work related injury i have sprained both of my pinkies painting. if i move them, they move in a jerky motion as if they were dislocating and then relocating. in a desperate attempt to remedy this situation, my mom has taped both of my pinkies to my ring fingers, bandages are holding them in this warm embrace.
if you were to cut off my thumbs i would have ninja turtle hands. sounds so awesome that i am tempted to take a knife to 'em, even if it is a rusty knife. both my pinky and my brain will be stronger at the end of the summer. storng enough to...



June 13, 2004

Genesis 2:3

sunday is the day of rest, so i am sure to take that into account. i slept in super late, woke up, ate and then took a nap after lounging outside in the sun. plus there is still a graduation party to go to.

all this after a long night last night of killing people {halo style}.
and in preperation of another week of what? yea, painting houses.


ps-{And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.}

June 10, 2004

pay some respects

it has been a sad week with two great people passing on...

Ray Charles, if you are reading this now...Rest in peace

Mr. President Ronald you made the republican party a real party, way to be.


to end on a happy note...the lakers got blown out by the pistons!

June 7, 2004

t-shirt pictures for sar!

now you know why they are sumoriffic.


it was hot out today. hotter than kristen kreuk from smallville.

the power went out in my house it was hot and i had the day off, so that meant i needed to go on an adventure, preferably somewhere with air.

Target was the destination and i bought some nice goodies with my check card:
1 digital camera (meaning more pictures sure to find their way onto this blog thinger)
24pk of mt dew
X2 on DVD (cause it was only $9.99)
A knight's tale on DVD (cause it was only $7.50)
and a flame sweatband (cause it is hot out and cause it was only $1 and cause i like sweatbands)

i also got a sweatband with cherries on it

i will try and take pictures of lots of random things for you all soon!



June 5, 2004

{P is for Paint}

today i finished painting the house i began yesterday.

this house was painted a pale green with a fire truck red front door and trim.

something i have noticed: when you scrape a house you also scrape up your hands. when you paint a house you also paint yourself.

yes many of my posts are about painting, but seriously that is pretty much all i do right now, 10 hour days leaves little time for much else.


ps-i like long hot showers to clean the paint off my body, and get it out of my hair, as well as clear all the dust out of my body. at the end of this summer i will be buffer, have more weight on my skinny body, have a hot farmers tan, and blue-collar worker hands. just so you all are ready. ;)

June 4, 2004


after working a long 10 hour day i came home and enjoyed:

2 pieces of pizza
2 breadsticks
Pepsi Twist to wash it down with
6 spicy chicken wings
2 glasses of milk to cool my mouth
an ice cream snickers bar

now i just need a shower to go to bed and get ready for another long day tomorrow. {soon it will get to where i do not need too work on friday and saturday and sunday}


ps-i got my hall council shirt in the mail and it is neon green and awesome and sumoriffic.

June 3, 2004

I'm late, i'm late!

i'm late, i'm late, i'm late! {just like that white bunny with the watch in alice in wonderland}

it is past 10pm, that means that i am late for my bedtime--->10pm!

why? work at 8am, wake at 6.30am.

work on friday? it was memorial day monday so i did not work then, to make up for it i am working friday.



not many of you can say...

...that you painted a house and mowed the lawn today.

i can.


June 2, 2004

{Pop vs. Soda}

Wisconsin kids, you should know that over half your state says pop. i don't know why any of WI even says soda, it is geographically illogical.

check it out fo' yourself:

{just a few things}

my cold is slowly getting better, the sun is finally showing its face, and i got done painting today 4 hours early and i still get paid for those 4 hours! i have to say that i really like my painting job. the day goes by really fast because there is always something to do. i get to be outside. the people i work with are really cool, let me introduce you to them.

Cory: the main manager guy. i don't really have to see him much, he is always going from site to site. he is kind of disorganized. he is only 22 and from st. paul. he could be described as someone who likes to talk.

Ben: he is the leader of my team, they call him the foreman, or job site manager. he is only 19 and from buffalo (the one in MN). he knows his painting pretty well since he did it last summer as well. he could be described as a pretty-boy soccer type kid, cause he played that in high school.

ibraheim (pronounced sort of like abraham, though i am not sure if i spelt it right): this guy is automatically cool, cause he has worn a timberwolves sweatshit to almost every day of work. so we talk basketball a lot, and he picked up smoking again after the wolves lost because he was so sad. he is from north minneapolis, a very rough area where you hear gunshots a lot. we are painting near his house right now, and he was telling us how it is hard for a lot of the people in the area to find jobs because they have been to jail, and having a record does not look good to employers. he was telling us this because this morning when we were setting up, some random guy stopped his van in the middle of the alley, got out, and asked if we needed any help painting. we assured him that we were good, and he went on his way.

::THE END early::

ps-Pepsi, the best cola manufacturer ever, has developed the 36 pack! what more could you want? {perhaps a 48 pack, talk about conveince or a heavy lift}