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November 28, 2004

yes, it is a little fishy...

two little fishes in fact.
the one on top is named sundown to midnight. named after the dingees second album and song which share the name. the orange in the fish represents the sundown, and the black midnight.
the fish on the bottom is named tobias. named after king tobias. perhaps tobias the fish will soon be crowned king. and rule over the broken pillars.

let distraction commence. watching the fish swim and swim and swim and swim.
just keep swimming!

November 25, 2004

happy thanksgiving!

tonight, the sandman's job is made easier. and he is thankful.

November 20, 2004

feel the promise of a warm day.

at least that is what my dove chocolate says.

yesterday it was raining, but i still decided to go to the MSA retreat at camp objibweawbarnaoenrfeinsaofenoiftngie.

and once again i collected 3 hours of sleep, mostly because all of the people on MSA are honestly pretty awesome. we talked about leadership, parly pro, and bodily functions amongst other things. and if i got more than 3 hours of sleep i would write more than 3 paragraphs on this subject. and while the day may not have kept it's promise warm weather wise, it kept its promise warm fuzzy wise. and that is a nice warm.

November 18, 2004

the day, the music died...

so i decided to take the music off this site. i think it may be annoying to some. if you want to listen to my music, you can just borrow my cds and jam out.
forever yours.

based on feedback of one, i have re added music, but it is an opt-in sort of deal, kind of like america's current organ donation system. this way if you are already listening to music you will not be interupted, but if you want to listen to some of my musics, then you can go on the side bar and click play.

November 16, 2004

dinosaurs do not sleep!

so monday night i had to write a 5 page paper. what better way to write it then to start at 2am? here is what i did instead...
i jammed out (singing and dancing) to the most amazing ad ever, for hp digital cameras and printers. you should all go see it if you have not seen it. it is the most amazing ad out right now, no doubt:
{make sure you stop the music on this site}
i pretended that i was a rhamphorhyncus, since i was wearing that shirt. pretty much a rhamphorhyncus looks like a teradactyl.
i played with people that came to our apartment, and ate some mcdonalds foods.
eventually i wrote my 5 page paper, which was a compare/contrast paper on israelitte and moabite conquest traditions. so i titled my paper Ancient Near Eastern Conquest Movies my intro pretty much sums up my thinking in the early morning, if you want to read it, click on the continue reading later on. the conclusion is also off the wall, and includes josh hartnett.

all of these things i recommend.

and then today, i got a paper back and it was 10/10. and despite only sleeping 3 hours i went to MSA, the student govt for the UofM student body, and got an at large spot by razzling and dazzling in a tired yet entertaining speech that begin with...
"hello my name is david mackereth, that is david as in 'slayer of goliath' and mackereth as in...uhh my last name." and plus the fact there were only 3 people running for 2 spots probably helped. but you may have remebered i failed to get on before. but like pedro the lion's 2000 album...winners never quit. but now i am going to quit writing because this is definatly getting pointless.

A horror movie is something that boys watch to get the adrenaline flowing, and girls watch to hold the boy next to them in fear. A chick flick is something that girls watch to get the tears flowing and boys watch to hold the girl next to them in love. More often than not, boys want to see one type of movie and girls want to see another. Neither party would suggest seeing an Ancient Near Eastern Conquest movie. Primarily because the genre with this name does not exist, but if it did the Moabite Mesha Inscription and the Israelites conquest of Ai, in Joshua 8, would be two movies shelved under the Ancient Near Eastern Conquest section of a video store. Before there were movies there were things called books, and books required a written language. Writings can also be classified with genres. A genre is a way to classify various things into groups because they have similarities in the way they may be presented or the story they tell. Joshua 8 and the Mesha Inscription can both be classified into the genre of Ancient Near Eastern Conquests because of the similarities they use to tell of the conquests, yet they still vary enough to differentiate themselves. Point of view, description of the conquest, and the role of deities are ways that these two stories are distinct, yet share the same genre of Ancient Near Eastern Conquest.

