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July 29, 2004

my blood runs lead...

i am so sick of scraping, priming, caulking, glazing, sanding, cutting, cleaning, climbing, and painting houses!

august 20th could not come any sooner. i am ready for a new job around the UofM where my body doesn't ache every day. i am ready to see my college peeps again. i need to find that new job.

*ahem* i think I'm getting the black lung, pop. its not very well ventilated down there. *ahem* *ahem*

July 25, 2004

warped tour*

it was hot out. but i had some fun with my friends today. i felt a bit old though, i think that will be my last warped tour. the food was way too expensive, and everyone looked soo young. but i still had fun watching some bands. i always love me some musics. i wore sandals, cause i knew there would be no moshing for me, i think my body is too old for that now too. i was there to relzx and listen to some music. sandals are also easier to put on in the morning.

here are prolly the best pictures i took since they were at a smaller stage and it was easy to get close. this is noise ratchet. haven't heard of them? check 'em out, you'll prolly like 'em.

*this warped tour was made possible by my sister. who had to go to journalism camp instead and surrendered her ticket to me.

July 24, 2004


-underoath not playing the minnesota date of the warped tour
-girls feeling the need to lie
-no cereal in the house

July 23, 2004


i need a job around the U for when school starts, i have work study, so i think it should be easy.
i want another tattoo. they are fun.

uhhhh...yeah, end randomness.


July 21, 2004


yeah, i don't understand some things either.

July 20, 2004


i saw mae tonight. it was one of those early, super early shows. i am glad we finished painting the house early today so i could go home and shower paint off before the show. otherwise i was just planning on going covered in paint, and there were so many ultra clean people there, i would have felt extra dirty.
i also ran into lots of kids from the UofM {like andy and michael, and i met some girls who are going there next year}. plus my friend audrey whom i met at a pedro the lion show, she is super nice and beautiful. anyways, enough gibber jabber, here are some not so a-MAE-zing pictures i took.

good luck making them out.

after the show i talked to some of the band, and they were super nice, then i headed home cause my body aches from painting.

fun story, i know.

July 18, 2004

{3 little monkeys jumping on the bed}

my painting crew at the beginning of the summer was me, ben and ibraheim. now i am the only one left still working for college pro from that team, and i am kind of a freelancer that moves from team to team to help whoever needs it the most. i kind of like it that way because i meet more people. but here is what happened to my team in song form. {pretend we are the 3 little monkeys}

3 little monkeys jumping on the bed
1 got mad and strained his head
smarted off to boss man and bossman said:
you are fired your job here's dead.

2 little monkeys jumping on the bed
1 got fed up, wanted more street cred
took a plane to NY to paint the town red
never called the boss back, dont know if he's dead.

1 little monkey jumping on the bed
has to keep jumping so he can pay the rent!
{i know it doesn't ryhme, but i can't quit or get fired cause i need moneys}

i should get a bonus for being the last monkey left on my original team, after all the bossman makes enough {$50,000} to give me like a $1,000 bonus or something.>_<

July 16, 2004

my dog wants to be sedated

nacho is kind of not looking happy right now. he is now two teeth lighter and i imagine that that does not make eating much easier.

i just squirted some pain killer under his tounge {and he did not like me much for that, cause i had to force his mouth open}. then i hid some pill he needs to take in a teeny hunk of peanut butter. now he is very tranquil.

tomorrow nacho will get his favoritest food for when he gets sick, and can't eat well: Gerber baby food chicken mixed with cooked white rice. he gets sick a lot because he has epilepsy {i don't think i spelt that right, but he has seizures every so often and it is sad to watch}

a mighty fine pirate nacho is now. missing two teeth and all intoxicated {by pain killers rather than alcohol}.

i love my pup so much, i wish he was not getting so old. i think he is almost 11.

