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September 28, 2004

'i would like S'words for $500.'

you may have seen the infomercials for it.
but my roommates and i have called in for the FREE SWORD CATALOG!
what better thing to hang on our living room wall, or kill zombies with than Xena's or Hercules' Sword.

or even Conan's Unparalleled Atlantian Sword!

they will prolly run around $300-$500 but you can not put a price on the Unparalleled Atlantian Sword because it is Unparalleled! i mean heck, we are already getting a deal with the FREE Sword Catalog what is another $500? maybe the money/honey bear will help me buy it. now i know you all probably want the FREE Sword Catalog and would cut off your leg to get the number from me. But no need, there will be enough loss of legs after i am let loose on the Zombies with my Unparalleled Atlantian Sword! you all will have to buy Xena's Sword or some other Sword in there. here is the number-->800.418.3311

Zombies beware of our future living room centerpiece!

ladies, i may not have nun-chuck skills or computer hacking skills, but soon i will have Sword skills, Unparalleled Atlantian Sword skills.

September 26, 2004

tom & jerry

so my roommate tom got a job at a sandwhich place called pb loco.

his managers name is jerry.

i hope people find that as funny as i found it.

September 23, 2004

some technical updates

this is just regarding the operation of this site, some may find this interesting, others bored to death.

a new function has been added so if you leave your name/email with a comment someone can click to visit your website or send you an email. this will make this more of a community thing. like one big happy family of commentators.

entries per page:
whereas, before entries would disappear into the archives after 7 days leaving who knows how many entries on a page on any given day. the page will now always have a set limit of entries. currently i have it set to 10, so you will always have 10 fascinating somethings to read on the main page. i may turn the knob up to 11, or i may turn it down. we will see how it goes. but this way there will always be something occupying the space, even if i have written nothing in 7 days.

*end transmission*

da bears

my roommate, Tom, gave me an ice-cream bucket.

it is so much more than an ice cream bucket.

the bear is ferocious, he gobbles up honey AND spare change!

"YUM, YUM!" says mr. bear.

sad story about the bears

every day, thousands of honey/money eating bears live in little drafty caves and starve. when they do not get enough they can only sleep a few months. take fuzzy wuzzy for example:

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear.
fuzzy wuzzy had no hair.
so fuzzy wuzzy was not fuzzy,
was he?

i know that saddens me, but if you feel this issue really tearing on your heart as well. if your face now feels wet with tears, know this! for just pennies a day you can help fuzzy wuzzy and many other bears like him, suffering due to lack of nourishment. your donation will help a bear fill his tummy with lots of picnic baskets and become not your average bear. my friend T.C. was once on the streets without a cave or money/honey to eat. but thanks to generous donations he now lives happily in the metrodome, serving smiles to thousands of people every gameday. so please help care for the bears, so that they can be care bears. send your spare change to the address below:

David Mackereth
621 Huron Blvd. SE 2401C
Minneapolis, MN 55414

September 21, 2004

the same thing we do every night...

so my plans of world domination have been run off the train tracks temporarily. but this train is getting back on the horse, err...tracks. i did not get an MSA at-large spot as i had hoped for. perhaps i did not comb my hair well enough {or at all}, or it could be the fact that i did not prepare much to say, in my sometimes over confident sort of way.

but tomorrow is still another day, and another night to...


September 20, 2004

*pardon the interuption*

i know i am an advertising major. i like good advertising. commenting on my blog and leaving links for stupid party poker and payday loans is not good advertising. people may need those payday loans for their party poker addiction, but this little area of mine is going to stay commercial free, with the exception of my endorsements for Pepsi Twist. it is even an .edu address not a .com.

when you comment i have the ability to keep you from future commenting, like a mute button. so you little canned spammers have been locked out. if you are a friend just being funny let me know and i will unlock you.

this announcement was made possible thanks to support from the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Problem Gambling Prevention Program {1-800-437-3641}, and by readers like you.

...and now, back to your regular scheduled programming.

September 17, 2004

hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work i go...

i start work on tuesday, this is how it will be when i go to work:
wake up,
get dressed,
eat breakfast,
leave apt,
close door,
lock door,
unlock door,
enter apt,
go to my room,
sit down at my computer,
maybe turn on cartoon network,
begin work!

i will get paid around $10.50 an hour to do just that! i am a research assistant for one of the professors at the School of Journalism, and i will only have to meet with him once a week to go over what to research and what i have gotten done. other than that i just sit on my computer, research on the internet and type in microsoft excel. and this is the type of job that i can put on my post college resume. it sounds like the best job ever. i cannot tell you how excited i am about this job!

more excited than this--->!

