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January 27, 2005

just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

i am glad to see the concern about sundown to midnight. the good news is that he is swimming with more energy than ever! and he is no longer floating to the top. so no dying for sundown to midnight, just rocking.

what did die however is my computer. i could not even start it up. dell 24/7 tech support helped me reboot and reload and debug all this crap (a good 3 hour process). and now my computer is so empty. and good ol' smart self did not back up anything. so no more musics. no more movies. no more homeworks. no more pictures. while i did not have my computer for a day, i decided to do my laundry. but guess what, i broke our laundry machine too! so i decided not to touch any appliances for the remainder of the day.

but you know, life goes on. just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

January 24, 2005

get down sundown!

sundown to midnight, one of our precious fish, is a little too bubbly. so bubbly in fact, that he floats and has trouble staying down. i fear that his name is coming true. sundown is approaching, and the darkness of midnight is devouring his life. if he dies it will be sad. :( tom and i have kept these fishes alive for a long time now. hopefully he farts some air out and resumes his normal swimming patterns.

"Sundown to midnight...waiting for the daylight"

January 23, 2005

a preamble ramble to scramble.

on sunday evening, while most people are scrambling to finish the homework that has been piled up like the snow banks, i get an extra day. pretty much i just want everyone to know that i have a 4 day weekend. that is all.

January 19, 2005

the weight of spring semester's classes rest in a bag as they take the 16 down washington avenue

after having been to the first day of class for all of my classes this semester, i have a taste of what they will be like. and it tastes like paper, a lot of paper. paper in the 25 books i needed for all my classes. and paper in all the political essays i will be scribbling down for my 4 poly sci classes. i have decided to finish my political science minor this semester. i am still taking a class for my major as well, basic media graphics. so there i will be printing a lot of paper.

i have a calendar to keep track of it all. i used red ink to mark all the days i have papers/projects/tests. red means it is important, and the life of my grades depend on it. black permanent marker tells of significant events such as concerts or even my 21st birthday, which falls on a saturday. the black sharpie also x's out days past.

the first four classes i had are also attended by numerous people i already know. the fifth and final class had only the faces of strangers (actually, i'm lying. i know one person in it, but it will sound like a better story if i don't know people in at least one of my classes). this mostly means that i will meet a lot of new people. i always like to scope out the class to see who is about. one girl from across the room smiled at me, so i returned the friendly gesture.

class got out early, as it always does on 'go over the syllabus' day, and i went to wait at the busstop, because my bag was full of the books i had just purchased for class and my feet showed no appreciation for the knowledge inside them but only contempt for the weight they put on my shoulders. i watched the smoke form from my breath as i crunched some snow with my ungrateful feet. the 16 pulled up and i got on and headed towards the back, because the back of the bus has been where i liked to sit ever since first grade. smiling girl also was riding the 16, and she decided to take a seat in the back as well. next to me on the seat that runs parallel with the bus not the perpendicular seats. i took this as her wanting to begin conversation. myself, being the master of conversing, with converse all-stars on my now satisfied feet, decided to play the role of conversation initiator. the best way to start is with a...


"hi," smile girl replied.

my mind searched for something to converse about. my eyes found my converse on my feet, and between my feet sat my overstuffed backpack. as to clarify things with smile girl i said, "my bag is stuffed, i had to buy 25 books today. it is the most books i have ever had to buy, it kind of sucks." i did not want to be confused with someone who just likes to have a oversized backpack for no reason.

"yeah, buying books always hurts." smile girl said.

meanwhile this kid across from me in a black hat kept smirking, i think he found my talking to strangers amusing. there was also your token oddball on the bus. an older lady in the back corner began mumbling to herself, "there is a lot of snow...mumble mumble, mumble, and random made up words...one time i was a kid."

our conversation continued until we hit oak street. "this is my stop," she said.

"alright, see you next week," i responded.

she was replaced in the seats next to me by two new girls. i adjusted so they would have space, my wallet chain clanged upon the metal seat divider.

"what was that?" the new girl said as she looked down towards the seat.

i explained, "it was nothing, just my wallet chain. see?" i brushed my coat aside so that the chain was visable.

"oh, i thought it was a slinky" new girl said.

this sounded cool to me, "aww, yeah a slinky would have been way more exciting. next time i am on the bus i will bring a slinky for you."

she agreed, a slinky would be fun to play with on the city bus. smirking kid held back a chuckle as i began talking to strangers about slinkys (slinkies?). the bus reached huron blvd, this city bus adventure was over. i picked up my bag of knowledge, and crunched and slushed the few remaining blocks back to my apartment.

in my room i emptied my bag, like a thief would a register, and organized them into piles for each class. this days whirlwind adventure had come to a close. and i was ready to close my eyes to sleep, only to prepare myself for the adventures that i will have on the new day.

January 15, 2005

the U of eMperor's new groove

[Kuzco and Pacha are tied to a tree branch floating in a river]
Pacha: Uh oh.
Kuzco: Don't tell me: We're about to go over a huge waterfall.
Pacha: Yep.
Kuzco: Sharp rocks at the bottom?
Pacha: Most likely.
Kuzco: Bring it on.

i am ready for this grand new semester at the U. working at old navy over break stuck to half its name and got old. but it will be money. today tom and i went on an adventure to rochester so he could see his girl. so we ate some burritos there was 5 of us, then we went and saw in good company, then a short shopping trip. the roadtrip included jamming out in the car and finding a new use for the Ucard, an inner window scrapper. then we watched emperor's new groove, which is the funniest cartoon movie ever. BOOM BABY!

January 11, 2005

a crowd of clouds take a hiatus to let the sun shine down

sometimes i get these white splotches on my fingernails. i am not sure where they come from, perhaps from getting smashed/scratched or damaged in one way or another. ever since i was young i have thought of these white splotches on my fingernails as clouds. as my nails grow i would pretend the clouds were floating higher and higher into the sky, until eventually they reach the nail cutting point. this is where the clouds disapate like real clouds do in the form of rain, snow or are driven off by the carebears and their cloud car.

currently, i have a crowd of clouds at the tips of my fingers. it would be sweet if i could shoot rain, snow or cloud cars out of my fingers. it would be good for snow fights, or battles with supervillians that need cars thrown at them.

while my fingers have been seeing a lot of clouds lately, they have not been seeing much typing for this lil place. all the clouds have gotten in the way. it is prolly from working at old navy almost 40 hours a week, where my head is almost always in the clouds. but now i have typed this random entry, and you are still reading it. i am ready to get back to school, and my higher paying job. i would like some more snow also.

c'mon clouds let's make a blizzard, like dairy queen.

January 4, 2005

mr. brightside

what better way to start 2005, than with a painting. paintings are always good for explaining the way i feel. the thought of this one hit my head as i was listenin to the radio {drive 105} and caught drift of the killers new single mr brightside. it was not the lyrics that inspired me, but rather just the idea of a mr. brightside, or someone who always remains positive. i figured he would be a sun.

on the outside, the sun shines glorious splendor to those that surround it.
on the inside, the sun is a huge storm of nuclear fusion.
on the brightside, the sun looks good in a suit.