July 13, 2004


being very ebay savy i just won a minnesota timberwolves vintage tshirt for only $1.25! with shipping it comes to $5.75. it is the old school logo, just like i had been searching for.

i needed a wolves shirt, now i got one. now it will be their year, i can feel it. i will really feel it when it comes in the mail. i know you all are jealous.

check it out:
the shirt in all its glory

July 12, 2004

i'm the bad guy

today, since i did not work, my parents asked me to bring nacho into the vet. nacho hates the vet, so i just dont want nacho to hate me.

nacho loves riding in the car, so naturally when i ask him to jump into the punk rock van, he is more than thrilled. he sits in the passenger seat just like a human would, watching out the window as the world passes him by.

i carry him into the vet and as he catches scent of it he begins shaking in fear (no joke). i help the nurse settle him down so he will stay on the scale...a wopping 8.9 lbs, that a boy nacho!

then we go into the room with the metal table in which i place him, and the doc gives him his physical as i calm him {he is still shaking at this point}. they then took him away from me to give him shots and stuff, and i sat in the waiting room like one of those nervous people in wating rooms on television. i learned about proper weights for dogs and cats from a poster on the wall. nacho's shape looks to be classified as the ideal weight.

nacho is getting old (around 12 yrs old), but he still has a lot of life and energy in him. but we noticed some lumps on his stomach. the vet checked them with a needle or something and there were just fatty lumps, phew. nacho is going to have to go in for a dental cleaning, and it looks as though they may have to pull one of his teeth. now he can join my pirate crew, Arrrr. who needs parrots when you have a dog. he got his blood drawn, and some shots, and heartworm check, and he was done. he stopped shaking because i think he knew the worse was over.

i paid the $92.01, got home and gave him a treat, for being such a good doggie. i love my dog nacho.

July 9, 2004

kill bill-vol. 2

today i went to kill bill vol.2, all by my lonesome. see i have no problem with being a lone wolf as it were. sometimes i enjoy going places by myself, maybe it is weird and uncool to many but meh whatever. i really wanted to see this movie, and since it was in the dollar theater and i only had $2 in my wallet it seemed to be a good choice for cheap entertainment.

My review of the movie:

i am not going to spoil any part of this movie, but one observation i will make is that their is a LOT less gore in this second volume, yet it still had its humor. and it all came together very well.

while there are no samurais in this movie the swords got me thinking about them. and i think samurais are way cooler than ninjas, but still not as cool as pirates. but if all three got in a deathmatch i think the ninjas and samurais would double team the pirates and take them out before going at each other. this is why the pirates would need an ally, i believe that robots would be a suitable ally. but with the new movie I, Robot coming out the pirates would have to know that the robots cannot be trusted, not that pirates are the most honorable of teammates, or teammateys. ArRR!

so scrap the robots. the pirates, with all of their booty, should just hire assasins (like the ones seen in kill bill vol 1 & 2) to take care of the samurais. with the samurais gone, the ninjas would be a simple match for the pirates.

i would like to take "S words" for 500 and say that kill bill vol 2 was worth my $2, but if you are to see it make sure to see the first one first {it only makes sense to}.

twins/cookie/yearbook/smallworld night!

too much fun was had last night to type out. but it was action packed! :D

July 8, 2004

5, 4, 3...

yesterday we began the day with 5 painters.

one began puking, i believe i saw him puke at least 3 times. and the best part about it was the neighbor saw him leaning up against the fence all disoriented like. this neighbor she is prolly in her 50s and she is talking to someone else on our crew, "he looks a little dehydrated, the sun can do that to you." dane (the guy on our crew) responds simply, "yeah." she continues, "although so can parties."
haha, this older neighbor had him figured, he was drinking last night. he sprayed paint until he couldn't go on anymore. he went and bought some saltines and a sprite then passed out in the front yard and took a nap, because he was too dazed to actually drive home.

then at lunch we lost our next painter. he has been working for 4 weeks, and finally says "i'm leaving, i think i am going to quit, i think the heights are getting to me." it wasn't even that bad of a house yesterday ladder wise, but i guess for some people it is too much. grasping so tightly to the ladders made him slow anyways. so i finished where he left off, only i simply walked on the roof rather than constantly moving the ladder.

we went from 5 painters to 3 and still got the house done. tis' a hardknock life...for us.

July 6, 2004

{rain delay}

cut it.
bleach it.
dye it.
grow it.

i don't know right now. i think i am going crazy cause i am so used to changing my hair so much, and i have not done anything for a long while now.

July 4, 2004

another birthday!

happy 17th to my sister!

July 2, 2004

{bee update}

turns out that it was not bees that stung both my ankles, but rather yellowjackets.

now they are all swollen and it hurts to walk.

Bees lose.
Yellowjackets win.

happy birthday brother!

today is my brother's birthday! he is now 12.

last night we celebrated with some pre-july 4th fireworks:

July 1, 2004


today we bought raid.

bees: 2
me: 3