September 16, 2004

my friend, T.C. the Bear...

TC the Twin's mascot who has already graced my life once, has done it again. It is now safe to say that we are close friends. He spotted me at the game tonight in the upper decks, and shot a t-shirt at me with his t-shirt shooting gun.

i threw my elbows around {nba jam style} to keep the children and women away, and m@ had my back holding away the masses. i reached up to the heavens and caught the shirt, quickly jerking it down to my body to keep it safe from the wandering hands. my nipple was almost ripped off by one person, and my head by another. one lady, i think she just wanted to touch me because she was asking me for the shirt for the rest of the night. i celebrated with my comrades for not only the twins win but also for my winnings.

TC + dAviD = BFF!!!1!!

September 14, 2004

*my homework situation*

i have so much to read, i do not like to read.

September 12, 2004

all in the family

there are so many stories i can tell of what happened this weekend, but i think it best to be kept for the most part in the family. just know that my grandpa left early saturday morning not long after midnight. he went very peacefully with a loved one at his side. he was able to see many of those he loved before he passed. including his youngest grandchild, whom he stuggled to open his eyes to see, and used almost all his energy left to smile. thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. all will be well in the family.

'you'll be given love, you'll be taken care of...'

September 9, 2004

you want to know what is really going on?

no funny off the wall stuff here, so if ya are looking for fun happy, don't read this. it will just be straight out.

my mom's dad is dying. he only has a few days left. he can't keep food or liquids down anymore. he has been sick for a couple years now. stomach cancer. i never really knew him that well, that is why it is weird for me to call him grandpa. i can probably count the number of times i have been around him on my two hands. this is because he got into a lot of trouble and hung out with the wrong crowds, i will not go into too much detail. that is family stuff.

i was all excited about the weekend today, because i have no friday class. i was ready to hang out with lots o kids, and go see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for free at coffman. but i got a phone call from my daddy-o today, saying that my mom was going up to duluth tomorrow morning with her brother, and my dad said he is going up tomorrow after work. he asked if i wanted to go with. the thing is i hardly know him. i was looking forward to a fun weekend. i do not really want to see someone die. i feel selfish. i will go. and even though i have not had much time spent with him, i know he is a good guy deep down. i should see him one last time here on earth.

if you are the praying type, pray for my mom and close family as they go through this difficult time. also pray for my mom's dad, that he goes through little pain in his last days here. i have only been to one funeral in my life, i don't even remember who for. i was young. i have not experienced death much at all. except for my other grandparent's dog brandy. the first dog i ever knew. cried my eyes out. i might get all emotional about this too, so now that i think about it i could prolly use some prayer. just talking to my roommate just now almost brought me to tears.

yeah i could keep typing, but i think i will stop. just wanted you all to know that my life is not all fun and games like i make it out to be sometimes.

September 7, 2004

red pen

today was my first day of my third year of college. let's get a sportscenter recap, as in only the highlights, or only what i can remember on little sleep. even though i did not sleep in any of my classes.

8am wakeup

usually i will not wake up this early for a 9.45 class but today was special and i wanted to be all ready. so i woke up and as i always do when i wake up i plop myself in front of the computer quick. i notice my friend kels is online and decide i have to talk to her because she is so fun and i do not get to see her around school cause she is in england chillin with the brits for study abroad. it is obviously a more decent hour there at this time, so i speak mostly in gibberish and she speaks elegantly not only because she is probably awake with the time zone difference but also because she is in the land of the queen and they are always all fancy schmancy elegant over there.

i withdraw from conversation, knowing that i was not making much sense and go turn on cartoon network while pouring a bowl of honey toasty o's {malt-o-meal honey nut cheerios}. looney toons is on, only they are little kids. weird. shower, clothes a dib, a dib, a deeb that's all folks!

walk to political science

i catch glances with old friends and give them the 'what's up' nod. but i stop when i run into annika. i am glad she transfered back to minnesota. she was one of my bestest friends back in HS. she tells me of all her hippie liberal classes she is taking. i say 'go bush!' she says 'f*ck you!' and then we laugh, because we are good friends.