November 14, 2004

a fancy, schmancy adventure!

upon the alteration of identification for our apartment building,
thomas, josephine and i decided to go on an adventure with the end goal being a
redecoration of our bland living room (see exhibit a).

exhibit a

our first destination was savers thrift department store. thrifty for cheapness, department store for classiness. this savers is in a etch-a-sketchy area of minneapolis. we drove into the under construction dirt rocky parking lot and found a spot. we found a records area and joey and tom commenced flipping through them cheapo style. 5 records made the final cut. near the records were books, they will die later in this adventure. some tragedy for this uplifting adventure tale.

shakespeare for intellectualness

we left savers with our goods, and spent no more than $10. we headed west for uptown, the hipster part of minneapolis.

but first, here is what was the result of the books and records

{records on wall from left to right: rogers and hemmerstein, the velveteen rabbit, the ray charles chorus sings of things to do on a rainy night, and the sound of music.}

while in uptown we gazed through the opposite of savers...urban outfitters. we picked up a tapestry, frames for our records and we all bought some clothes. i bought a $5 rhamphorhyncus dinosaur shirt. it goes well with my current dinosaur obsession.

the tapestry decorated our wall real fast.

adventure sidenotes: the 5th record we bought which is not on the wall was mary poppins. we used a 'scientific' broom to make the records straight and even on the wall. we moved the furniture from its original positions giving a pleasent comfort. the pictures do no justice to the awesomeness of the room, everyone and everybody should come visit, especially kristen kreuk.

November 13, 2004

mr. cool

mr cool gets asked by a couple girls from his class to go out last (friday) night.
mr cool lets those girls know that his roommate just got back to the apartment with Halo 2.
mr cool informs girls that he is going to play Halo 2, and does not feel like going out and about.
mr cool plays Halo 2 with roommate tom for a good 5 or 6 hours.
mr cool realizes he forgot about a meeting he had for NSAC.
mr cool continues playing Halo 2.
mr cool plans on completing the Halo 2 campaign with roommate tom tomorrow (or today, it is early).
mr cool is going to enjoy bacon day today before Halo 2 action.

my name is david mackereth and i am mr cool!

ps-mr cool no longer lives in jefferson commons. so no more saying i live in the JC. the apartment is under new management and mr cool now lives in university commons apartments. mr cool does not feel so cool anymore.

November 8, 2004

it's beginning to smell a lot like christmas!

everywhere i gggg...

wait actually it only smells like christmas in my room. thanks to my apple cinnamon glade plug-in.

happy holidays...or something.

November 5, 2004


November 4, 2004

join the party.

depressed about the election?
join the awesome party!

ecstatic about the election?
join the awesome party!

apathetic about the election?
join the awesome party!

charles worthington and i want you in our party!
the awesome party:
still no platform, still awesome!

current awesome party members:
david mackereth and charles worthington: president and VP (TBD)
janelle mackereth: media promotions/campaign manager
ryan clay: secretary of keeping it real
kelly kubacki: lawyer for laying down the law
thomas patrick cahill: tall guy (irish drunk)
josephine schroeder: speech assistant
ian McConnell: the minister of awesome party planning
sarah kirkland: new engalnd correspondent
clair ebben: dude magnet
fedja kecman: the foreign foreign realtions guy
amy christenson: leader of the mercenaries

if you would like to be added as a member, or have already requested to be a member and i have forgotten, let chaz or me know! make up an awesome position for yourself, or i will create one for you.

November 2, 2004

like you have not heard enough about...


how can this subject be avoided it is election day, i got my sticker. don't worry i will not go into much detail. but i think it is safe to say that no matter who arises as the victor, a large political divide will remain in the US for an extended period of time. this is where the awesome party comes in under the leadership of charles worthington and myself.

despite not having a platform yet, i already have people jumping at the opportunity to get involved with this party. this will be a uniting party with charles being liberal and myself conservative. i would love to be in the oval office but there needs to be some ivy league support so charles comes in with his harvard degree to give the awesome party the boost it needs.

charles and i have already held a few informal meetings about our party. we have decided that we will both work our way up the political system under the republican and democratic parties. then when we develop our proper credentials, the awesome party will emerge, and we will take the white house. speaking of colors, we had another informal party meeting last night on instant messenger, and discussed what colors our states would be on the electoral college map. republicans have red, the democrats have blue, green party should probably have green if they could ever claim a state, and independents take white. right now we are thinking of going with mustard. we also discussed using a random method of pulling a crayon out of a crayola box (a 64 pack minus the reds, blues, whites, and greens).

dont worry america, the awesome party is in the making. it will be awesome.