poly sci 1001

this is all getting long so i will cut this recap extra short. kid next to me thinks i am a freshman. i clear up the situation {random note: a semi attractive girl just went outside to read on her balcony outside my windom, i have become distracted and lost my train of thought. haha choo choo train} we take a survey for a grad student get hostess snacks and $5, and i stash the snack in my bag for later. classes run straight through lunch. you know those idiots whose cell phones ring in class then everyone laughs. today i was an idiot. silent mode dave, silent mode. and plus i also forgot to bring pens except for a red one, so all of my notes today were written in red. awesome.

bible class

i hop the metro bus to get to the other side of campus cause this class is way far away and i only have 15 minutes to get there. it is in an old church building, which the U has renamed the classrooms building. but it is a good building for a bible class i suppose. my new friend falon is in that class, and she walks me to my next class at the J-school.

strategic comm research

this is one of those classes in my major, so i for sure knew a lot of people in this class since they are in all of my other classes. the teacher is prolly in his 50s, and he said dude at least twice. he also talked about old people diapers.

and then i came home and ate some 98 cent frozen pizza from wal mart.

September 6, 2004

tonight the role of designated driver shall be played by...

myself, duh! cause i do not drink. so if you ever need a designated driver i can prolly do it for you. because i kind of feel good doing that. you just have to provide the car for me, and trust my driving abilitites. i will even make sure you wear your seatbelt.*

*this psa brought to you by pepsi twist, because it is fun to drink, only if it is a pepsi twist.

September 5, 2004

getting to know you, getting to know more about you...

mr. plant and i have not talked yet on how often he would like to drink {water}, but i am sure that is something he will tell me without using words. mr plant and i are connected like that.

on a completely seperate note, my blabberings has made someone's list of best Uthink blog's list {blogs hosted by the UofM}. it is not exactly an oscar, but i will take it! check er out: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/hamm0268/qwerty/004790.html

September 3, 2004

meet mr. plant!

this is my new friend. he lives in my room. cleans my air. makes my apartment a home. his name is mr. plant. he is too sophisticated for a first name. his type i forgot cause the lady said some really long name. he is strong. i will water him and he will oxygenate me.

mr plant, his green pot, and the california rasins:

4.30am and finally made it back to my room, and i am still not tired so i will type type type...

it all started out with a twin's game with some of my favorite high school kids. lots of fun was had heckling since:
a) there were not many people at the game meaning our voices could carry better
b) we were in the lower GA in the third row so very close to the players.
c) usually there is always a c but i can not think of one right now.

we got the celebration fist directed at us a few times. once from when we were yelling over at the bullpen and congratulating jesse crain on his win the previous night, amazingly he heard us and he acknowldeged us with the 'celebration fist.' then later in the game, shannon stewart made a sweet amazing catch for the third out, so next time he took the field we were all yelling sweet catch to his back, so he turned around and gave the 'celebration fist.' then TC the mascot bear was walking in front of us so we yelled at him and got big high5s. then his little crony helper man following behind him was handing out autographed TC cards to the lil kids. so me being the lil kid at heart yelled at him that i wanted one. he gave me a pile, with an annoyed smirk n his face, for me and my pals to cherish forever. the twins won the game {2-0} with the help of radkes 9 strikeouts and 8 shutout innings and nathan's save to complete the sweep of the rangers.

TC Card! {w/ autograph, plus fun facts on the back}

man TC can hit.

following the game, J-Z came to pick us up and bring us over to his crib in st. paul. a very nice crib indeed! stayed there till round 1, then they dropped me back off at my apartment, and before i could get into my building all these kids were yelling my name from the balcony of another one of the buildings, so i went to kick it with all those people for a while. came back to my apt to eat some mac and cheese, and green beans {my mom would be so happy i ate vegetables}. talked with my roomies, and here i am and now i am done and that was boring if you read it all i am sorry. goodnight!

September 1, 2004

a sad day...

here is a tearjerker that you can make into a hot selling chick flick date film. so after having my teeth ripped out of my mouth, i figured i take a break from my favorite beverage...Pepsi Twist. I will now refer to Pepsi Twist as PT which sounds like pity, which you should feel because this is sad. PT and i have been through a lot together, heartbreaks, late nights, paper writing, and numerous meals and snacks. that is why it was so hard for me to break all ties for so long. it had been about a week and a half, and i finally gave into my desire to drink the pop i have come to love.


it felt like acid burning my tounge, and continuing its blaze down my throat. BUT i did not give up. i kept forcing this bubbly burner down my throat, because i know that i will eventually build up a tolerance once again for my baby. and when that day comes i will be healthy again. and this story will have a movie script ending.